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It is with great sadness that I must tell all who come here that Henry is gone.


It was all a lie! Henry faked his death to cover an ebay scam. He created a new ebay account, soonercards, on June 16,1999 and listed cards there. The auctions closed June 21 and the winners were notified where to send the money (Henry's address). On June 23 all of his "friends" received an email saying he died in a car wreck in Texas.
All the "winners" got confirmation email saying the money was received (how does a dead guy do that exactly?) and the packages would soon be mailed. None were ever mailed but the checks were signed by Billy Joe and Jolanda Clemons then deposited into Henry and Jolanda's bank account. They took around $4,000 from ebay customers and sent no packages. He and his wife Jolanda are under FBI investigation. Henry also scammed me, NanaSugr, out of about $500.00 in trading cards from two trades and a sale. He also ripped off other trading "friends".

Feel free to sign the guestbook through the link at the bottom of this page. Tell all who come here your scam story about Henry Gene Clemons, aka Billy Joe Clemons, aka Henri Clemons, aka Henery Jean Clemmons and his accomplice, Jolanda Clemons. Their known email accounts were: yohenry1, msgornie1, SeaOfDlphs, bamascards, LngHairReb, BearsCards, kinghgc, kinghjc and alabamguy. All at

We tracked Henry and Jolanda from Oklahoma City to Hartselle Alabama. They live on Chestnut street and Henry got a job at Door Craft of Alabama. He didn't have that job long though.

Henry you messed with the wrong person when you screwed me over. I'm not giving up on this until you are caught. I hope you get what's coming to you, Cheryl.

Updated 4-3-00

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