WORLD OF RADIO #1064, produced January 3, 2001 by Glenn Hauser

*Time change for us on WWCR Friday evenings: from 0130 to 0330 UT
 Saturdays on 3215 effective this week
*Iceland`s new SW schedule shows only one frequency at a time; also
 audio on the net
*BBC WS previews: World Play (also on CBC Radio One and Two); Omnibus;
 Meridian Screen; Focus on Faith; Meridian Writing; The Story of
 Africa for 6 months on SW only; Discovery; Essential Guide to the
 XXI Century; Agenda with Arthur C. Clarke; Assignment
*Radioropa, longwave off air in Germany; Luxembourg MW changes
 programming; see DXLD 0-166 and 0-167
*Iglesia del Pueblo in Sweden testing in Spanish on SW Jan 7-8, 14-15
*R. Vilnius, Lithuania changed direct frequency to NAm; but poorly
 heard compared to German relay. They should use WBCQ instead
*R. Retro, St. Petersburg, heard via Belarus` on 60m
*Herbert A. Kuhnle, former frequency manager of Austrian Radio,
 died December 26; remained active in EDXC
*Another time for Greek lessons in English from VOG
*RFI gets six megafrancs to build a (SW, MW?) transmitter on Cyprus
*The DRM test we heard on 13m came from Portugal; DRM plans to
 tell DXers what they are doing
*Morocco longwaves heard in Alberta
*V. of the People, Madagascar to Zimbabwe, heard in the QCI
*African stations missing from 60, 90m: Malawi, Nigeria, Zambia
*V. of the People, R. Mogadishu, Somalia, audible in Arizona
*Turkish Meteorological Radio also heard, just Turkish music
*MW frequency Experimental Radio from Mediterranean Basin, pro-
 Israel, anti-Syria, for Lebanon
*The Media Magazine You Monitor With Your Mind, WOR 1064; P O Box
 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA or -- by fax if
 really necessary, 1-580-233-2948 attn Hauser
*Thanks this week to Bill Flynn for regular financial support
*DX Listening Digest includes quite a bit of amateur DX news; it
 is available to everyone by computer from where most but not all
 WOR stories may be read in much greater detail
*Kolkata is the new spelling for Calcutta
*V. of Tibet monitoring shows latest frequencies around 15685, spurs
*China National Radio began a new ethnic minority service, Program
 8 on a totally new SW schedule; see DXLD 1-001
*CBS Taiwan put powerful new transmitter within the 40m hamband;
 (recording) [from
 referred by Renato Bruni, hard-core-dx]
*Thailand and Vietnam are using the same 7 MHz frequency
*VOA Thailand megawatt MW relay audible in Florida around sunrise, and
 as transpolar, should be even better further north
*Vatican relay from Siberia heard in Pennsylvania
*V. of Russia running 7 MHz to western North America for 4 hours;
 another frequency audible then
*Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk reactivated on 11 MHz
*Mount Hagen, PNG, getting new Christian FM station ``KBBN`` which
 also plans shortwave
*R. Australia has started relays via Singapore; soon more Taiwan
*Bjoern Malm, Ecuador, reports three unID Peruvian frequencies to
*R. Cristal, Dominican Republic, reactivated on 5 MHz, a.k.a. Radio
 Pueblo on MW
*Prime Time Radio, AM740, CHWO, Toronto, officially begins Monday
 January 8 at: 740 AM! Gets an announcer from CJRT
*CJRT Toronto made a surprise switch to all-jazz format
*WNSC-FM, South Carolina also switched to jazz
*WNOP, Newport KY/Cincinnati OH, confirmed Catholic ex-jazz; hear
 NPR story:
*Oklahoma has its first X-band station, KWHN Fort Smith AR [1650, not
 1690 as I said!]; Enid`s 1640 construction permit not expected on soon
*Format and language change from WAFN 1700, Miami
*Hopi Nation gets first radio station, KUYI-FM;
*Among low-power FM applications still with a chance to be
 authorized are: Tom & Darryl, Macomb IL; Gary Bourgois, Marquette MI;
 Bruce Elving, Esko MN (or so it seems)
*WWFV plans second 90mb frequency
*Stratospheric warming alerts explained
*Propagation outlook from Ottawa, Dec 27
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Jan 2; flux range 145-190
*Standard disclaimer
*Glenn Hauser concluding World of Radio 1064           ###