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London to Bluff 1864

Southland Times Tuesday 13th December 1864, p2, c1

The Barque Donna Anita, Captain William Davis left London on the 12 th August 1864. was off the Island of Madeira 24th August, and St Antonia September 1st, when she experienced a strong gale from the east, south east, which continued for 36 hours. Thence to the Meridian which was passed on the 6th September, with fine weather. Passed 80 miles to the west of Trinidad and experienced light and indifferent south east trade winds.

Lon 20 - 25 - southerly airs and calms, which lasted for six days. From thence to the Meridian of the Cape the ship averaged only 100 miles per day. From the Cape to Prince Edward Island the ship made 120 miles per day. The remaining portion of the passage had fine favourable winds.

Sighted the Solander on the 5th inst (December) at 4pm. On the 9th got the pilot on board and was brought up the harbour the same evening. Has 107 passengers on board, 94 & a half adults. Two births occurred on the voyage and a few cases of diarrhoea. Thirty five of the passengers on board are for Canterbury and a greater portion of the cargo. The ship was boarded immediately on arrival by the immigration officer, who reported favourably of the ship and passengers.

The medical officer arrived at the Bluff on Saturday evening, when he proceeded on board. The steamer Ruby will convey the passengers and luggage to Invercargill.

DONNA ANITA, 600 tons, Captain William Davis.

As yet I have had no luck finding any passenger lists for this ship, but I will keep trying.

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