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WAIPAPA POINT Shipping Disasters Before 1900

Waipapa Point: Low-lying headland at the easternmost extremity of Toetoes Bay, on the south coast of Southland District, 9km west of Black Point, 38kmsouth-east from the entrance to Bluff Harbour. The lighthouse, standing 21m above sea-level, visible for 22.5km, its light flashing every 10 seconds. One of New Zealands worst shipping disasters occurred on the reef just offshore from this point, when the SS Tararua was wrecked on 29 April 1881, with the loss of 131 out of 151 on board. The light was ordered immediately and was in operation by January 1884.

The “LUNAR” 1843, Brig.

The “WILLIAM ACKERS” 1876, barque.

The “STAR of ERIN” 1892, barque.

The “TARARUA” 1881, Screw Steamer.

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