WORLD OF RADIO #1014, produced Dec 1, 1999 by Glenn Hauser

*Standard disclaimer
*RFPI moves to 11 meters, 25930-USB at 1300-2300 or longer; 6975
 daily at 2300-1300, 15049 at 2100-0600, so our schedule has
 changed on the WOR website
*Corrected URL for RFPI streaming:
*Thru Dec 4, RFPI reports nightly on WTO Seattle at 0000; Far Right
 Radio Review back from Dec 3 at 0200
*WOR on WWCR doing well in Europe Sat 1230, 2030
*World Radio Network has more affiliates in USA, at times when WOR
 would be carried: KORD 730 Concordia College MN; WFNP 88.7 and 640
 Rosendale NY; WDWN 89.1 Auburn NY; KOHS 91.7 Orem UT
*WBCQ-2 about to start testing on 9340 afternoons
*WRMI changed plans on new 40-meter frequency
*KAIJ putting out DGS spurs
*VOA Communications World deluxe edition back on VOA LSB and USB
 last week
*Montreal test loops on ex-CBC frequencies fixed
*RCI has inaugurated new SW transmitters at Sackville
*Operational habits of XEUN X-band in Tijuana
*XERTA in Mexico City plans comeback from new address, new frequency
*Cuban MW harmonic with huge signal
*Anguilla back on the air
*Honduran HRET now called Radio Buenas Nuevas in tests
*When to hear Musica del Ecuador on HCJB
*Peruvian on 6.5 MHz band identified as R. Ondas del Rio Maran~on
*Strike at R. Nacional, Paraguay
*Fiji and other islands may still run university lectures on SW
*Digital Radio Mondiale test heard; see new schedule in our DX
 Report 99-64 at WOR website;
* or P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA; fax if really
 necessary attn Hauser to 1-580-233-2948
*Thanks this week for financial support: Bill Flynn
*RFI strike has ended; issue was 35-hour work week
*RFI's new English schedule
*Royal Wedding special schedule from Belgium for Dec 4
*More on Radio Finland's programming: monthly Nordic Report still
 involves Norway
*Lithuania facing budget cutbacks for broadcasting; including SW?
*Ukraine gets megawatt transmitter back on air; time for English
*R. Free Chechnya schedule last week is holding, except for
 Kaliningrad; we heard RCS playing old US movie music, cheering them
 up in Chechnya
*V. of Russia Kosovo service as monitored: [2120 Serbian not 2100]
*AFN on 1503 apparently Radio West testing from Kosovo
*Israel at 0500 in English on 17715, not 21715
*V. of the People of Kurdistan as monitored in Israel
*English from V. of the Islamic Republic of Iran
*R. Ante (or Antenna) National from Tajikistan, clandestine for Iran?
*Takhar Radio, anti-Taleban from Afghanistan, heard again
*R. Tashkent, winter frequencies in English
*When to hear some India stations in English
*R. Nepal reports possible nationwide strike
*Bhutan has retimed English to earlier hours
*China R. International has stopped using 6.9 MHz range; more on this
 and helping N. Korea jam in our DX Report 99-63
*KBS workers on strike in S. Korea; not affecting RKI?
*R. P'yongyang on new 17 MHz frequency, with hum; copying announced
 English schedule is difficult
*Plans to flash laser message on New Moon Dec 8 [NOT Nov 8 as I said!]
*Propagation outlook from Boulder Nov 30; flux peak 230
*That's WOR 1014; I'm Glenn Hauser                         ###