My Awards
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These are the Awards that I have received PLEASE take time to check out these sites!
Received July 25, 1999

Presented to
Prissy's Place

Received July 26, 1999
Received July 27, 1999
Received July 31, 1999
Received July 31, 1999
Received August 1, 1999
Received August 2, 1999
Received August 28,1999
Received March 13,2000

{look Mom I put it I LUV YOU!}

Received March 26,2000

Thank you Patrice for such a beautiful award!

Received April 1,2000

Thank you Cali Luv ya Sis!

Received April 7,2000

Thank you Angel!

Thank you for visiting my page at

Please come back and visit again!

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