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My Information

Let me guess...You want to know if I am single...or available...right?? Well, ladies...I am free and available. =) For now anyway...hehe

I have returned to 'the closet' in the workplace..not that I was ever totally out at work..just to a couple coworkers. Now, no one at work knows. I do have a two friends in this shitty town that know I am gay..and well, they are gay or bi its all good. We hang out at the gay bars. And sadly, thats the only time I see them. I am working on making some new friends since returning to Lebanon.

My cat, Umbra lives with me...she keeps me sane...She cuddles with me on the bed..not too close though..just enough to let me know she is there. Isn't he great?!?! She takes after me..she likes her space! haha I also have a dog..a French Poodle..Sir Dolphin Georgie... but we just call him George or Georgie. He's getting old..doesn't bark as much these days. Thank the Lord! But I love him!

My favorite hang out was alternative club in Pittsburgh. Have met some very cool people there..I love to go there and dance my heart away! Now I head into Harrisburg to the Pink Lizard..or better yet..head into York to the Velvet Rope. I went to 'the rope' for the first time recently...and let me tell ya..IT KICKED ASS! Love it! Techno music..diverse groups of people..young and and women...Had a good time dancing! Will be going there more often!

After work when living in Butler, my coworkers would hang out and have a few beers. I miss that. One place we always went was Fishers. Many memories have taken place there....or in the parking lot! *giggles* Oh how I miss 'the family van' unforgetable night!