My name is Roguen the Rott. Angelfire is my home on the Web.

From this page you can begin your adventure into my world. From the picture down below you can tell, I'm a happy, lovable fellow - like most Rottweilers. I know we have bad reputations in the media. I'm here to say no dog is born bad - the way humans treat him, either out of unkindness or neglect, makes a dog "bad". I had a rough start, but Mom's love and discipline made me the charmer I am today!

This wonderful Snow Globe was created for Roguen's Place by our friend Barbara.

There is a lot to see -- and when you leave, I hope you sign my guest book. I love making new friends!

Some of the pages are photo intensive. They may take a little time to load, but they are well worth it.

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This is me!

Roguen's Rainbow Bridge

Roguen's Race Pics

Roguen's Dress Up Page

The Night I Met Mom

Roguen's Awards Page

Roguen's Second Page of Awards

Roguen's Third Page of Awards

Roguen's Great Companion Award
The above is an award you can win from Roguen and his Mom.

My Mom believes in making friends and being part of the greater web community.
Webrings are a wonderful way to link with people who share you interests.
Please, visit our friends when you leave Roguen's Place.

The Rail

Roguen's Place rides the Rail on the Canine Line.

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All They Ask Is To Be Loved.
They Should Never Have
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My Mom also created a website for the L'Arche in Clinton.
These are personal friends of mine!
It's a great concept - everyone has a gift to share with the world.


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Updated September 13, 2000