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The Top Rung


********** 7/10/01*********

Sorry I have not added any news lately. I am swamped with 10 hours of work a day and a 2 hour workout. But anyways, Pike took over #1 from Sticky then lost it to Forgotten Outlaw because he wanted to go out in style (He retired). Way to kill yourself with Sanchez man! Hehe. Anyways thats all I got for today. Now I know how Pale feels! Im goin to bed. Nite all.

- Savior

********** 7/05/01*********

Alright, I am getting very frustrated with some of you and this ladder is not going as I had planned it. None of you will read the rules! I have people playing others that they are not allowed to play, playing matches when I have not yet updated their previous ones, and people CHEATING. If you read the darn rules it says clearly that you cannot do those things. It also says clearly that you are subject to removal if they are broken. I am gonna start enforcing that. DO NOT BREAK RULES OR I WILL KICK YOU OFF!!!!! Now come on this is supposed to be fun for everyone and it isnt fun for y'all cause your arguing with me about a match you won and it turns out you should'nt have played it. So just read the rules and we will all be much much merrier and it will make updates much easier for me. SPeaking of updates, I have taken down the personal stat pages because it seems that not very many people look at them. They are the most time consuming to update and by taking them down I will be able to update more frequently. I hope all of you will read the rules and make this a fun long lasting ladder



********** 7/04/01*********

Its goin kinda slow here guys, hopefull it will pick up soon. The ladder is now full do everyone joining from now on will be on the waiting list until some fuck like Crow gets booted(don't play his ass btw). Keep it clean guys and it'll stay running, you have my word. Good job Haze 4-1 ain't bad and I like the activity! Later all HAPPY 4TH!!!! Don't ger as drunk as me!!!!

********** 7/03/01*********

Ok guys damnit. 1 person has already been removed from the ladder for cheating. I am not going to hide him it was COR Crow so don't play with this low life. And to the rest of you who are thinking of cheating on it, I will shut it down. I am very close right now. I spend a lot of time updating this thing for you guys and you pay me back by cheating? Bottom line, dont do it or I WILL shut it down. Anyways, I am working to make this an automatic update site and hopefully Excalibur can do the coding for me. I hope you are all having fun and I hope no one else ruins it for all of the rest by cheating :-)

********** 7/01/01*********

Matchplay starts today and the Ladder is almost full! I will be adding little things here and there to make things easier as we go along. If you have any news regarding Outlaws to send, by all means E-mail it to me! Well what else can I say except, let the battle begin! Good luck all and have fun!

********** 6/28/01*********

Savior's 1 on 1 Outlaws Ladder is back in business! Everything is just like it was except I can update it easier hehe. I hope you all have a blast on it as you did before and I will do my best to keep it updated as much as possible.

Email: Savior

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