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"New Great Britian 1862"

List of Passengers Destined for Bluff Per New Great Britian 1862,

Capphes E Evans Richard Evans Wife Elrick John Sposer H Brown John Turner John Gill J Magorvan James Magorvan Mary Groves Moses Williamson Alexander Downs Thomas Downs Martha Cruickshank Adam Cruickshank Charlotte Cruickshank Jessie Cruickshank William Cruickshank George Neilson James Buchannan Peter Buchannan Isabella Henderson David Robertson D Robertson M Robertson Alexander Cruickshank William Cruickshank Jean Cruickshank Janet Cruickshank Jean Cruickshank Maggie Cruickshank Jessie Cruickshank James Cruickshank Anne Ramsey Janet Guy John Guy Christina Saunders George Dawson Robert Dawson Barbara Dawson Margaret Dawson Robert Dawson William Dawson Barbara Chisholm Archibald Stewart Eliza Currie Mary Currie Eliza Simpson Frances Simpson Jemima Simpson Margaret Simpson John Simpson Thomas Simpson Mary Simpson Catherine Simpson Eliza Anderson T Morton James Woodhouse Jonas A Taylor Thomas Taylor Mary Taylor Elizabeth Taylor Joseph Taylor John Taylor Thomas Taylor Mary Taylor William Taylor Henry Riddle John Riddle Wife Moore Thomas Dyke Thomas Dyke Hannah Dyke Thomas Dyke Matilda Dyke Amelia Squire Thomas Phillips Joseph Phillips Mary Campbell Ellen McKenna John McKenna Isabella McKenna Jane McKenna John Grant Amelia Alett Thomas Leask John Turner Mary Gillespie Christina Gillespie Jessiah Gillespie Janet Gillespie Helen Gillespie Alexander Gilroy George Gilroy Catherine Wotter Robert Wotter Margaret Best William Best Mary Anne McFarlane Sarah Bartholemew Arthur (with J T Walter) Walter J T Gibbs William Gibbs Louisa Gibbs Anne Bloor Mary McKee Sarah Dunlop Andrew Dunlop Mary Dunlop Robert Dunlop James Velle Daniel Velle B L Jordan John Heggins Timothy Forde Peter Forde Bridget Glynn Bridget Glynn Mary Anderson Wife Whale Isabella Whale Robert Whale Charles Whale Isaiah Rankin Alexander Rankin Amelia Rankin James Quinlaw Mary Quinlaw Johanna Quinlaw Bridget Little William Rankin Anne Rankin Thomas Rankin Mary Rankin John Blue John Blanchfield John Fahy Margaret Ford Cecilia Barns G Elphinstone J Henry James McKay E Guy E Maher John Maher Wife Stawarth Market Sepore John

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