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London to Bluff 1875

Southland Times Monday December 27th 1875, p2, c1

Arrival of the Waitara:- The New Zealand Company’s ship Waitara arrived at the Bluff on Saturday evening, after a passage of 87 days, from London. The Waitara brings 216 immigrants all told and it is reported to have a clean bill of health.

Two children died during the voyage, one from brain fever and the other from diarrhoea. The health, immigration officers will proceed to the Bluff this morning, for the purpose of making their usual inspection before authorising the landing of passengers.

Southland Times Wednesday December 29th 1875, p2, c4:- The Immigrants:- All the married people and young men who arrived by the Waitara were brought to town (Invercargill) by the special train last night. The barracks are now open for their engagement. The single women will be conveyed to town today.

Southland Times Thursday December 29th 1875:- New Zealand Shipping Company Line ship “Waitara” 833 tons, Captain Hiller left London docks on 22nd September 1975. Anchored at the Bluff Heads at 10.00am on 25th December 1875, completing her passage from Portland to the Bluff in 85 days.

As yet I can not find any passenger lists for this ship, but I will keep looking.

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