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Southland Times Monday September 6th 1875, p2, c3.

The Christian McAusland - This vessel with 339 immigrants on board, arrived at the Bluff on Sunday 29th August 1875. After a passage of 91 days, from Glasgow. Of the number 295 are Scotch, 33 Irish and 3 English.

A good deal of sickness was experienced during the voyage, and the ship has been placed in quarantine. An officer in the Immigration Department and the Health Officer Dr Driger went to receive the vessel, and we learn that there are now on board 2 cases of Scarlatina, 12 of Whooping Cough and four of Bronchitis. During the voyage there were 20 cases of Scarlatina and one of Typhoid Fever

There were 11 deaths, one from Typhoid Fever, six from Whooping Cough complicated with Scarlatina, two from convolutions and three from diseases peculiar to infants.

The Christian McAusland was built in 1869 by Scott of Greenock, for Patrick Henderson. She was an iron craft of 962 tons, and was specially fitted up for the conveyance of passengers to New Zealand.

"Christian McCausland"

List of Passengers from Glasgow to Bluff on ship Christian McCausland Arrived Bluff 29th August, 1875.

NAME ACC OTHER Mr BARBOUR Cabin Immigrant Mrs BARBOUR Cabin Immigrant Child BARBOUR Cabin Immigrant James BAIN SMQ Immigrant James BALLANTINE SMQ Immigrant Sinclair BLACK SMQ Immigrant James BRASS SMQ Immigrant Ptere BRASS SMQ Immigrant R. BRUCE SMQ Immigrant Jas BRUNTON SMQ Immigrant Francis BUTLER SMQ Immigrant James CHAMBERS SMQ Immigrant W. CLULLOW SMQ Immigrant John GREIGAN SMQ Immigrant James COOLEY SMQ Immigrant A. CUMMING SMQ Immigrant James CUTHBERTSON SMQ Immigrant Jacob DALLIN SMQ Immigrant James DONAGHY SMQ Immigrant A. DUNSMORE SMQ Immigrant Alexander FERGUSON SMQ Immigrant W. FOBSTER SMQ Immigrant Robert GIVEN SMQ Immigrant William GREWAR SMQ Immigrant Thomas HARKNESS SMQ Immigrant T. HENDERSON SMQ Immigrant James GALLAGHER SMQ Immigrant Benjamin ISEN SMQ Immigrant W. JUNNER SMQ Immigrant J. KELLY SMQ Immigrant John KILLAN SMQ Immigrant Issac LYON SMQ Immigrant Daniel MARKS SMQ Immigrant George MURRAY SMQ Immigrant James McATEVEY SMQ Immigrant Colin McDONALD SMQ Immigrant Alex McKAY SMQ Immigrant George McLEOD SMQ Immigrant D. McMILLAN SMQ Immigrant Henry McNEIL SMQ Immigrant James McVEY SMQ Immigrant D. NUTH SMQ Immigrant Alexander OAG SMQ Immigrant R. RONALD SMQ Immigrant R. SANDERSON SMQ Immigrant Hugh SHAW SMQ Immigrant James SINCLAIR SMQ Immigrant Matthew SPIERS SMQ Immigrant Allan STEWART SMQ Immigrant Archibald STEWART SMQ Immigrant John STEWART SMQ Immigrant D. STRACHEN SMQ Immigrant John TOBIN SMQ Immigrant Patrick WALL SMQ Immigrant George WILKINSON SMQ Immigrant Caton WILLIAMS SMQ Immigrant James YOUNG SMQ Immigrant J.R. WEIR SMQ Immigrant Catherine BUCHANAN SWQ Immigrant Elizabeth CRAWFORD SWQ Immigrant Mrs DRYBERGH SWQ Immigrant Alice HENDERSON SWQ Immigrant Hannah HOLLORAN SWQ Immigrant Janet KENNEDY SWQ Immigrant Jemina MATCHES SWQ Immigrant Alicia MATTHEW SWQ Immigrant Mary McCOLL SWQ Immigrant Annie McKENNEY SWQ Immigrant Margaret McKENZIE SWQ Immigrant Catherine OAG SWQ Immigrant Hannah O'DONNOVAN SWQ Immigrant Margaret PRENTICE SWQ Immigrant Jessie SHARP SWQ Immigrant Anne SMITH SWQ Immigrant Mrs SMITH SWQ Immigrant Janet WALKIN SWQ George AITKEN FamQ Mrs AITKEN FamQ Child AITKEN FamQ Charls ANDERSON FamQ Mrs ANDERSON FamQ Child ANDERSON X 2 FamQ Jas ANDERSON FamQ Mrs ANDERSON FamQ Child ANDERSON FamQ T. ANDERSON FamQ Mrs ANDERSON FamQ Child ANDERSON X 4 FamQ James BALLANTYNE FamQ Mrs BALLANTYNE FamQ Child BALLANTYNE X 5 FamQ J.W. BALLANTYNE FamQ Mrs BALLANTYNE FamQ D. BAXTER FamQ Mrs BAXTER FamQ Child BAXTER X 4 FamQ James BEGGS FamQ Mrs BEGGS FamQ Child BEGGS X 4 FamQ James ???? FamQ Mrs ???? FamQ Child ???? X 2 FamQ Jas BROWN FamQ Mrs BROWN FamQ Child BROWN FamQ T.BURKE FamQ Mrs BURKE FamQ Child BURKE FamQ Robert BURROW FamQ Mrs BURROW FamQ P. CAMPBELL FamQ Mrs CAMPBELL FamQ Child CAMPBELL X 5 FamQ George COLMAN FamQ William COLMAN FamQ J. COCKBURN FamQ Mrs COCKBURN FamQ Child COCKBURN X 3 FamQ Oswald CRAWFORD FamQ Mrs CRAWFORD FamQ Child CRAWFORD X 2 FamQ D. DOCHARTY FamQ Mrs DOCHARTY FamQ Child DOCHARTY X 3 FamQ Robert DYET FamQ Mrs DYET FamQ Child DYET X 3 FamQ William EDGAR FamQ Mrs EDGAR FamQ Child EDGAR X 4 FamQ Peter FARRELL FamQ Mrs FARRELL FamQ Child FARRELL X 3 FamQ William GARRIOCK FamQ Mrs GARRIOCK FamQ Child GARRIOCK FamQ John GILROY FamQ Mrs GILROY FamQ Richard GRIER FamQ Mrs GRIER FamQ David HAWTHORN FamQ Mrs HAWTHORN FamQ Child HAWTHORN X 3 FamQ Jas HOLMES FamQ Mrs HOLMES FamQ Child HOLMES X 2 FamQ Edward HUMPHRIES FamQ Mrs HUMPHRIES FamQ George JOHNSTON FamQ Mrs JOHNSTON FamQ Child JOHNSTON FamQ Matthew KIRKWOOD FamQ Mrs KIRKWOOD FamQ Child KIRKWOOD X 4 FamQ John LYALL FamQ Mrs LYALL FamQ Child LYALL X 4 FamQ Jas MARSHALL FamQ Mrs MARSHALL FamQ William MARTIN FamQ Mrs MARTIN FamQ Child MARTIN X 4 FamQ John MAXWELL FamQ Mrs MAXWELL FamQ Child MAXWELL X 4 FamQ Jas MEIKLE FamQ Mrs MEIKLE FamQ Child MEIKLE X 4 FamQ R. MURPHY FamQ Mrs MURP{HY FamQ Child MURPHY FamQ James McADAM FamQ Mrs McADAM FamQ Child McADAM X 5 FamQ D. McARTHUR FamQ Mrs McARTHUR FamQ Child McARTHUR Famq William McAUSLIN FamQ Mrs McAUSLIN FamQ Child McAUSLIN X 4 FamQ James McBRIDE FamQ Mrs McBRIDE FamQ Patrick McDERMOTT FamQ Mrs McDERMOTT FamQ Child McDERMOTT X 2 FamQ John McGREGOR FamQ Mrs McGREGOR FamQ Child McGREGOR X 7 FamQ Chris McINTYRE FamQ Child McINTYRE FamQ D. McKINNON FamQ Mrs McKINNON FamQ Child McKINNON X 3 FamQ T. McNAIR FamQ Mrs McNAIR FamQ Child McNAIR X 4 FamQ A NEILSON FamQ Mrs NEILSON FamQ Child NEILSON FamQ W.NEILSON FamQ Mrs NEILSON FamQ Child NEILSON X 2 FamQ Bernard REID FamQ Mrs REID FamQ Child REID X 2 FamQ Patrick REID FamQ Mrs REID FamQ Child REID X 2 FamQ Annie REID FamQ Micheal REID FamQ Thomas SIMPSON FamQ Mrs SIMPSON FamQ Child SIMPSON X 5 FamQ W. SIMPSON FamQ Mrs SIMPSON FamQ Simon SHARP FamQ Mrs SHARP FamQ Child SHARP X 2 FamQ J. SOMMERVILLE FamQ Mrs SOMMERVILLE FamQ James SMITH FamQ Mrs SMITH FamQ Child SMITH FamQ James STARK FamQ Mrs STARK FamQ Child STARK X 3 FamQ Chas STEWART FamQ Mrs STEWART FamQ Child STEWART X 2 FamQ J. STEWART FamQ Mrs STEWART FamQ Child STEWART X 6 FamQ P.SUTHERLAND FamQ Mrs STOHERLAND FamQ John TUNPANY FamQ Mra TUNPANY FamQ Child TUNPANY X 3 FamQ George WATT FamQ Mrs WATT FamQ Isabella WATT FamQ Elizabeth WATT FamQ Donald WATT FamQ Georgina WATT FamQ John WEIR FamQ Agnes WEIR FamQ James WHITEFORD FamQ Mrs WHITEFORD FamQ

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