WORLD OF RADIO #1062, produced December 12, 2000 by Glenn Hauser

*New edition of Continent of Media 00-10 already started on RFPI:
 Fri 1900, Sat 1730, Tue 2000 plus 6, 12, 18 hours later
*RFPI schedule change on 7480: 0300-0600 only for now including only
 one of our broadcasts, COM UT Suns 0530; longer on 15049, 21815-USB
*RFPI new E-mail address:
*Ken Berryhill has another new music show on WWCR, The Old Jazz Boy
*ex-KGEI SW transmitter sold again, moved to Alaska for a new
 station in Russian, Aurora
*Methodist SW to Africa could be called MRI; to start Jan 1 on same
 sked as tests; in the market for independent producers: DXLD 0-156
*Paul Winter Solstice concert UT Sat Dec 16 0100 on many stations
*A Fezful of Possibilities includes Ramadan music UT Tuesdays 0400
*KVOD Denver dismisses staff, brings up Beethoven network, UT Sat
 Dec 16 at 0200 as interim until Latin format takes over
*Dispute between students and admin settled at KTRU, Rice University
*Low-power FM third application window delayed
*Gen. Colin Powell`s son may be Bush`s new FCC head
*New X-bander on air, KALT Atlanta TX, first US one on 1610
*US postal rates about to go up, especially IRCs: DXLD 0-154
*Toronto`s new 740 Prime Time Radio expected to start Dec 18
*RCI frequency changes for English at 0200, 2300, 2100
*RCI spur on 47 metres, not something exotic
*RCI starts two transmissions via South Africa
*Allan McFee, rebellious asparagus-tossing Canadian broadcaster,
 died Dec 12; tribute this weekend on Radio Two
*Standard disclaimer
*WOR 1062, or P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA; for DXLD, schedule info
 and much more
*Tip for Rational Living: if George W. Bush were a real gentleman...
*R. Barahona, Dominican Republic, off frequency and distorted again
*World of Telephones: Cuba completely cutting off phone service with
 US over failure to pay taxes
*R. Miskut, Nicaragua, getting 3 kW power amplifier for SW; extended
 sked Xmas eve and New Year`s eve; VOA relays; barely heard in Europe
*GBC Guyana runs Ramadan program in English
*R. San Felipe, MW harmonic from Venezuela
*Ondas del Pacifico, Peruvian harmonic on 13 MHz, inaudible on
 fundamental; sign-on at odd time
*R. Ecos del Eden is another new name for Peruvian on 4655
*R. Difusora, Taubate, SP, Brazil reactivated on 61m
*Mauritania running all-night for Ramadan, booms into North America;
 also check MW parallel, getting out quite well
*Goma rebels in DR Congo say they plan to purchase SW transmitter
*R. Omdurman, Sudan reported again on 7 MHz with Ramadan programs
*R. Mogadishu, Somalia, heard an hour earlier than usual
*V. of Greece with Greek lessons in English, one time discovered
*R. 510 International, Switzerland, testing to USA weekly via IRRS;
 reports wanted to P O Box 510, 4010 Basel, Switzerland
*WNAm antenna damaged at Bonaire, so Belgium and Germany relays must
 use substitute for a month
*Bonaire relay running full schedule with temporary generators;
 permanent replacements to be in use by March
*R. Vilnius, Lithuania testing own transmitter and antenna to NAm
*R. Ukraine Int`l confirmed on new NAm frequency, woeful to good
*V. of Russia resumed 7125, but site changed from Moldova
*Bless the Lord, O My Soul, Xmas special from VOR with ortho music
*BBCWS previews: Just a Minute; Waveguide; Festival of Nine Lessons
 & Carols; Queen`s Xmas Message to the Commonwealth
*Vatican Radio pretends it does not use relay sites; but we reveal
*SLBC Sri Lanka All Asia Service well heard in NAm
*DXLD 0-155: R. Taibei Int`l, Taiwan, new program schedule shows
 two different hours of programming daily including Miss Mook`s Big
 Countdown; Floating Air
*Fujian PBS, China, and almost all regionals carry endless phone-ins
 on health, disease, sexual dysfunxion; too much hypochondria
*New quarter-hour in English from R. Thailand
*VOA via Thailand MW audible on MW in Florida Keys
*R. Sandaun, Papua New Guinea, off for unpaid bills, but pressure
 to resume due to tense border situation with Indonesia
*Propagation outlook from Boulder, Dec 12: flux range 150-200-140
*And that`s WOR 1062; Glenn Hauser, here, inviting you, to hear me,
 again next week                  ###