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The Southland Times, Monday, November 5, 1877, P2C1

Arrival of the Marlborough
This vessel arrived at Bluff yesterday, with 183 government immigrants, and has apparently a clean bill of health. She will be inspected this morning by the health officer, and her passengers will no doubt be landed without any unnecessary delay.

The Southland Times, Monday, November 6, 1877, P2C2

Arrival of the Marlborough
The Albion Company’s ship Marlborough left The Tail of the Bank, Greenock, on the 16th August, and passed the Tusker Lights (Waterford) on the 20th. Experienced indifferent winds to the equator, which was crossed on the 20th September. The longitude 24 deg W. caught good S.E. trades and cleared the Southern Tropic on the 27th. On the 3rd October westerly winds set in, and the meridian of the Cape of Good Hope was passed on the 10th.

Her casting was run down on the parallel of 45 deg S. From the Cape to New Zealand, unsettled weather with a low barometer was experienced, and very good running was made. Sighted the South-west Cape and the Solanders on the 3rd, having made 1990 knots during the last week. With heavy, severe, wintry weather the passage from land to land was accomplished in eighty days.

The Marlborough is a new ship, this being her second voyage. She is a very handsome model and is commanded by Captain Anderson, who has paid several visits to the colony, this being his first trip however to Bluff.. She comes into port in good order, with all well on board. No births or deaths occurred, and the passengers all appear to be in a satisfactory condition.

The Marlborough is now lying opposite the pilot station, and will proceed on her voyage to Port Chalmers as soon as she lands the immigrants for Bluff.

The Southland Times, Wednesday, November 7, 1877, P2C1

The Immigrants
The remainder of the Marlborough’s passengers, consisting of the single men and married couples, were yesterday brought to town. They are a fine lot of young men, and seem by their appearance, likely to make creditable colonists. Five of the single men met with engagements, 20s a week. Twelve of the single women were hired out at wages varying from L30 to L40 a year. Those requiring servants are informed that they may obtain them today, after 10 o’clock. We have already published a list of occupations.

Some misconception appears to have risen as to the reason why Mr Lillicrap did not go to the Bluff to meet the vessel. We are therefore desired to point out that Mr Colin Allan, is Chief Immigration Officer for Otago, and as that gentleman was himself present, there was no occasion for the attendance of Mr Lillicrap, the local officer.

"Marlborough 1877"

List of Passengers Destined for Invercargill/Bluff Per Marlborough 1877,

Name Forename Age Destination Comments Hinton Daniel 22 Invercargill Hinton Mrs Jane 20 Invercargill Hinton Unnamed Child 6m Invercargill Wilson James 35 Invercargill Wilson Mrs Ann 38 Invercargill Wilson Robert K 15 Invercargill Wilson David 6 Invercargill Wilson James 4 Invercargill Wilson William 1 Invercargill McLeay Donald 60 Invercargill Wann James 15 Invercargill Wann Alexander 13 Invercargill McDonald Charles 24 Invercargill McDonald Alexander 18 Invercargill McDonald Hugh 14 Invercargill Woodley James 23 Invercargill Wann Mrs Margaret 40 Invercargill Gliman Jane 17 Invercargill Hanlon Catherine 21 Invercargill McDonald Mrs Ann 45 Invercargill McDonald Mary 20 Invercargill McDonald Flora 16 Invercargill Craig Alexander 35 Bluff Craig Margaret 35 Bluff Craig Janet 15 Bluff Craig Elizabeth 13 Bluff Clifford Patrick 30 Bluff Clifford Anne 28 Bluff Clifford John 8 Bluff Clifford Joseph 4 Bluff Clifford Catherine 8m Bluff Cully John 25 Bluff Cully Martha 25 Bluff Canliffe William 21 Bluff Canliffe Sarah 22 Bluff Canliffe Willaim H 1 Bluff Doley William 27 Bluff Doley Catherine 26 Bluff Doley Eliza 2 Bluff Dorrest Robert 31 Bluff Dorrest Wife 26 Bluff Dorrest Agnes 4 Bluff Hughes Robert 31 Bluff Hughes Elizabeth 25 Bluff Johnston James 41 Bluff Johnston Margaret 32 Bluff Johnston John W 10 Bluff Johnston Mary Jane 8 Bluff Johnston Eliza Jane 6 Bluff Kennard Simon 39 Bluff Kennard Mary Anne 30 Bluff Kennard William 7 Bluff Kennard Thomas 5 Bluff Kennard Harriet 3 Bluff Moore Joseph 24 Bluff Moore Mary 22 Bluff McIntosh Hugh 30 Bluff McIntosh Margery 28 Bluff McBain Francis 40 Bluff McBain Wife 36 Bluff McBain John 18 Bluff McBain Charles 16 Bluff McBain Francis 6 Bluff Menzies Thomas 27 Bluff Menzies Helen 23 Bluff Menzies Eliza 1m Bluff Scott David 24 Bluff Scott Charlotte 29 Bluff Scott William 3 Bluff Scott David 7 Bluff Newell Patrick 23 Bluff Newell Julia 22 Bluff Cameron Duncan 29 Bluff Cameron Helen 28 Bluff Cameron Ida 6 Bluff Smith Joseph 21 Bluff Smith Jane 21 Bluff Adams John 22 Bluff Agnew Thomas 22 Bluff Agnew Alexander 20 Bluff Agnew Margaret 18 Bluff Anderson Allan 17 Bluff Anderson JS 24 Bluff Anderson John 18 Bluff Ambrose Thomas 22 Bluff Barrett Thomas 28 Bluff Bowie John 21 Bluff Brighton Gavin 22 Bluff Burgess Robert 21 Bluff Carey Micheal 23 Bluff Clark John S 17 Bluff Cooper William 18 Bluff Date Robert 28 Bluff Dunnet Matthew 24 Bluff Falconer Charles 21 Bluff Ferguson William H 20 Bluff Fox John 21 Bluff Ferry John 26 Bluff Ferry Mary 24 Bluff Ferry Daniel 22 Bluff Ferry Bryne 19 Bluff Foote George 25 Bluff Fox Owen 20 Bluff McCartney Thomas 19 Bluff Ford Martin 21 Bluff Fully John 29 Bluff Garrigan Patrick 20 Bluff Roper Patrick 27 Bluff Gallaghan Daniel 24 Bluff Garnett Micheal 20 Bluff Halloran Thomas 23 Bluff Harper Robert 16 Bluff Haslett Robert 18 Bluff Henderson John 19 Bluff Henry Daniel 22 Bluff Henry Francis 18 Bluff Hessian Patrick 24 Bluff Hill George Jnr 21 Bluff Hilton George R 24 Bluff Holland James 21 Bluff Hughes William 17 Bluff Isbister James 19 Bluff King James 22 Bluff Lambie Thomas 21 Bluff Logan Hugh 23 Bluff Loutter James 22 Bluff Loutter ? MacKay John 24 Bluff Marmion Patrick 21 Bluff Matthews JE 20 Bluff Millen William G 18 Bluff Morris William 22 Bluff Monaghan Peter 22 Bluff Monaghan Richard 21 Bluff Mouat William 26 Bluff Muir James 20 Bluff Mulachy Thomas 21 Bluff MacPherson CJ 18 Bluff MacKenzie Alexander 22 Bluff McLaughlan John 20 Bluff McNamara Reice 36 Bluff Reice ? Neil Patrick 22 Bluff Padden Thomas 27 Bluff Rainey William 19 Bluff Reilly Patrick 23 Bluff Reid George 35 Bluff Reidy Maurice 24 Bluff Reid David 17 Bluff Reid William 19 Bluff Robertson James 36 Bluff Seatter John 19 Bluff Sheahan Edmund 22 Bluff Sheahan David 22 Bluff Sim George 23 Bluff Smart John 15 Bluff Sloan Jackson 25 Bluff Sheehy John 21 Bluff Tighe Henry ? Bluff With J Bronnan ? Bronnan James ? Bluff With H Tighe ? Troy Patrick 23 Bluff Walsh James 19 Bluff Wren John 22 Bluff Wishart George 19 Bluff Wishart Margaret 22 Bluff Young Hugh 31 Bluff Scotland Alexander 30 Bluff Calder James McGregor 18 Bluff Brennan Eliza 21 Bluff Brown Catherine 34 Bluff Dillon Ellen 21 Bluff Devenoy Bridgit 20 Bluff French Slaka 22 Bluff Slaka ? Fox Elizabeth 19 Bluff Ford Mary 20 Bluff Garnock Catherine 30 Bluff Graham Margaret 20 Bluff Gallagher Sarah 19 Bluff Henery Mary 21 Bluff Henery Eliza 18 Bluff Sambie Mary 22 Bluff McNalley Eliza 21 Bluff McNalley Ann 23 Bluff McLaren Mary 27 Bluff McGavin Agnes 19 Bluff Morrow Lizzie 21 Bluff McGuinness Kate 22 Bluff O'Connell Kate 21 Bluff O'Connell Catherine 22 Bluff Roonan Bridgit 18 Bluff Stenhouse Elison 24 Bluff Smith Helen 22 Bluff Bowman Catherine 23 Bluff O'Connor Mary 21 Bluff Nelson Catherine 24 Bluff Mrs Nelson Thomas 4 Bluff Nelson Margaret 4m Bluff Graham Mary Jane 20 Bluff Milne Jemima 16 Bluff Low Mary 30 Bluff Bell Elizabeth 26 Bluff

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