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About me...

This is me with my best friend Alma Michelle

Hello, I am Bulma and this it is "my about me". I hope youŽll write to me to cultivate the most valuable gift in the world: the friendship.

My real name is Martha and my birthday is on December 2nd. For the first time I will give my person's description so I begin: I am high, I measure 1.70 m., I have dark brown and straight hair. I am thin and some say that beautiful (one of these days will put my picture...). My skin is brown clear (that I say) and my friends say that I am white (?).

In short, I am friendly, sincere, honest, but mainly too demanding and perfectionist. I love to have friends and according to my friend Esthela "you has a special sympathy." I am nice or I think so.

Have I mentioned my age? Ok, that it is a secret part. Only my nearer friends in internet know it, for the other ones it is a secret but I have a question for you... What age do I have? Have a good time trying to guess!

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