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Ora Ora!!! Welcome to the MAD Realm!!

Wark! Note from K-chan: Minna, ogenki desuka?? Finally gotten around updating. I'm studying Jap with Amberw now and Amberw has gotten herself a homepage. I've been busy with mine(actuall, she was lazy). Hehe...don't mind me. I'll update when I feel like it. Right now, I advise you to click on my homepage banner and check it out for more new pics (clicking on the banner will open a new browser so keep this one and explore the place too).


Edit by Amberw: SPM's officially over but K-chan's been a it busy with her other pages so she hasn't had much time to update this one... I'll be updating it regularly tho (not the other two I'm afraid... only mine considering this is the only page I have :p) and checking the mail. Sad to say we have been neglecting the mail for rather long(*sheepish grin*)... hey... nobody's perfect, right?

K-chan's Anime Section!

Anou, welcome to my section. Yoroshiku!! I hope you like the pics I have in my gallery and do leave some comments. Please visit my homepage too. Thank you!!

K-chan's Lil Corner
I have added 6 pics on 7/3/00. The latest pics are all at the top.

\ D.A.G.

Ahaha..I seriously have nothing to say except...I LOVE BISHONENS and SHONEN AI!! Ehehe...Squall is so...kakkoi!! Sephy is gorgeous!! My latest craze is Suikoden 2. Can't help it. Sephy...let me be your Goddess. We shall summon meteor together. No Rinoa, Squall is MINE!! *ignore K-chan and go on to the next section*

Amberw Manga Section

AmBeR^W here.... *ponders* hmm... is it just me or is my section smaller than theirs?? *sulks*

That's it!!! They can have one(or four :P) I can have one too!!!

Amber's Section :)

Cheri's Mighty Ducks Section

K-chan: Welcome to Cheri's world of Mighty Ducks!! She's an avid fan of Disney's creation like I am with Squaresofts. She's good at art too!! Drop by her homepage when you're free. You'll love the fanfictions she has^_^

To Cheri's World!!!

Go to Cheri's little page... she finally got one of her own...

Other stuff!!

Kawaii and Sekushii
Collaborated art!! More piccies!! Go meet Kawaii and Sekushii!!

MAD Artists Profiles!!
So, you wanna know more about us? Click on the link then^_^

Any questions? Comments? Please feel free to email us! (I'll be checking the mail more regularly now... sorry those who mailed and were never acknowledged -Amberw-)

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