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Masons, 2

Farm Labourers, 24

Domestics, 15


QUESTION:- Is Greenlad, C F. meant to be Greenslade, Charles Frederick. (see list below).

"Edward Thornhill"

List of Passengers that arrived at Bluff on the ship Edward Thornhill, Arrived Bluff, January 1864.

NAME OTHER INFO James BRASS Assisted Margaret BRASS Assisted James BRASS Assisted Ann BRASS Assisted John BRASS Assisted Charles BRASS Assisted Peter BRASS Assisted William BRASS Assisted Robert BRASS Assisted Henry BRASS Assisted Duncan LAUGHLAN Assisted Margaret LAUGHLAN Assisted William LAUGHLAN Assisted Margery LAUGHLAN Assisted Jane FRASER Assisted Mary FRASER Assisted Ann FRASER Assisted Margaret FRASER Assisted Catherine FRASER Assisted Isabella GRAY Assisted Jessie GROUNDIVATOR Assisted homas GROUNDIVATOR Assisted John MERRITS Assisted Emma MERRITS Assisted George MERRITS Assisted Mary McBEAN Assisted James MURPHY Assisted Henry NICHOLSON Assisted Mary NICHOLSON Assisted William NICHOLSON Assisted Charles NICHOLSON Assisted Henry NICHOLSON Assisted William WELLS Assisted Allan WELLS Assisted Thomas BATH Nominated Jane BEAUMONT Nominated Hannah BEAUMONT Nominated Thomas BROWN Nominated Anna CAHILL Nominated Margaret CAULFIELD Nominated Bridgit CAULFIELD Nominated Ann CAVARY Nominated Catherine CRAVEN Nominated John CHREIGHTON Nominated Eliza CHREIGHTON Nominated James CHREIGHTON Nominated Martha CHREIGHTON Nominated Micheal DEVANEY Nominated Sarah DRAKE Nominated Annie FINAUGHTY Nominated Lawrence FINAUGHTY Nominated Micheal FINAUGHTY Nominated Patrick FINAUGHTY Nominated John FINAUGHTY Nominated Honor FINAUGHTY Nominated Thady GODLY Nominated Margaret GODLY Nominated C.F.GREENLAND Nominated (see above question) Micheal GREGORY Nominated Robert JACKSON Nominated Alice LYONS Nominated George LYONS Nominated Margaret MILLS Nominated James McLEAN Nominated Hugh MULLEY or MOLLOY Nominated Margaret MULLEY or MOLLOY Nominated James MULLEY or MOLLOY Nominated Catherine MULLEY or MOLLOY Nominated Patrick MULLEY Or MOLLOY Nominated John PHILAN Nominated Sarah POWELL Nominated Mary QUALTER or QUILTEI Nominated William QUALTER or QUILTEI Nominated Eliza ROSS Nominated Clement ROSS Nominated Micheal ROSS Nominated Thomas SCULLY Nominated Mary SCULLY Nominated James STEVEN Nominated Stephenson STEWART Nominated Henry TOSH Nominated Jane TOSH Nominated Elizabeth TOSH Nominated Benjamin TOSH Nominated Catherine TOSH Nominated Eliza CAVANAGH Nominated Clement CAVANAGH Nominated Bridget CAVANAGH Nominated Jane MERRITS Nominated George MERRITS Nominated

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