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The very first issue of the Early Bluff newspaper has just been released by the Bluff History Group. It is a rather interesting look into Bluff’s historical past with many articles covered, from the most well known stories to the more obscure ones. There are also old photographs and advertisements contained among its pages which the reader can compare with the way Bluff is today. The paper itself is tabloid size and has eight pages packed with nostalgia.

I will not go into what is actually inside the paper, as this page is meant to make you want to get hold of a copy to read for yourself , and at only 50 cents, it is a real bargain. So if you know anyone here in Bluff, I would suggest you get on to them to send you a copy as soon as possible.

If there is anyone that lives outside of New Zealand, and are wanting a copy, please do not hesitate to email me, I am sure that we could work something out to get one to you (at your cost of course).

Issue 2 Out Now

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