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This list was found at the Invercargill Public Library, as yet I can not find conformation that it arrived at The Bluff. On the other hand with it being at the library I can not see why not.

"Peter Denny"

List of Passengers to Bluff on ship Peter Denny Arrived Bluff 26th July 1874.

NAME AGE Dunn Peter 24 Dunn Elizabeth 23 Wright Walter C 44 Wright Eliza A 43 Wright Sarah E 23 Wright Caroline 21 Wright Mary H 19 Wright William 15 Wright Frank 13 Wright Omega 8 Wright Ellen 6 Wright Edward W 5 Wright Lily 8m Wright Walter 2 Wright John 21 Cook John 25 Cook Elizabeth 24 Cook Mary J 2 Cook Elizabeth 8m Murray John 28 Murray Mary 22 Murray Henry 24 Murray Mary S 1 Murray Elizabeth 2 Nightingale William 24 Nightingale Georgina 26 Nightingale Georgina 2 Nightingale William 1 Gough Frederick 30 Gough Mary A 31 Gough Edward 9 Gough Frederick 7 Gough Bertha 5 Gough Joseph 3 McKenzie Jessie 22

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