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My Tribute to All Things Insignificant

Insignificance is what I do best. I've developed it into an art form. So relax, leave your worries behind you, and take some time out to browse my (self-confessed) fun, funny, slightly strange site. It has absolutely no substance and will leave you with no wisdom whatsoever.

(Disclaimer: I apologise for the very basic formatting. I am but a humble beginner, and far too lazy to learn impressive html.)

NB For your convenience, this site has been wholly replicated here for the sole purpose of rescuing you from Angelfire's barrage of banner ads...

"This site is simply [amazing] will...take your [breath] away...[don't] miss it!" ~ A critic

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Stuff of Mine

Refrigerator Poetry
Surreal Cafe
Games I Once Invented
Smiley Gallery
Proverbs, Quotes, and Words of Wisdom


Bat Joke
Newspaper Headlines
Bad Analogies
Insurance Claims
Newspaper Ads
Famous Last Words
How to Give a Cat a Pill

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