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The “FLYING MIST” 1862, Ship

The ship sailed from Glasgow on June 5, 1862, for Bluff, with 20 passengers, including 13 shepherds, and 1,741 sheep, of which about 700 died in the voyage, most of them while the ship was in the tropics. The Flying Mist arrived at Bluff on the afternoon of August 25, and anchored outside the harbour, but rather close inshore, in consequence of some negligence in dropping the anchor at the time the pilot’s order was given.

On boarding the ship the pilot inquired if the anchor was ready for dropping and was assured that it was , but on the order being given to let it go it was found impossible to do so. Finally the anchor was dropped without an order from the pilot, who, however, assured the captain that the vessel was in a safe position. Having given instructions to the chief officer to keep a good lookout, the master, who had been on deck the preceding three nights, retired to his cabin. The captain was awoken during the night to find that sixteen members of the crew had deserted, after slipping one of the ship’s cables. (It is said that the crew deliberately slipped the cable to destroy evidence of mutinies and thefts during the voyage out). This allowed the Flying Mist to swing round, and in doing so struck a rock at one side of the harbour. The captain sounded the vessel and found 5 feet of water in the hold.

At day break the master of the steamer Aldinga noticed that the Flying Mist appeared to be sinking, so ordered steam to be raised on his vessel and proceeded alongside the doomed ship. He was successful in saving 822 sheep and the passengers luggage before the ship sank. So rapidly did the Flying Mist fill that before all the sheep could be embarked on the Aldinga, the water had risen to the upper deck, and about a dozen sheep were drowned.

The Flying Mist, which subsequently became a total loss, was a full rigged ship of 1,204 tons register, built in the USA and owned in Boston. She was commanded by Captain Ebenezer H. Linnell.

Below was kindly given to me by Wayne Hanna, it is greatly appreciated.

"Flying Mist"

Crew and passengers of the Flying Mist Derived from the court of enquiry records & newspaper records.

Crew: Captain Ebeneser Linnnel Chief Mate Mr Auguste Siltberg 2nd Mate Paul Reamer Seaman: Charles Patrick O'Dowell James Kean Thomas Winchester Solomon Elles William McPhee James Hanna Thomas McNeal Alexander Reid Frank Wilson Joseph Vine James Evans Thomas Dickson Patrick Mooney William Jansen Joseph Sopher John Smith James Gatness - stowaway Passengers reported in the Southalnd News and Foveaux Straights herald 6th Sptember 1862 Mr & Mrs A Merton & 3 sons and 3 daughters Mr Salmond Mr J Campbell Messer A & J Riddle Mrs Tery Mrs Elliott and child Mr Kennel - diver. (who eventually bought the wreck of the Flying Mist)

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