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Tragedy of September 11, 2001

On September 11, 2001 my world as I knew it was changed forever. I woke to a disaster that I watched unfold right before my eyes on national TV. As the days that followed this disaster I went thru a variety of emotions from overwhelming sadness to total anger. I hoped against the odds that there would be more people found each day. I still hope and pray for those that have had such great loss. After the first week went by I had to pry myself from this disaster and had to try to get back to my normal routine but it was still in the back of my thoughts. So to help myself to deal with this I started making a scrap book of the tragedy instead of staying glued to the TV because I did not want to forget. In my searching I ran across a site and the owner of this site had made a picture in memory of this awful day. The owner was requesting that someone help her with a poem to go with this picture. The picture moved me when I viewed it. All the owner had requested was that the poem start with "The angels came". As I sat there viewing the picture the words came to me. So I sat down and within about an hour it was completed. I mailed her what I had wrote and to my amazment she choose what I had wrote. The following is the picture and the poem that was produced by a Canadian and a Texan came together united in their hearts.

Graphic by here visit her site here.

~The Angels Came~
The angels came on that awful day,

To escort those that the terrorist took away.

We did nothing wrong but stand tall and proud,

For all the freedoms that we have found.

For those who we lost again we shall see,

To tell them how special they were to you and me.

They gave us more than we could ever believe,

They gave the greatest gift for all to see...


~Poem by Tonya aka Prissy~
~Created in Memory~

For all those heroes we lost and to the heroes that were created on September 11, 2001.

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