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The 'HARWOOD' London to Bluff 1863

The following passenger list was found in the Invercargill Public Library by myself and is copied here from a column of the Southland Daily News dated 19th September 1863

"HARWOOD" 1863

List of Passengers from London to Bluff on ship HARWOOD Departed London 23rd June 1863, Arrived Bluff 18th September 1863.


NAME Prauigan Robert Prauigan Barbara Prauigan John Prauigan Marian Thomson John Thomson Margaret Strange James Strange George Strange Daniel Strange Isabella Strange David McKechnie Agnes McGowan Daniel McGowan Jane McGowan Terrence Brownlie Thomas Brownlie Jeannie Irving James Irving Mary Irving William Irving Ralph Irving Elizabeth Irving Isabella Knight Ralph Knight Eliza Knight Alshen Hamilton William Hamilton Janet Hamilton Agnes Hamilton Isabella Hamilton Janet Hamilton James Hamilton Jane Young John Young Margaret Young Margaret Cockburn Margaret Cockburn Isabella Cockburn Margaret Cockburn Ellen Mill Edward Mill James Mill Mary Knuckey Thomas Knuckey Grace Knuckey Thomas Knuckey William

Mominated Passengers

Cannon James Cannon Bridgit Cannon Sarah

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