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Pokemon Movies Page

Hello.The release date for the pokemon movie Mewtwo Strikes Back will be November 12. The movie will feature the highlites of seing mewtwo and mew in cartoon format for the first time.

Mewtwo Strikes Back

A short summary for this movie would be that mewtwo has created a sort of pokemon lab on some island and he is creating super pokemon there.Trainers were sent to deal with this or check it out which is how Ash and the gang got involved.Mewtwo can copy any pokemon and make the copies stronger than the originals.He also has made his own kind of black master ball to catch all the pokemon.It goes through the story when finally mew shows up for some reason to stop mewtwo and they get in a big battle.

Pikachus Summer Vacation

This is just a 22 minute cartoon at the first of mewtwo strikes back.Ash's pokemon plus pikachu are out having a good time when the run in to some bullies,Cubone,Raichu,Bruno,and Pikablu.Its just a short cartoon about how they get in a fight and then later on become friends.

Thanks for coming!