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The Lucy Show Episode Guide!

1-Lucy Waits Up for Chris Lucy causes a family crisis when she waits up for her daughter Chris, who is out on a date.

2-Lucy Buys a Sheep Lucy buys a sheep to maintain her front lawn but realizes she has an unwanted guest when winter comes. She sneaks the sheep back onto the farm just as an ad agency offers big bucks for the furry fella.

3-Lucy Digs Up a Date Lucy wants Jerry's math teacher to take her to a dance and devises a plan to find out if he's married. Dick Martin guest-stars.

4-Lucy Is a Referee To take the place of the father Jerry doesn't have, Lucy volunteers to referee her son's football game. Dick Martin guest-stars.

5-Lucy Misplaces $2000 To teach the bank a lesson, Lucy keeps a check for $2000 they gave her instead of the $20 she asked for. Dick Martin guest-stars.

6-Lucy Becomes an Astronaut Lucy and Vivian volunteer to be part of a psychological experiment testing women in space. When all the publicity and attention goes to Lucy's head, Vivian plans a great gag to bring her back down to earth. Dick Martin guest-stars.

7-Lucy Is a Kangaroo for a Day Lucy gets a job as a temporary secretary and wreaks havoc in her new boss's office. He sends her on an errand, and on the way, Lucy stops to pick up a bike for Jerry. She loses her dress to a bike spoke and relies on a kangaroo costume to save the day.

8-Lucy, the Music Lover Lucy and Vivian compete for the affections of a handsome, music-loving doctor.

9-Lucy Puts Up a TV Antenna Catastrophe strikes Lucy's household when the TV set refuses to work and the family is forced to seek another form of entertainment for an evening.

10-Lucy Builds a Rumpus Room The house becomes too small when both Lucy and Vivian want to use the kitchen for entertaining gentleman friends. To solve the problem, they divide the basement into two rooms.

11-(not filmed)

12-Vivian Sues Lucy Young Jerry Carmichael makes a serious error when he leaves a toy in the middle of the living room floor and Vivian trips over it.

13-Together for Christmas Instead of heading off in different directions for Christmas, Lucy and Vivian decide to keep their families together for merriment at home.

14-Chris's New Year's Eve Party Chris throws her first boy-girl party on New Year's Eve. In order to give Chris her "space," Lucy and Vivian spend the evening in a restaurant. Their escorts, Eddie and Harry, go to the house in search of Lucy and Vivian, but instead find Chris in tears. All four rush home to save Chris's party.

15-Lucy's Sister Pays a Visit Lucy is overcome with romance and wedding plans as she tries to patch things up between her newlywed sister and brother-in-law.

16-Lucy and Her Electric Mattress Lucy becomes a miserly landlady when Vivian asks for a new mattress for her bed. But when Vivian goes away for a weekend, Lucy surprises Viv with a few changes to her room.

17-Lucy and Vivian Are Volunteer Firemen Lucy and Vivian embrace their new positions on the all-women volunteer fire department-until the fire alarm goes off.

18-Lucy Becomes a Reporter To bring in additional cash, Lucy gets a temporary job as a reporter for the local society pages. The town's social circle will never be the same again.

19-Lucy and Viv Put In a Shower To combat the problem of five people fighting over the bathroom, Lucy and Vivian install a new shower. Dick Martin guest-stars.

20-Lucy and Viv Become Tycoons Vivian's recipe for caramel corn becomes a ticket to riches when Lucy and Vivian go into business together.

21-Lucy's Barbershop Quartet Lucy takes the fire department's barbershop quartet to the finals of a contest.

22-No More Double Dates Lucy and Harry and Viv and Eddie go through their usual Saturday night wrangle over where they're going on their double date.

23-Lucy and Viv Learn Judo To defend themselves against a barrage of burglaries in their neighborhood, Lucy and Viv take up judo.

24-Lucy Is a Soda Jerk It's Chris' big chance to march as the school band's drum majorette in a parade, but first she must find a replacement to work her shift at the ice cream shop.

25-Lucy Drives a Dump Truck To raise money for new fire department uniforms, Lucy sets up a paper recycling business, but she must find a new truck driver when the old one retires.

26-Lucy Visits the White House The President of the United States wants to meet the creators of a White House replica made of 3,000 cubes of sugar.

27-Lucy and Viv Take Up Chemistry Lucy tries to find the secret to eternal youth.

28-Lucy Is a Chaperone Chris and her friends plan a weekend at the beach, and Lucy and Viv volunteer to act as chaperones.

29-Lucy and the Little League Little League has never been so difficult until Lucy and Viv try to be the perfect "little league" moms. Instead, they are thrown out of the ball park. William Schallert guest-stars.

30-Lucy and the Runaway Butterfly When Lucy accidentally loses one of Jerry's rare butterflies, she risks everything to find the bug, including her dignity.

31-Lucy Buys a Boat Lucy sees an ad for a boat in the paper and trades in her usual lakeside summer cabin for the new toy-which turns out to be a lemon.

32-Lucy Goes Duck Hunting Willing to do anything to impress her handsome, wealthy blind date, Lucy goes duck hunting.

33-Lucy and Viv Play Softball Lucy and Viv play outfielders on the volunteer firefighters' baseball team. William Schallert guest-stars.

34-Lucy Gets Locked in the Vault Lucy gets locked in the bank vault with the bank loan officer who turned down her loan request. This is Gale Gordon's first episode as Mr. Mooney.

35-Lucy and the Bank Scandal Lucy and Viv think "embezzlement" when Lucy finds an interesting note on Mr. Mooney's desk at the bank.

36-Lucy Plays Cleopatra It's a contest to see who can take the longest to "die" when Lucy, Viv and the volunteer fire department bring "Cleopatra" to the local theater.

37-Kiddie Parties, Incorporated Lucy and Viv's first kiddie party is a huge success when Lucy takes flight with a handful of helium balloons.

38-Lucy and the Safe-Cracker Lucy talks a reformed safe-cracker into cracking the safe of the bank vault after she locks Mr. Mooney inside the vault.

39-Lucy Decides to Redecorate Lucy and Viv decide to replace the old purple chair, the chipped walls, and the cigarette-burned table in their living room.

40-Lucy Conducts the Symphony A bad case of hiccups turns into a hypnotic trance for Viv's cousin Harold when Lucy tries to help the percussionist control his nerves. Instead, she gets to play conductor for the night. Wally Cox guest-stars.

41-The Loophole in the Lease A legal crisis arises when the ceiling leaks after Sherman leaves the bathwater running.

42-Lucy Puts Out a Fire at the Bank The Danville women's volunteer fire department is in danger of being abolished when Mr. Mooney and the other members of the town finance committee refuse to renew its appropriation. Alan Hale guest-stars.

43-Lucy and the Military Academy The visitation rights at Jerry's new military school are not satisfactory to Lucy, and she devises numerous schemes to see her beloved son. Jackie Coogan guest-stars.

44-Lucy's College Reunion Lucy's winning track record as statue thief at the college creates havoc during her class reunion.

45-Lucy Teaches Ethel Merman to Sing Lucy sees a woman in the bank who resembles Ethel Merman and persuades her to pose as the famous Broadway singer in a Boy Scout show. Ethel Merman guest-stars.

46-Lucy Plays Florence Nightingale When a new dress for Chris' first formal dance becomes a necessity, Lucy must try to wrangle the money out of Mr. Mooney despite the fact that he is in the hospital with a broken leg. Bernie Kopell guest-stars.

47-Lucy Goes to Art Class Lucy and Viv sign up for an art class to get close to a handsome eligible bachelor. Robert Alda and John Carradine guest-star.

48-Chris Goes Steady Lucy is horrified when Chris informs her mother that she is dating the banker's son. Michael J. Pollard guest-stars.

49-Not filmed

50-Ethel Merman and the Boy Scout Show Lucy and Viv are desperate to get into the act with Ethel Merman (appearing as herself), who's starring in this year's Boy Scout show.

51-Lucy Takes Up Golf To hold the interest of her new beau Gary, Lucy takes up golf. Despite earning the title of worst player, Lucy helps Gary win the club tournament.

52-Lucy and Viv Open a Restaurant Against her better judgment, Viv gives her savings to Lucy to buy a restaurant.

53-Lucy Takes a Job at the Bank Lucy is forced to find a job when Jerry reminds her of a promise to help him buy a new tuba.

54-Viv Moves Out After a terrible argument, Viv leaves. Lucy must find a new housemate.

55-Lucy Is Her Own Lawyer Lucy swears she'll sue the person responsible for the noisy dogs in the neighborhood, and is delighted to find out it's Mr. Mooney.

56-Lucy Meets a Millionaire Lucy is starry-eyed when she meets Umberto Fabriani, an Italian millionaire. It doesn't matter that he doesn't speak English and she doesn't speak Italian-until they go out to dinner together.

57-Lucy Goes Into Politics When Mr. Mooney decides to run for city comptroller, Lucy sees her chance to become an influential politician.

58-Lucy and the Scout Trip Mr. Mooney plans a camping trip for a group of Cub Scouts and calls on Lucy to fill in for a den father who can't make it. Desi Arnaz, Jr. guest-stars.

59-Lucy Is a Process Server In order to earn money to go away with friends on vacation, Lucy gets a job serving subpoenas. Guess who her first "victim" is?

60-Lucy Enters a Baking Contest Viv's title as five-time winner of the local baking contest is challenged when Lucy enters a pie-baking contest.

61-Lucy the Good Skate Lucy goes roller-skating with Chris the day before a dance and her feet swell so much that she must wear the skates to the dance.

62-Lucy, the Meter Maid Lucy takes a new job as a policewoman whose assignment is checking parking-meter violations. She takes her new responsibilities very seriously, even when it comes to giving Viv a parking ticket.

63-Lucy and Winter Sports To impress her athletic boyfriend, Lucy brags to him about her great skill on skis. He plans a ski weekend, and Lucy and Viv must find a ski instructor fast.

64-Lucy and the Great Bank Robbery Short on money, Lucy rents Viv's room to a couple of "gentlemen" who are staking out the bank for a robbery.

65-Lucy Meets Danny Kaye Lucy promises her two children that she will take them into New York to watch Danny Kaye tape his TV show even if she has to ask Danny Kaye himself for tickets. Danny Kaye guest-stars.

66-Lucy the Camp Cook In order to pay for two extra weeks of summer camp for their kids, Lucy and Viv offer to take over the kitchen chores when the chef quits. Harvey Korman guest-stars.

67-Lucy Gets Amnesia Lucy must remember an old flame's pet name for her or lose the chance at a bank advance for a fur coat she desperately wants to buy.

68-Lucy and the Plumber Lucy goes on the "Talent Discoverer" TV program with a trained dog. She hopes to win enough money to pay a plumber to repair her broken faucet. Jack Benny guest-stars.

69-Lucy Becomes a Father Despite the disapproval of the other fathers, Lucy wants to accompany Jerry on a father-son camping trip, since she has been the boy's "father/mother" for years.

70-Lucy Makes a Pinch On her new job as policewoman, Lucy is chosen to act as a decoy to capture a hold-up man who is robbing parked cars in Lovers' Lane.

71-Lucy's Contact Lenses Lucy loses one of her new contact lenses while icing a big chocolate cake she and Viv made for Mr. Mooney's charity sale.

72-Lucy and the Missing Stamp While she's trying to sell Mr. Mooney a vacuum cleaner, Lucy's vacuum sucks up a collector's stamp worth $3000.

73-Lucy the Coin Collector When Jerry sells a penny for fifty cents, Lucy and Viv spot a new source of income and run to the bank in search of more pennies.

74-Lucy the Disk Jockey Lucy wins the chance to be disc jockey for a day on a local radio station.

75-Lucy Gets the Bird Mr. Mooney's prized pet parakeet escapes from his cage while Lucy and Viv are bird sitting.

76-Lucy Gets Her Maid Lucy wants to hire a maid to impress the ladies of the Danfield Art Society, but first she must get a job in order to afford the new expense. So she takes the first job to come along: being a maid.

77-Lucy and the Monsters A scary movie leads to a night of monstrous dreams for Lucy.

78-Lucy and the Ceramic Cat Mr. Mooney makes the grave mistake of entrusting his wife's fragile birthday present to Lucy and Viv.

79-Lucy Goes to Vegas Lucy and Viv are in Vegas on a free trip, but they don't have enough money to see the star-studded shows. In order to win the hotel manager's sympathy and gain free access to the shows, Lucy pretends she is an enormously wealthy heiress who's in Vegas to break her uncontrollable gambling habit.

80-Lucy and the Countess Lucy's old friend, Rosie Harrigan (played by Ann Sothern), is in town disguised as the Countess Framboise. Impressed by her title, Mr. Mooney invites the Countess to Danville's annual wine-tasting event. The "Countess," who is as broke as Lucy, accepts, and brings Lucy along. The famished girls arrive to find only wine with which to quiet their hunger pains.

81-My Fair Lucy In order to convince wealthy backers to finance her charm school, the "Countess Framboise" must change an unrefined woman into a lady. Ann Sothern guest-stars.

82-Lucy and the Countess Lose Weight Mr. Mooney has made a bad loan on a women's health farm and needs a publicity stunt to help bail him out. He turns to the Countess Framboise, who agrees to visit the farm-but only if Lucy can go too. Ann Sothern guest-stars.

83-Lucy and Arthur Godfrey Lucy and Viv invade Arthur Godfrey's farm, hoping to convince him to star in Danfield's annual community play. Arthur Godfrey guest-stars.

84-Lucy the Stockholder Lucy volunteers to help Mr. Mooney convince the wealthiest doctor in town to open an account in their bank. Harvey Korman guest-stars.

85-Lucy and the Beauty Doctor Lucy goes to a Viennese beauty doctor, unaware that the good doctor has turned his shop over to the producer of a "hidden camera" TV show.

86-Lucy and the Old Mansion In an attempt to entertain royal friends in the style to which they are accustomed, Countess Framboise convinces Mr. Mooney to let her use the Bellingham estate. Unfortunately, the "estate" turns out to be a handyman special. Ann Sothern returns in her guest-starring role as the Countess.

87-Lucy and the Golden Greek A meek and unassuming blind date turns into a seething volcano of passion when he is exposed to Greek music in a restaurant.

88-Lucy at Marineland Lucy takes Jerry to Marineland for a personally autographed baseball from Jimmy Piersall. But Jerry makes a mistake when he gives the ball to Lucy for "safekeeping," and the aquatic stars at Marineland get a new playmate. Jimmy Piersall, Harvey Korman, Desi Arnaz IV, and Lucie Arnaz guest-star in this episode.

89-Lucy and Joan Lucy and her new friend have their eyes on a handsome neighbor. They plan an intimate birthday party for him, but their plans are foiled when his mother arrives to surprise him on his birthday. Joan Blondell guest-stars.

90-Lucy, the Stunt Man In a desperate search for cash, Lucy dresses up as a cowboy to take a job as a stuntman in a movie. When Mr. Mooney shows up as a guest of the director, Lucy engages in frantic stunts to avoid being discovered.

91-Lucy in the Music World Lucy turns talent scout in an effort to get her neighbor's song published. Mel Torme guest-stars.

92-Lucy Helps the Countess The Countess Framboise is trying her hand as a real-estate agent, and Lucy helps convince Mr. Mooney to look at a fancy high-tech apartment. But he pushes one button too many, and the three get locked in for the weekend. Ann Sothern guest-stars.

93-Lucy and the Sleeping Beauty Lucy gets a date with an overworked architect who falls asleep-then wakes up using karate due to his commando training.

94-Lucy Helps Danny Thomas As Mr. Mooney's highly efficient secretary, Lucy must deliver an important envelope to a VP at a television network. While waiting for the executive's arrival, Lucy fraternizes with the actors, including guest star Danny Thomas.

95-Lucy and the Countess Have a Horse Guest The Countess inherits not only a famous racehorse but the famous stable bill and two famous foals waiting to be born. William Frawley and Ann Sothern guest-star.

96-Lucy the Undercover Agent After seeing a James Bond movie, Lucy and the Countess are certain they can identify any undercover spy they meet. They intend to do just that in a fancy cafe they visit after the movie. Jack Cassidy and Ann Sothern guest-star.

97-Lucy and the Return of Iron Man Lucy agrees to place a bet for Mr. Mooney at the racetrack, then loses his winning ticket. In an effort to earn back his money, Lucy agrees to play Iron Man Carmichael again.

98-Lucy Saves Milton Berle When Milton Berle (guest-starring as himself) researches his new movie role as a hobo, he meets Lucy at a soup kitchen for which she cooks. To hide his real identity, Milton tells Lucy that he is Milton Berle's twin brother. Lucy is so infuriated that Milton Berle would let his brother starve that she goes to the press to expose his cruelty.

99-Lucy Bags a Bargain Lucy buys a dinette set which was being held for another customer. But she must work at the store to earn the money to pay for it-and in the process, she encounters the irate customer.

100-Lucy the Choir Master Mr. Mooney takes the place of the bass singer-a young boy who suddenly turns soprano-in Jerry's boys' choir. A Merry Christmas is had by all.

101-Lucy and Wayne Newton Lucy is impressed with a young farmhand's musical talents. Wayne Newton guest-stars.

102-Lucy and Art Linkletter Lucy attends the taping of the "Art Linkletter Show" and is selected as a contestant. Her challenge is to stay completely silent for 24 hours for a chance to win $100. Art Linkletter guest-stars.

103-Lucy, the Rain Goddess Lucy follows Mr. Mooney to a hidden "oasis away from home" when he sneaks out of the bank without signing important papers. Jamie Farr guest-stars.

104-Lucy Meets Mickey Rooney Lucy performs her famous Charlie Chaplin impersonation while special guest star Mickey Rooney portrays the immortal role of "The Kid."

105-Lucy and the Soap Opera Lucy discovers that one of her neighbors is a star on her favorite soap opera and may be written out of the show.

106-Lucy Goes to a Hollywood Premiere When Lucy finds out that tickets to a Taj Mahal premiere are sold out, she lands a job as doorman at the famous establishment.

107-Lucy Dates Dean Martin Lucy is invited to a black tie Hollywood event by Ed Feldman, Dean Martin's double. But when Ed must cancel at the last minute, Dean offers to escort Lucy instead. Dean Martin guest-stars as himself.

108-Lucy and Bob Crane While on a date with Bob Crane (guest-starring as himself), Lucy meets the director of Bob's next picture, who is looking for a stuntman to be in the film. Mr. Mooney spills the beans and tells the director that Lucy's "brother" is Iron Man Carmichael.

109-Lucy the Robot Lucy wants to help her kooky neighbor get a loan from the bank so he can "discover the secrets of the universe and invent things." She convinces him to build a robot to take care of Mr. Mooney's bratty nephew (played by guest star Jay North), thus putting Mr. Mooney into the inventor's debt.

110-Lucy and Clint Walker Lucy's new boyfriend won't let her buy him a birthday present. So she takes up knitting and plans to make him a sweater. Guest star: Clint Walker.

111-Lucy the Gun Moll Lucy is drafted by the FBI to help trap a big-time gangster and make him reveal the whereabouts of a bank haul. Robert Stack guest-stars.

112-Lucy the Superwoman A huge computer falls on Mr. Mooney, and with a sudden surge of strength, Lucy pushes the computer off. As a result, doctors plan extensive studies on Lucy's over-charged adrenal gland.

113-Lucy and George Burns George Burns sees Lucy in full form at the bank and asks her to be his partner in a vaudeville act. They open a small club and are a huge success. George Burns guest-stars.

114-Lucy, the Bean Queen In an effort to raise money for furniture, Lucy plans to take full advantage of a marketing event offered by a bean company in which customers are offered double their money if they have ever tasted better beans.

115-Lucy and the Ring A Ding Ring Mr. Mooney buys his wife a gorgeous ring-but may not be able to give it to her when the ring gets stuck on Lucy's finger.

116-Lucy Gets a Roommate To convince Mr. Mooney she's making a serious attempt to save money and reduce her living expenses, Lucy decides to advertise for a roommate. Carol Burnett guest-stars.

117-Lucy and Carol in Palm Springs Lucy feigns sickness to get time off to go to Palm Springs with her roommate. Much to her surprise, Mr. Mooney ends up at the same Palm Springs hotel. Carol Burnett guest-stars.

118-Lucy and the Submarine Mr. Mooney strides into the bank dressed in full naval officer's uniform, boasting that he is off to war for his annual tour of duty in the naval reserve.

119-Lucy Gets Caught in the Draft A draft notice addressed to Lou C. Carmichael is delivered to Lucy. When she and Mr. Mooney go to the Army induction center to clear up the error, they tell her the Army isn't drafting her-the Marines are.

120-Lucy and Paul Winchell Mr. Mooney is in charge of getting a famous star to entertain at the bank's Employees Dinner and Show. As Mr. Mooney's attempts fail, Lucy succeeds in getting Paul Winchell to perform. Paul Winchell guest-stars.

121-Lucy and John Wayne John Wayne comes close to losing his first movie battle when Lucy barges onto the set of his newest western. John Wayne guest-stars as himself.

122-Lucy Goes to London Lucy wins a trip to London in a dogfood limerick contest.

123-Lucy and Pat Collins Mr. Mooney is suffering from insomnia. As a last resort, he follows Lucy to a hypnotist for help. Pat Collins guest-stars.

124-Mooney the Monkey Mary Jane, Lucy's best friend, keeps telling Lucy she's working too hard. Unless she quits, says Mary Jane, Lucy will start hallucinating.

125-Lucy and Phil Silvers An efficiency expert launches a one-man assault on the bank, planning to make the employees function like machines. Phil Silvers guest-stars.

126-Lucy's Substitute Secretary As she's about to leave on vacation, Lucy meets the temporary secretary assigned to take over her job. When Lucy finds out that the substitute actually has plans to steal her job, she forgoes her vacation to spy on her.

127-Viv Visits Lucy Viv visits Lucy in California and reveals her true mission--to locate Herbie Walton, who is thought be living the life of a "lost soul."

128-Lucy the Babysitter Lucy and Mr. Mooney make a bet: if Lucy can secure other employment and last for more than one day, Mr. Mooney will rehire her at the bank and give her a raise.

129-Main Street U.S.A. On bank business, Lucy and Mr. Mooney visit a small town known as Bancroft in which a new freeway is being built. When they arrive, they are met by the angry townspeople. Lucy falls in love with the town and joins forces to help the townsfolk. Mel Torme guest-stars.

130-not filmed

131-Lucy Puts Main Street on the Map The folks of Bancroft throw a big party for Lucy and Mr. Mooney to thank them for their efforts in saving their town. To get their anti-freeway message national attention, the town stages a fake cops-and-robbers shoot-out. Mel Torme guest-stars.

132-Lucy Meets the Law Lucy tosses a candy wrapper into the street. Just as she begins to feel guilty about littering, a jewel thief on the run from the law drops his stolen goods into Lucy's pocketbook and runs away. The cops haul Lucy off to jail for what she believes to be a little charge.

133-Lucy, the Fight Manager Lucy becomes a boxing manager after she fails to talk Mr. Mooney into lending money to a budding young boxer. Don Rickles guest-stars.

134-Lucy Meets Sheldon Leonard Popular movie-gangster-turned-TV-producer Sheldon Leonard (playing himself) gets permission from Mr. Mooney to film a TV scene in the bank after working hours.

135-Lucy and Tennessee Ernie Ford When Mr. Mooney is threatened with dismissal for lack of new accounts, Lucy tries to get Homer Higgins, the millionaire country-music star, to open an account. Tennessee Ernie Ford guest-stars.

136-Lucy Gets Trapped Lucy feigns illness to get the day off for a department-store sale. As she enters the store, she earns the title of ten millionth customer and gets her picture in the paper for all to see-including Mr. Mooney.

137-Lucy and the French Movie Star Super movie fan Lucy is enchanted when Jacques Bergerac arrives at the bank. Lucy even convinces Mr. Mooney to back Jacques' production company. Jacques Bergerac guest-stars.

138-Little Old Lucy Mr. Mooney asks Lucy to masquerade as an elderly lady and go out with the president of the bank.

139-Lucy, the Starmaker Frankie Avalon guest-stars as Mr. Cheever's starstruck nephew, who wants to pursue a singing career but has instead been entrusted to Mr. Mooney to learn the banking business.

140-Lucy Meets the Berles To earn extra money, Lucy works part-time for Milton Berle. She almost drives him crazy when she mistakenly thinks he is cheating on his wife Ruth. Milton and Ruth Berle guest-star.

141-Lucy Gets Jack Benny's Account Lucy visits Jack Benny to convince him to move his millions into a vault at the bank. Jack Benny guest-stars.

142-Lucy and Robert Goulet Robert Goulet guest-stars as a truck driver. To help him win money for a new truck, Lucy enters him in a Robert Goulet lookalike contest.

143-Lucy Gets Her Diploma Lucy must go back to high school and earn the degree she never received. Otherwise, she'll be fired from her job because of a new bank policy.

144-Lucy Gets Mooney Fired Lucy tries to help Mr. Mooney rectify a small shortage in the books before the bank examiner arrives.

145-Lucy Sues Mooney When Lucy trips on the job, her friend Mary Jane convinces her to sue Mr. Mooney.

146-not filmed

147-Lucy Gets Involved Jack Coogan guest-stars in this zany episode of broken televisions, night jobs, and insomnia.

148-Lucy the Philanthropist Lucy befriends an old gentleman sitting alone in a park. She believes him to be down and out-but Mr. Mooney believes he's an eccentric millionaire.

149-Lucy and Carol Burnett - Part I Lucy and Carol Burnett successfully pass through stewardess training school but panic when they have to serve real passengers on a real flight. Carol Burnett guest-stars.

150-Lucy and Carol Burnett - Part II To celebrate receiving their stewardess wings, Lucy and Carol Burnett put on a rollicking musical with help from Buddy Rogers. Carol Burnett and Buddy Rogers guest-star.

151-Lucy's Mystery Guest Lucy tears up her junk mail only to discover that one of the letters is from a mystery person who is coming to visit.

152-Lucy and the Pool Hustler After getting complimentary tickets to a refurbished pool hall near the bank, Lucy decides to enter a ladies' pool hall contest. Dick Shawn guest-stars.

153-Lucy and Viv Reminisce Highlights of "The Lucy Show" are seen in this funny and nostalgic episode with guest-star Vivian Vance.

154-Lucy and Phil Harris While waiting for their table in a restaurant, Lucy and Mr. Mooney enjoy a cocktail in the lounge. Lucy downs her drink so quickly that she begins to harmonize with the piano player's music and clears the lounge. Phil Harris guest-stars.

155-Mooney's Other Wife A beautiful young stranger confesses her love for Mr. Mooney, and Lucy must help get rid of the lovestruck female before Mr. Mooney's wife finds out about her. Edie Adams guest-stars.

156-Lucy and the Stolen Stole Mr. Mooney and Lucy are arrested for possession of stolen goods when they buy a fur coat as an anniversary gift for Mr. Mooney's wife. Buddy Hackett guest-stars.

157-Lucy Helps Ken Berry While Mr. Mooney is out of town, Lucy uses her initiative and approves a loan to a new client. Ken Berry guest-stars.

158-Lucy and the Lost Star When their car breaks down, Lucy and Viv stumble into Joan Crawford's house in a deserted part of the country. Joan Crawford guest-stars.

159-Lucy and Sid Caesar Lucy's plan to catch a Sid Caesar lookalike forger backfires when the real Sid Caesar is arrested by mistake. Sid Caesar guest-stars.

160-Lucy and "The Boss of the Year" Award When Lucy discovers that Mr. Mooney is being considered for the presidency of another bank, she jumps at the chance to get rid of him once and for all. Gary Morton guest-stars.