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Aerosmith Sales Statistics
Aerosmith is a very successful band, and I have made this page to show just how successful they were and are. They are the 8th bestselling band of all-time, selling over 54 million records. They have 21 gold records, 15 platinum records, and 11 multi-platinum ones. I have set up the chart below to show which of their records are gold, platinum, and multi-platinum. In case you didn't know, gold is 500,000 records sold, platinum is 1 million, and multi-platinum is at least 2 million. I am also happy to report that every Aerosmith album and video has at least gone gold. Also the band's newest release A Little South of Sanity has already gone platinum, and Nine Lives has already gone multi-platinum. Aerosmith also has 4 listings in the Top 100 bestselling albums ever. Greatest Hits, Pump, Get A Grip, and Permanent Vacation. It's also worth noting that Walk This Way the autobiography was a New York Times bestseller, and sold enough to be released in paperback.
Below I have listed all of Aerosmith's gold, platinum, and multi-platinum releases.

Gold Records
3X5 (Video)
Aerosmith Video Scrapbook (Video)
Big Ones You Can Look At (Video)
Box of Fire
Classics Live
Classics Live II
Cryin' (Single)
Done With Mirrors
Falling In Love (Is Hard On The Knees) (Single)
I Don't Want To Miss A Thing (Single)
Live Texxas Jam '78 (Video)
Love In An Elevator (Single)
Rock In A Hard Place
The Making of Pump (Video)
Things That Go PUMP In The Night

Platinum Records
A Little South of Sanity
Live! Bootleg
Night In The Ruts
Pandora's Box
Multi-Platinum Records
Aerosmith (2 million)
Greatest Hits (9 million)
Big Ones (4 million)
Draw The Line (2 million)
Get A Grip (7 million)
Get Your Wings (2 million)
Nine Lives (2 million)
Permanent Vacation (5 million)
Pump (7 million)
Rocks (3 million)
Toys In The Attic (6 million)
Here's a list of the soundtrack and compilation albums that Aerosmith appears on and if they went gold, platinum or multi-platinum.

Gold Records
Less Than Zero Soundtrack

Platinum Records
Last Action Hero Soundtrack
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Soundtrack
Woodstock '94
Woodstock '94 (Video)
Multi Platinum
Armageddon: The Album (4 million)
The Beavis & Butthead Experience (2 million)
Below I have made a list of Aerosmith singles and their peak position and weeks on the chart. All listings are based on the Billboard charts.

Note: If anyone has any of the same kind of info as I have for the following singles for the Aero albums then that would be greatly appreciated as well. If I am missing any singles tell me that as well. And of course, tell me if I made a mistake. Each listing has the song first, then the debut date, then the peak position and weeks spent on the chart.

Dream On 10-20-73 #59 9
Sweet Emotion 6-14-75 #36 8
Dream On (Re-Release) 1-10-76 #6 20
Last Child 6-21-76 #21 15
Home Tonight 9-25-76 #71 4
Walk This Way 11-20-76 #10 17
Back In The Saddle 4-9-77 #38 8
Draw The Line 10-22-77 #42 11
Kings And Queens 3-11-78 #70 5
Come Together 8-5-78 #23 12
Chip Away The Stone 1-20-79 #77 3
Remember (Walking In The Sand) 1-12-80 #67 6
Walk This Way (With Run DMC) 7-26-86 #4 16
Dude (Looks Like A Lady) 10-3-87 #14 20
Angel 1-20-88 $3 25
Rag Doll 6-4-88 #17 17
Love In An Elevator 9-2-89 #5 16
What It Takes 3-17-90 #9 17
Livin' On The Edge 4-10-93 #18 20
Cryin' 7-31-93 #12 34
Amazing 11-24-93 #24 26
Crazy 5-21-94 #17 42
Blind Man 11-19-94 #70 18
Falling In Love (Is Hard On The Knees) 2-11-97 #35 15
Hole In My Soul 8-4-97 #51 11
Pink 2-10-98 #27 13
I Don't Want To Miss A Thing #1 ?