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About ME

I will start off by telling you a little about myself. My name is Shenendoah (last name omitted for privacy purposes). I do believe there is only one of me in this big, bad world! I am named after the "beautiful" Shenandoah Valley in Virgina. Note the spelling difference. My parents thought they were being kind to me by putting two E's in the name, but it gets frustrating when people misspell it all the time or call me "Shannon". Thanks Mom and Dad.

I am 24 years old and I currently live in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania. I grew up in Butler...and then spent my adolescent years in Lebanon, PA...near Hershey, Pa. I returned to western PA and became a graduate of Clarion University of Pennsylvania. I then found a job in that area and lived on my own for over a year. I earned my Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Clarion Univ. in four years--so, yes, it IS possible. My life has just, I am not sure as of yet where it will take me. I plan on moving away from Pennsylvania...we will see what happens. ~smile~

I am the younger of two children. My sister is happily married to a great guy! I am a proud aunt of THREE lovely nieces: Amber, Allyson, and Amy. Amber is the "Big Sis" and is 5 years old, born on October 3, 1995. She is so adorable. Amber is the love in my life. I owe her my life many times over. Without her, I wouldn't be here today. She means everything to me. Allyson is almost 2 years old, born on May 30, 1999....and she is a cutie!! She is already a tomboy at such a young age. The newest addition to the family is Amy, born on April 23, 2000 (which was Easter Sunday). She will be "The Baby" for the rest of her life. These three lil ones...they are my life. My parents are still happily married after....hmmm....almost 30 years....and they are a big influence in my life....THANKS MOM AND DAD FOR EVERYTHING!


I am in a new stage in my life. I no longer live the life of a college student...I have entered the "real world". It is scary as hell some days..but I seem to make it through each day. I work as a Psychiatric Assistant in a Child Psychiatry Unit in a local hospital. I specifically work with 3-13 yr olds(both boys and girls) who have emotional/behavior/mental problems. My previous job as a Mental Health Worker in a residential treatment facility was very draining. The girls were very aggressive toward each other and towards staff. It esd very challenging...and very draining (emotionally, physically, and mentally). Now, my new job is challenging in an educational way. I am more of a Nurse at times. I enjoy it...less stressful...and working with younger kids is pretty cool. I envy each child because they are survivors of the past. The lives that most of these kids have lived is beyond my comprehension. It is my job to make them feel safe around adults again. When I see them smile or laugh, it makes my job worthwhile. One day, when they get older, they will understand why we (staff) do what we do. All I want to do is make a difference in ONE of their lives.
The people I worked with in the past made the experience worthwhile too. Our unit worked as a TEAM and had fun doing it. The "fishing" expidition were always a blast!! Thanks for being there when I need ya: Nikki, Carrie, Brandi, Dave, Jen, and Christian (although she was from another unit, she has been a good friend). Oh, and how can I forget Mike..we missed him dearly while he was gone. Glad you went back! *hugs to ya all* The staff I work with now is very different from the coworkers I worked with for over a year. They are older women for the most part...with nursing degrees..and then there's lil ol' me. I have learned a lot in my short time there...and I am looking forward to the challenges that lie ahead.