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One of the New Zealand Shipping Company’s fast sailers, the Rangitiki, 1,225 tons, made her maiden voyage to New Zealand in 1864 under the name Scimitar,.

Before the Rangitiki was purchased by the New Zealand Shipping Company in 1875 the ship, under her old name, made a sensational run to Port Chalmers. The ship left Plymouth on 24th December 1873, with 430 souls on board. Four days after sailing scarlet fever broke out. two days before sailing 2 families from Jersey had bee removed from the ship as the children were suffering from this complaint. The fever was followed by other sicknesses including bronchitis, measles and diarrhoea, which were confined to the children under seven years, with one exception. Altogether there were 26 deaths before the ship reached Port Chalmers.

The Rangitiki was rigged as a barque after the year 1889. Sold to the Norwegians when she left the New Zealand Shipping Company’s fleet. She was built by Mr Samuelson, of Hull in 1863.

The Rangitiki made only one passage to the Bluff, and arrived on 2nd June 1886, a voyage of 97 days, under the command of Captain Budd.

As yet I have not been able to find any passenger lists for this ship, but I will keep on looking.

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