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The Wreck Of The GRASSMERE 1863

WRECK OF THE GRASSMERE, from GLASGOW 1863 (Invercargill Times February 22nd 1864, p2 c1

We insert the following communication relative to the wreck of the Grassmere. Some particulars respecting the wreck of the Grassmere may be interesting to our readers. The letter from which they are selected was written by one of the cabin passengers and dated Glasgow 24th December 1863.

We left Greenock on the 14th and went to Lamlash Bay. On the morning of the 17th we left Lamlash Bay all in good spirits. We struck on the ship rock, off Balaferries Point at fifteen minuets past seven o’clock at night. It was a clear moonlight and no storm. We were about a mile from land, we had a fine fresh breeze during the day, but it calmed down in the evening., so that all lives were saved. Had it been stormy I believe not a soul could be saved.

We thought the Captain to be a clever seaman, the Captain was sitting at his tea when she gave the crash on the rock. He was up in an instant and put her under full canvas, to see and get her off. Fortunately he did not manage it, she was worse damaged than he thought. Had he got her off, all must have perished.

The Carpenter came aft and whispered to the Captain that she was leaking very fast, already there were three feet water in the hold. Several signal guns were fired and the Coastguard boats came to the rescue. The ships boats also were lowered, the women and children were landed first. We saved just what was on our backs, also one of the cabin gentleman saved small boxes that were in our berths. I had my slippers on, a fine new pair of chamois leather lined with fur, I could not get a dry pair of stockings.

About midnight we went to a farmhouse, I put off my stockings, wrung them and dried them a little. I then put them and my slippers to dry, and went down to the shore to see if anything belonging to us would turn up. When I came back my slippers were off, luckily I had my purse with me.

One baby died of bronchitis and another in the steerage was very poorly. All the adults are well except two, one of the Misses Fullerton and her brother. The ship is said to be heavily insured.

I am not too sure this ship or its passengers actually got to Bluff, but I am endeavouring to find out all that I can and will make any changes to this page as I learn more.

Below is the passenger list of the Grassmere


List of Passengers from Greenock to Bluff on ship Grassmere .

NAME OTHER INFO Mary CHARMICHEAL assisted Isabella GARROW assisted Helen HUNTER assisted Peter JARDINE assisted Isabella JARDINE assisted Catherine LAING assisted George MANN assisted Rachel MANN Euphimia McINTYRE assisted William McLEOD assisted Isabella McLEOD Annie McLEOD Margaret McLEOD Allan McLEOD Jessie McLEOD Helen McLEOD Mary McLEOD Robert REID assisted Elsie REID George ROBERTS assisted Emily ROBERTS Alexander ROBERTSON assisted Janet ROBERTSON John RUSSELL assisted John W. SMITH assisted Margaret THOMSON assisted Andrew SCOTT nominated James BURNS nominated Andrew BURNS Alexander BURNS George BURNS Jane BURNS Micheal CAHILL nominated William CHAPMAN nominated Elizabeth CHAPMAN Catherine CHAPMAN Robert CHAPMAN Mary Ann CHAPMAN Elspet CRUIKSHANKS nominated Ann DEMPSTER nominated Elizabeth DUNCAN nominated John FAIRWEATHER nominated Janet FAIRWEATHER Helen FAIRWEATHER Mary FAIRWEATHER Swean FAIRWEATHER Isabella FAIRWEATHER David FAIRWEATHER Jane FAIRWEATHER James FORBES nominated Duncan FULLERTON nominated Catherine FULLERTON John FRASER nominated Margaret FRASER Catherine FRASER Alexander FRASER Kenneth FRASER Margaret FRASER Peter GILFEDDEN nominated Honour HUGHES nominated James LATIMER nominated Adam LITTLE nominated Ann LITTLE William MARTIN nominated Maria MARTIN Mary MARTIN Robert MARTIN Henry MARTIN Thomas MARTIN George MARTIN Emily MARTIN Thomas MORTON nominated Patrick MURPHY nominated Micheal MURRAY nominated John McKAY nominated John McRAE nominated Roderick McLEAY nominated Charls MULRYAN nominated James O'FLAHERTY nominated Hannah O'FLAHERTY John WHITEFIELD nominated Donald McLEAN assisted Flora McLEAN assisted Isabella McLEAN assisted Peter McLEAN assisted John McLEAN assisted Elizabeth McLEAN assisted

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