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Thanks RC for making me this banner!

This is my banner exchange page it has lots of helpful sites. Take the time to go in & check them out. If you would like to link to my page please use my banner here is the code for it ....

<a href=" ysPlace/index.html">
<img src=" sPlace/images/banner.gif"></a>< br>

If you would like you banner put on here just e-mail me your banner & I'll add it on here as long as the site does not contain, or contain links to, any of the following: nudity, sex, pornography,foul language, hate propaganda, anything illegal, mail fraud or pyramid schemes. This includes anything considered Adult material,

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This is where I have made some my buttons at and I found it simple to use.

I am a member of this group.

Thanks Drac for all the useful info!


Lots of useful codes to help newbies their web pages!

Check out this site it will help you lots!

I am a sister here!

Check out this Cyber Sister's site!

Check out this HPO Site need an opinion on your page they will give it to ya!

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