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With 25 voyages to New Zealand the New Zealand Shipping Company’s ship Waitangi, 1,128 tons, visited all the leading ports, and was one of the best known vessels of that company’s fine fleet. Built by J. Blumer and Company of Sunderland, she was a sister ship to the Waimate, and although constructed on the same lines she could not claim a similar list of consistent runs for on ten occasions she exceeded 100 days on her outward trips.

Like all ships owned by the New Zealand Shipping Company, the Waitangi was well found, had very fine accommodation for her passengers, and was supplied with ample boats in case of an accident.. The Waitangi and the Waimate were each provided with six splendid large boats, two lifeboats properly fitted out, two large pannace boats, ready to launch at a moments notice; one large cutter and a large gig.

As yet I have not been able to find any passenger lists for this ship, but I will keep on looking.

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