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Three New lists, The 'Peter Denny' 1874 and The 'Marlborough' 1880. added 7/6/02, The Sir George Pollock 1863 was added 11/6/02. Happy searching.


During the late 1850’s, the men of Southland and Invercargill became increasingly annoyed with the way that their part of the country was being run by those far away in Dunedin, and therefore decided to do something about it. They accused the Otago Provincial Council of spending an undue proportion of its revenue in and around Dunedin, and thus neglecting their southern counterparts.

The move for separation began in Invercargill, before the Otago Provincial Council could do anything, the first separation meeting was held in Invercargill, on January 20, 1857. (Only a year earlier Governor Browne had suggested the establishment of a town in the south, and this set the ball rolling, as it were). Two months later, a public meeting discussed separation and elected a committee to watch the interests of Southland, and Invercargill.

This of course opened the way for immigrants to arrive at the port of Bluff, instead of having to go north to Port Chalmers as they had to in the past.

So far I have found 26 ships that arrived at Bluff which landed passengers, before the year 1900. I will list all I have on a page for each vessel, I have some passenger lists, and some part passenger lists, for these. Please follow the links below

The STORM CLOUD 1862 * (passenger list)

The “FLYING MIST” 1862, Ship.

The “NEW GREAT BRITIAN” 1862, Ship.* (passenger list)

The ROBERT HENDERSON 1862 * (picture) (Interesting)

The SIR GEORGE POLLOCK 1863 * (passenger list)

The GRASSMERE 1863 * (passenger list)

The HARWOOD 1863 * (passenger list)

The HELENSLEE 1863 * (passenger list)

The ROBERT HENDERSON 1863 (2nd Trip) * (passenger list) (picture)

The SIR WILLIAM EYRE 1863 * (passenger list)

The EDWARD THORNHILL 1864 * (passenger list)

The SEVILLA 1864 * (passenger list)

The ARIMA 1864


The PETER DENNY 1874 * (passenger list)

The WILLIAM DAVIE 1874 * (picture)

The ADAMANT 1875 * (passenger list)

The CHRISTIAN McCAUSLAND 1875 * (2 x picture's) + (passenger list)

The PETER DENNY 1875* (picture)+ (passenger list)

The TIMARU 1875 * (picture)

The WHITE ROSE 1875 * (interesting)

The WAITARA 1875 * (picture)

The POMONA 1876 * (Passenger List)

The MARLBOROUGH 1877* (passenger list)

The MATAURA 1877 * (2 x pictures)

The OAMARU 1878 * (passenger list) + (picture)

The WESTERN MONARCH 1879 * (passenger list)

The MARLBOROUGH 1880 * (passenger list)

The TARARUA 1881 * (picture) + (passenger list)(Wrecked at Waipapa Point)

The HELEN DENNY 1881 * (picture)

The ARAWA 1884 * (passenger list)

The ALCESTIS 1885 * (picture)

The RAKAIA 1886 * (picture)

The HALCIONE 1886 * (picture)


The LAIRA 1887 * (picture)

The SOUKAR 1887 * (picture)

The PLEIADES 1893 * (picture)

The ASTERION 1896 * (picture)

The CRUSADER 1896 * (picture)

The NELSON 1896 * (picture)

The WAITANGI1897 * (picture)

The ZEALANDIA 1897 * (picture)

The WESTLAND 1900 * (2 x pictures)

Passengers from Australian Ports.

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An Odd List of Immigrants For Bluff.

Below are some accounts from passengers themselves. Take a look at this interesting new section.

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