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STORM CLOUD, From Glasgow 1862 Southland Times Friday 5th December 1862

Assisted and nominated immigrants per Storm Cloud , sailed from Glasgow 16th September 1862, arrived 8th December 1862, 85 days. Put in at Port William and stayed three days, 1000tons, James Adams (Captain), owner and master of Storm Cloud. Below is the passenger list for the Storm Cloud.

"Storm Cloud"

List of Passengers from Glasgow to Bluff on the ship Storm Cloud.

Below was kindly given to me by Wayne Hanna, it is greatly appreciated. Passengers per the ship Storm Cloud from Glasgow. 8 Dec 1862 Southland News, Saturday, December 13 1862. Mr and Mrs John Mitchell and daughter Mr and Mrs John Erskine with David, John, Robert, Annie, Margaret, and William Erskine. Catherine and Ann McCrone Ann Murray Mrs Thomas Adam, Jeanie, Thoms, James, William, Janet and Martha Fleming Alexander Dean Janet Fleming Janet Porteus Andrew Felming Richard Dale Robert Aitchison Mr & Mrs Sinclair, and Margaret Sinclair James, Ann and Donald Noble Colin Gray James and Agnes Nisbet Peter and Mrs McDougall Isablella Kennedy Agnes, Jessie and Peter McDougall D Cameron Thomas and Mrs Bryden Roderick Gray M Cavanaugh John Boyle C Stanton M Murphy W Hogan J Crone D Corkoran P Hogan Mr Y Mrs and M Malley Mark and Mrs Fahy J Boyle L Ford M Cavanaugh A Fahy M Brown E Burke M Downey T Stanton M Hogan M Leonard C Duggan Mary Kelly John and A Gordon John and Mrs and M Walker J Reid W and Mrs Duncan J Scoular J Smith J and Mrs Walker S Thompson Robert and Mrs James Isabella Loudon J Merryglees John Simpson Thomas Allan List of Assisted and Nominated Immigranst per the Storm Cloud sailed from Glasgow 16th Sept 1862 Invercargill times 2-12-1862 (This is typed as it appeared) James Nisbet Robert Loudon Agnes -do Ann -do Peter McDougall James -do Margaret -do Isabella -do Anges -do Ann Noble Jessie -do James -do Peter -do Donald -do Margaret -do Colin Grey Isabela Kennedy Roderick -do Thomas Brydon John Bogle Barbara -do Honor -do Ann -do Catherine Stanton Martin Malley Mary Murphy Ann -do William Hogan Michael -do John Crowe John W Gordon David Corkoran Agnes -do Patrick Hogan John Walker Dugald Cameron Mary -do Michael Cavanagh Mary B -do Cecilia -do William Duncan John Boyle Hannah -do Laurence Ford Thomas Scouller Mary Cavanagh John Reid Antony Faley John Walker Martin Brown Jane -do Helen Burke Jane -do Martin Downey Lillias Thomson Thomas Stanton John Sinclair Mary Hanna Grace -do Cecilia Duggan Margaret -do Mary Kelly. -------- Short-shipped - Cecilia Cavanagh - do Robert Loudon ------- John Smith Michael Wheeler Francis Laing Michael Leonard Michael Curren Amongst them are the following 8 female domestic servants 1 dressmaker 5 ploughmen 2 shephers 8 carpenters 1 storeman 16 laborers

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