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Conspiracy Of One
2000 - Columbia Records

2.Come Out Swinging
3.Original Prankster
4.Want You Bad
5.Million Miles Away
6.Dammit, I Changed Again
7.Living In Chaos
8.Special Delivery
9.One Fine Day
10.All Along
11.Denial, Revisited
13.Conspiracy Of One
14.Huck It *
14.80 Times **
14.Staring At The Sun (live) ***
15.All I Want (live) ***
15.The Kids Aren't Alright (live)****

* From the "Conspiracy Of One" edition on Europe, Japan, Australia, Asia, Africa and South America
** Cover of T.S.O.L.'s classic from the vinyl version of "Conspiracy Of One"
*** From the BestBuy's North American limited edition of "Conspiracy Of One," taken from Offspring's "Huck It" homevideo
**** From the Japanese edition of "Conspiracy Of One"


Produced and mixed by Brendan O'Brien
Engineered by Nick Didia
Additional engineering by Billy Bowers
Assistant engineering: Dave Dominguez
Assistant mix engineers: Ryan Williams and Karl Egsieker
Recorded at NRG, North Hollywood, CA
Mixed at Southern Tracks, Atlanta, GA
Mastered by Eddy Schreyer at Oasis Mastering, Studio City, CA

All songs written by The Offspring. Corpyrighted 2000 Underachiever Music (BMI).
All rights of behalf of underachiever music administered by King, Purtich, Holmes, Paterno & Berliner LLP in the US and Canada.
All rights reserved, used by permission

Backing vocals: Dexter, Noodles, Higgins (X-13)
Guitar tech: Steve Masi
Drum tech: Ross Garfield of Drum Doctor

Redman appears courtesy of Def Jam Records

Art direction: Sean Evans
Illustrations: Alan Forbes
CD Extra designed by: Justin Beope & Sarkis Kaloustian

Management: Rebel Waltz, INC.

"Intro" performed by Mike Love from "The Beach Boys - The Lost Concert"
Under license from Sabucat Productions and Brother Records, INC.
"Original Prankster" contains portions of "Low Rider" as performed by War, used courtesy of Far Out Productions, INC./Avenue Records.
"Special Delivery" contains portions og Blue Swede's "Hooked On A Feeling"
Used by permission of EMI Svenska AB.
Written by Mark James, courtesy of Screengems-EMI Music, INC./BMI

Sean Bearsford/Mesa Boogie, Gloria Benett, Greg Bess, Jonie Conaty, Paul Cummings, Phil Ealy, Gavin/Remo, Fitzjoy Hellin, Kristine, Alexa, Martin Horne, Jane Kriesel, Michael Kriesel, Bobby Leigh, Rick Lohr, Greg Romano/D'Addario, Stormy Shepherd, Donnie Spada, George Squires, Evan Welty, Jackie Wasserman, Chelsea Wasserman, Trevin Welty, Erica Welty, Ryan White, Chrissie Yiannou, Zildjian


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