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The ARAWA 1884

"Arawa 1884"

Passengers listed for the Bluff, arrived (?) 24th December on the ship Arawa 1884.,

Name Forename Age From Comments Miller Phillip 35 Kent Brickmaker Miller Ann 35 Kent Wife Miller Clara 16 Kent Child Miller James J. 10 Kent Child Miller Mary A. 8 Kent Child Miller Emily P. 6 Kent Child Nicoll James 32 Perth Joiner Nicoll Jessie 31 Perth Wife Nicoll Jessie J. 3 Perth Child Nicoll Lizzie 1 Perth Child Pope John C. 46 Warwick Farmer Pope Caroline 47 Warwick Wife Pope Salina 20 Warwick Child Pope Edgar 19 Warwick Child Pope Willie E. 16 Warwick Child Pope Ernest 12 Warwick Child Pope Arthur 11 Warwick Child Rauce George 28 Middlesex Cowman Rauce Mary J. 26 Middlesex Wife Rauce Edith 2m Child Spooner Joseph 41 Warwick Miner Spooner Hannah 38 Warwick Wife Spooner Joseph M. 17 Warwick Child Spooner Hannah 13 Warwick Child Watts Robert J. 30 Surrey Plumber Watts Alice 25 Surrey Wife (died on board 6/12/1884) Watts Robert J, 4 Surrey Child Watts Grace E. 1 Surrey Child Workman John 35 Cumberland Harnessmaker Workman Jane 45 Cumberland Wife Workman William 10 Cumberland Child Workman Ernest 4 Cumberland Child Single Men Gibb Peter 16 Aberdeen Labourer Moore William E 32 Durham Sawyer Thorn William D. 26 Ayrshire Labourer Watts James 16 Middlesex Printer Single Women Cain Bridget 21 Galway General Servent Dowley Mary 17 Galway General Servent

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