Glenn: Thanks for mentioning my logging on WOR recently. It was a
coincidence that I heard it. Iím self-employed, and do wide variety of
odd jobs for a living. Yesterday, I cleaned out the attic of an
elderly lady who had recently moved from her long time home, to
a "retirement" center. She wanted the remainder of the stuff, which
the movers had neglected to take, hauled away. As I was starting to
load up the truck, I wondered if there might be any neat, old radios,
among the odds and ends. Not 3 or 4 minutes later, I found an old
Zenith table top tube radio, from the late 40s or early 50s. The
cabinet was crumbling, but it worked when I plugged it in. Later
when I got home I plugged it in again, tuned around for a minute or
two, and came across  your voice. A local AM station carries WOR, here
in Nashville. [That would be WNQM, 1300, Saturday at 3:55-4:25 am -gh]
I was surprised to hear my name come over the old set which has
probably been sitting dormant for the last 30 years or so. The radio
is in quite good condition considering its age. Of course the speaker
is not much more than powder, and will have to be replaced. The power
cord insulation has dry rotted, so it will be replaced as well. And
like I said the cabinet was literally falling off the chassis. While I
was tuning around a little I heard WHO from Des Moines, Iowa, quite
well. It seems to be in good general condition, and I will have fun
restoring the radio in the near future. I thought you might appreciate
this story. Take care, David Hodgson, Nashville TN, September 16, 2000.


[NOTE: I continue to receive and welcome testimonials, but have not
updated this archive since fall 1999, making this a low priority -gh]

GH - Congratulations from a longtime listener. The services you to 
provide to the DX community through your radio programs and 
publications have been invaluable.  My collection of RIBs and DXLDs has 
moved with me across the country.  I look forward to the opportunity
to continue sending news items for timely, wide re-distribution.

(David R. Alpert, KB2LUM, Westwood One Radio Networks)


Just a quick note of thanks and congratulations on reaching the 1000
edition milestone. It's a mark of considerable longevity and dedicated
unmatched by anyone in the hobby.

I'm still my usual busy self as my senior year of college begins, but 
I'm still out here listening to you and the radio ... keep up the good 
work. - (Kevin Hecht, PA)

Big congratulation to Glenn Hauser at Enid, in the United States for 
his 1000th DX program "World of Radio", he aired on Aug 26th after
two decades of WoR.

No small feat at all to be able to do 1000 programs. Significant 
milestone to mention for a fellow colleague, who reached this in his 
radio career. It's fully appreciated in terms of creativity in bringing 
us news. Is one of the best sources available on the radio scene. Keep 
up the good work on interesting and informative editions, thanks for 
your activity and accuracy.

At the beginning WoR started on WRNO New Orleans, reminds me on 
personal reflections to a smooth pleasant voice. Also thanks go back to 
the early RN DX Juke Box and Sp language progrs on the same stn, Ian 
McFarland's RCI program, David Hermge's DX program via ORF Vienna.
[Austrian SW Panorama to which we were a regular contributor for many
years -gh]

And to mention printed publications back in the seventies, RIB - 
Review of International Broadcasting, DXLD - DX Listening Digest, and 
providing us with pretty good articles in Monitoring Times too.

To another 1000 "World of Radio" programs yet to come. I hope to hear 
many more. I hope both of us will be around for many more years.
73 Wolfy  DF5SX (Wolfgang Bueschel, Germany, BC-DX)

As a long term gh fan, dating back to the late '70s and your bits on
RCI and RN, and after having just enjoyed listening to your 1000
broadcast of WOR, figured I'd subscribe to your on-line magazine. As a
totally blind person, I am very happy to find a publication in a format
I can access with my speech synthesizer equipped computer, let alone
one from what I consider the most accredited individual on the subject!
I look forward to hearing from you regularly, not only on my Sony 2010,
but now also in my E-mail! (William J. Wilson, PA)

Dear Glen, belated congratulations on WOR 1000! Though I should have 
written this earlier, it wasn't until hearing the show itself, along 
with your interview on "Communications World" that I felt simply 
compelled to write a few lines.

On the lighter side, the lady who described your voice as soothing and
melodic is apparently quite tone deaf! Actually, your delivery and tone 
of voice is quite distinct, and can't be confused with someone else. I
don't recall ever hearing anyone try to imitate it. I appreciate your
matter-of-factness and lack of fluff, including the absence of silly
musical/liner interludes. The production value of other DX programs is
entertaining, but I don't listen to WOR for entertainment. I listen for 
news and information, and am glad that's your specialty, regardless of 
your monotone style. It's the content that counts.

I purchased my first SW receiver -- a used Panasonic RF2900, which I 
still have and use -- in November 1985. It opened up a whole new world
of listening for me. I regret not having access to SW when I was a kid
DXing AM and FM. It would have been delightful then, as it still is
today, to hear something other than drivel from commercial radio, local 
or otherwise.

Though I don't remember exactly when I started listening to WOR, I 
doubt if it was very long after I got into SW. I was thrilled to find
such programs on the air as DX Partyline, Media Network (on which I
"cut my teeth"), and even "Communications World". I've listened to WOR
faithfully over the years, though I can't claim as some to have only
missed two or three since then. I also enjoyed your contributions to
other programs, too, such as on RCI with Ian McFarland. It's been a
challenge to catch your program often, since you've gone from station 
to station and keep changing schedules, but it's been worthwhile. 
You've been a lifeline of information and a mainstay in my SW program 
listening diet. Incidentally, I don't have Internet access, so please
don't forget that some others likewisie don't as you put your program 
material together. I'm also blind, with some partial vision, so can't
access much printed material. SW is definitely a viable medium for me.

Please don't be shy about sharing comments of other listeners 
concerning your 1000th show, at the risk of sounding self serving. You
really have made a tremendous contribution to the SW hobby and 
programming about communications.

It was interestiong getting a bit more of a glimpse into Glen Hauser,
human being, in your interview with Kim Andrew Elliott on "CW". Thanks
for letting your hair down on your program, too, such as the 
explanation on show 1000 about program funding, etc. I recall one
program some time back where you laughed while reading a story and 
admitted not editing it out. This was one for the record books.

Though I differ with you greatly on matters of politics and faith 
[wild guess -- you're a Methodist? -gh], you're certainly entitled to
express your views. I'm glad it doesn't dominate the majority of your
program content, though. In any event, I listen for the content. It's
up to me to be a discerning listener and mentally hold on to what I 
think is useful or relevant.

In conclusion, let me say a big "Thank you!" for your tremendous
efforts and public service to all of us who listen. Please don't ever
quit doing "World of Radio". Keep up the good work. Sincerely,
(John Wesley Smith, Hallsville, MO, Aug 29)

A hearty congradulations on 1000 programs! I remember the early
broadcasts on KUWR in Laramie, WY when I worked in Denver. (Back when 
the Sunday Denver Post had a shortwave column). No one has more added 
to my enjoyment of DX'ing and listening through the years. Well done!

From Enid a young man named Glenn
Has been informing DX'ers since when
The BBC had more features
U.S. shortwave less preachers
and Costello ran the wrong tape again

Regards, (Brock Whaley, WPE4IPK, WH6SZ, Honolulu)

By the way, neither in print nor in person have I yet formally
congratulated you for reaching the 1000-program milestone! (When you 
were here I think we talked about everything BUT that!) Thanks for your 
unswerving dedication to the radio-hobby community all these years!
(Randy Stewart/KSMU/Springfield MO)

Hi Glenn, I particularly enjoyed the recording of you humming the World 
of Radio theme on WOR 1000.  (Mike Barraclough, England)

Actually involved a lot of tongue work; what do you call that? (gh)

Dear Glenn, I'm back from my annual summer vacation travel and want to
congratulate you on your 1,000th edition of World of Radio. I look 
forward to your WOR program every weekend and hope to hear it for many
more years to come. WOR is definitely the best DX program around.

(Brian Alexander, Mechanicsburg, PA, Aug 28)


I refrained from joining the chorus last week so that I could thank you
for giving us 1000 & 1 nights filled with wondrous tales of signals
from "those far away places with their strange sounding names", and
other exotic mysteries of the ether. For this achievement, you have
earned the accolade, "The Scheherazade of Shortwave"!

We have come a long way from the days when you and I were sending
reports to Hank Bennett for Pop'tronics and the NNRC Bulletin. I still
have my old QSLs, many from extinct stations, and they are a real
source of nostalgia. Who can forget hearing a Congolese revolution via
Radio Elisabethville (Katanga)? Or Shirley Bassey singing, over and
over, "Kiss me honey, honey kiss me"  trying to jam Radio Peyk-e Iran? 
Or "Argentine Annie" proclaiming, "the world listens when Argentina
speaks!"  (Okay, I only QSLed Katanga!)  And I'm still trying to find
those Nibi-Nibi Islands...

73 de (John Cobb, GA, ex- WR04AJ / WPE4AJ / WDX4AJ)

Subject: Glenn Hauser e Kim Elliot noticiam encontro DX BRASIL 99

O DX Brasil 99 foi citado nas emissoes captadas neste fim de semana nos 
programas de Kim Elliot ("Communication World" da VOA captado domingo 
na emiss„o da WRN1 via internet para os EUA aas 14:00 UTC e tambem 
constando do excelente script do programa em ingles - ) 

e Glenn Hauser ("World of Radio" via WRN 1 Internet). Alias, a emissao 
de Glenn Hauser era a de numero 1000 do seu excelente programa. 
(Parabens! principalmente por ter lido tambem as criticas - injustas - 
contra seu programa e pela excelente entrevista concedida a Kim Elliot) 
Glenn leu em portugues sem sotaque sobre o evento brasileiro, sempre 
prestigiando o dxismo brasileiro. [em Radio-Enlace / Mundo Radial]
(Dr. Ari Solon, Brazil, radioescutas Aug 30)

Subject: Felicitaciones - y que cumplas otras MIL.

Hi Glenn,

Heard your GREAT anniversary THOUSANDTH transmission of WoR on WWCR
15685 loud and clear.

Congrats. Every day I appreciated your work and great correctness.

Used your printed RIB in the seventies, when I was on duty as editor
of WWDXC's DX Magazine still on the typewriter front for nearly ten 

Heard your transmissions at least since 1980-1982, via WRNO, RCanada,
RN, ORF, WWCR, just to mention some of the broadcasting stations.

Applause - and all the best for another MIL World of Radio from Enid.

Thank you. Warmest greetings de Wolfy  DF5SX 

(Wolfgang Bueschel, Germany, Aug 27)

I meant to mention something which I should have brought up prior to 
your 1000th show. I am sure you remember the time when you were reading 
some sort of story regarding "bird droppings". I can't remember the
complete details of the story. All I remember is you completely losing 
it, and laughing out loud. 

Bill Westenhaver and I often recall that particular episode. Don't know 
if you, or anyone else, has that special moment on tape.

Bill also recalls an item about the L'eggs panty hose plant, which 
makes him chuckle every time he thinks of it. (Sheldon Harvey, Aug 27)

KIM: This weekend, the one-thousandth edition of Glenn Hauser's World
of Radio program will be broadcast on its network on shortwave and
U.S. domestic radio station, and via World Radio Network. Glenn is
well known for his DX reports on World of Radio, his publication
Review of International Broadcasting, and his column for Monitoring
Times magazine. He can be outspoken and controversial, at times, but
he has always kept shortwave listeners thoroughly informed with
listening tips and news about international broadcasting. I spoke to
Glenn earlier this week. I asked him when World of Radio began, and
if it was on shortwave at that time.

TAPE: CUT 4 (8:28)

KIM: Glenn Hauser, on the line from Enid, Oklahoma. His Review of
International Broadcasting, now electronically distributed, is sent
out most days when Glenn is not traveling, and it's always full of
information. Subscription details are at his Web site, to which I
will place a link at the script for today's program.
[] (VOA Comms World Aug 28
via Norfolk)

Tnx to Allen Graham, and Dr. Rick, for another WOR 1000 greeting on
this week's DX Partyline. As I told Allen, I'll be sure to return the 
favor when he reaches 1000, hi hi. Seriously, DXPL must be way beyond
1000 by now; has anybody ever counted them? (gh)

Congratulations on the fact
   That you have now cranked out
One thousand World of Radios;
   A sesqui-feat, no doubt!

We listeners really like your work;
   Just thought that you should know.
So please Glenn hang around and make
   A second kilo-show!

(Pete Bentley, NY, as quoted in closing theme of WOR 1000)

Subject: An Incredible Job!

Hello from Quito, Glenn --

I just want to take an opportunity to congratulate you on World of 
Radio 1,000. Impressive, Glenn, impressive. You have done what few 
people could even dream of doing, and I congratulate you. How many 
people have been encouraged in their shortwave hobby by your program?  
Immeasurable. As an international broadcaster, we thank you so much, 
Glenn. Many blessings your way from The Voice of The Andes!

(Allen C. Graham, Associate Director, English Language Service
HCJB: The Voice of The Andes // La Voz de Los Andes, Aug 27)
Homepage URL:

Jesus said, Shina nijpimi Jesusca, cashna nirca: Nucallami nan cani.  
Na llullashpa villajmi cani.  Causaita causagrinata carajpashmi cani.
Nuca Taitapajman nuca na pushajpica, pipash na paillata chayai 
ushanllu. San Juan 14.6

Dear Glenn,

May I take this opportunity to congratulate you on your 1000. 
broadcast of the World of Radio. Thanking you very much for your 
services; they are highly appreciated also here in Europe. Wishing you 
a succesful future with your programmes and other services.

best 73's (Risto Vahakainu, Secretary General, European DX Council,
Helsinki, Finland)

Whew! That's a significant mile-stone... congratulations...!!!
73s (Paul Ormandy, Oamaru, New Zealand)

Congrats on 1,000 -- that is some record.  I'm 61 now and remember 
following your exploits forever, or so it seems -- and that is not to 
say you are old, but I am getting that way. 73 es take care ole guru of 
the ether! de (Bill Smith, TX, W5USM)

Re 1000: Congratulations, It seems like only yesterday we were
celebrating #500 at ANARC at St.Petersberg.  I first heard you in 1968 
when you were doing 'Glenn Hauser's North American DX Report' on Radio 
Nederland, following you ever since. I remember the special QSL for the
10th Anniversary of that program. I received the first issue of GHIP 
(Glenn Hausers Independent Publication (later RIB). Please continue the 
excellent work not only of your broadcasts, but of your electronic 
publications also. (Larry Nebron, CA)

Wishing you the best of luck for your 1000th WOR,
(Finbarr O'Driscoll........Ireland)

Best wishes on your program #1000 (Gigi Lytle, Tom McLaughlin, TX)

Congratulations on reaching the 1000th edition of WOR this week. I have
many fond memories of your DX activities over the past 30 years that I
have been associated with SW. There were probably many more before
that! Your monthly DX reports on Radio Nederland's "DX Jukebox", weekly
multiple reports on RCI, your print publications RIB & DXLD which were
quite revolutionary back in the 70's, WOR of course, including your
brief fling with daily DX reports, both via WHRI, I believe, and via
the telephone.  And speaking of telephones, one of my best moments of
WOR was your April Fool edition of WOR years ago, which was entitled
"World of Telephones", in which all the news items were about
telephones. I still chuckle when I think of it.

Your enthusiasm, your dedication, your insistence on accuracy, both
from yourself and others, your wit, your campaign for openness in
information and against "restricted" organizations have been hallmarks
of your life-long work disseminating SW news. You have brought a wealth
of information and enjoyment to the world of radio.  Thank you Glenn!

Fondest 73, (Ivan Grishin)


And can we hear the correct pronunciation of Sao Tome one more time,
pretty P-L-E-A-S-E!!!!!!!  Another classic moment from WOR.  Ivan

[Sorry, didn't get this suggestion in time; but I'll try to explain
it here: SAO is like "Sound" but extremely nasalized without the D.
TOME has an acute accent on the E which in Portuguese means a very
short, stressed E, not "AY" but "EHHH" even shorter than in "bet"]

Congratulations to Glenn Hauser, occasional substitute host for
Communications World, for the one thousandth edition of his own radio
program, World of Radio. That edition 1000 will be broadcast next week
on his network of outlets, including WWCR in Nashville. Glenn has 
probably done more than any other North American DX reporter to bring 
information and tips to shortwave listeners. He has done this through 
World of Radio, through his publication Review of International 
Broadcasting, now distributed electronically, his column in Monitoring 
Times magazine, and his former Listeners Notebook section for the North 
American Short Wave Association. (Kim Elliott, VOA Comms World Aug 21
via Norfolk)


Muchas gracias por el trabajo continuado de tantos an~os, tan excelente
y necesario para nosotros aqui en el Sur! Sigue adelante, salud y mucha 
suerte querido amigo Glenn! ---- 73 & DX de (Horacio A. Nigro, 
Montevideo, URUGUAY)

Glenn, A thousand thanks and kudos on reaching the one thousandth World 
of Radio broadcast. Such milestones are accompanied by personal
reflections and visions for the future. Your reflections should include 
pride for a monumental task well done and a great future. I can wish for 
2K, but I'll settle for a sesquiK of WoR, OK? Good luck and thanks 
again! (Pete Costello)

Congratulations on reaching 1000 World of Radio's. I've been in the
hobby long enough to remember your reports on Radio Nederland and Radio
Canada International as well. Your regular distribution of timely and 
accurate information has always been of great assistance to my 
enjoyment of the hobby (Mike Barraclough, England, Aug 21)

Congratulations! Hi Glenn, I only just noticed (shame on me) 
that you have reached 1000 editions of World of Radio. That is a 
marvellous achievement and I would like to add my congratulations to 
all the others I'm sure you have received. You are so much a part of 
the shortwave scene that I think many of us are guilty of taking your 
efforts for granted. It is difficult enough producing a weekly media 
show with all the resources of an international broadcaster. How much
more so it must be when you have to provide your own resources! Once 
again, congratulations and kind personal regards, (Andy Sennitt, 
Netherlands, Aug 22)


The previous weeks have been rather hectic for me as school started
early this year and that resulted in a rather heavy work load just
to get the school ready (in case you're wondering, I am a custodian
at an elementary school) and during the first week of school I had
little time for other things. But things are starting to settle
down so while I'm thinking about it I would like to extend my
congratulations and best wishes to Glenn Hauser on the occasion of
WORLD OF RADIO number 1000.

My introduction to gh was in the early 1980s when I ran across a
copy of (I believe) Popular Electronics (?) or whatever (my memory
may be faulty on this) with his Broadcasts in English column. This
was the first time I had seen a list of English language broadcasts
that was actually up to date, and I wasted no time in checking
everything with my DX-302! The column mentioned a program on Radio
Canada International called DX DIGEST; that led to WORLD OF RADIO,
first contributions were printed in the October 1983 issue, so my
16th anniversary as a contRIButor is coming up shortly! Has it been
THAT long? It seems like only yesterday when I wrote my review of
the Realistic DX-400, but here it is, 16 years and five radios

Over the years, so many DX programs have bit the dust: Ian
The Two Bobs on SWISS SHORTWAVE MERRY-GO-ROUND, Radio Australia's
DX CORNER, Israel's DX CORNER, Chuck Roswell's program from TWR
Bonaire (BONAIRE WAVELENGTHS, I believe it was called); all are
missed. (Others, such as SIGNALS, are better off forgotten, while
some of the current programs, such as one hosted by a certain
commie who has proclaimed himself an "expert" -- ha! -- are just a
waste of time). But in this age of waning DX programs, WORLD OF
RADIO still continues, as it always has, to reign supreme. Glenn
Hauser has always been my number one source for shortwave
information, and, the Lord willing and the creek don't rise, he
will continue to be for a long time to come. Well done, Glenn! 73,
(John Norfolk, OKCOK)

Hi Glenn, Congratulations on #1000! Here's to the next 1000!! As I 
mentioned in the past, WOR was partly responsible for me getting back 
into swl'ing in 1982. It was one of the first programs that I tuned 
into after a few years away from the hobby.

And again in 1987, I heard you mention an "swl ham net on 7240 khz".
Well, I just had to get my ham ticket and join those guys on 7240. I 
did just that, and the rest is history...

For you and your listeners' informaton, since CKUT doesn't archive 
their programming, I took the liberty of recording your interview on 
CKUT from the Internet and posting the "real audio" file on my website. -- 73 and CUlater, (Dave Kirby N1DK) 

Glenn, Congratulations on reaching the WOR 1000 milestone.
Best wishes for WOR's next millennium, (Mike Harla, NJ)

Congratulations on WOR #1000!  Quite an accomplishment; in my view a 
memorable moment in international b/c history (not to put too fine a
point on it) and a testimonial to your reliability, consistency, 
persistence and dedication over the years to the hobby and its 
practitioners.  (And you can quote me!) Now...on to the second 
thousand(!?) 73 (John Figliozzi, NY)

Congratulations are in order for your 1000th World of Radio Show! 
That's dedication ! (Rachel Baughn, Managing Editor, Monitoring Times)

Glenn, It's probably all been said already, but can I just add my own
congratulations on reaching 1000 editions of WoR. It's a brilliant
achievement! WoR remains the best DX programme around. 73's - (Alan
Roe, England)

Tengo muchos an~os de oir tu programacion en Radio Nederland, te 
felicito. (jose huerta morales, lugar desconocido, agosto 16)

Glenn, Please accept my congratulations on your "1000th" edition of 
World of Radio.  Your dedication to sharing the news about shortwave 
has been very valuable to me as a listener over the past many years.   
Best wishes for another 1000 programs. Regards, (-Rob de Santos,
 -Vienna, West Virginia USA)

Glenn: I forgot to tell you that last saturday night WOR had the best
audio ever. Better then CW that follow. I sure hope you're around for 
another 1000. I believe you started on KPFT in Houston, at least that 
is what I remember during my visit. Again, Thanks for the hard work. 73, 
(Artie Bigley)

Hi Glenn, Just a short note to congratulate you on your upcoming 1000th 
edition. For many years, your efforts have helped broadcasting 
enthusiasts the world over. Wishing you the best for the next 1000 
episodes and on, Sincerely (Andy Reid, Peterborough, Canada)

As so many have already said ... congratulations and best wishes on 
reaching WOR 1000! It's a phenomenal feat, and one of which you can
deservedly be proud. Cheers, (B. Cooley, Aug 10)

Congratulations (as you shall have rec'd a plethora) for reaching the
milli mark of WORLD OF RADIO b'casts - Am likely among the earlier
listeners to the program having heard it before there was a SW outlet
for it. It must have been sometime in the latter 1970s (I lose track
of time) when I encountered the program on the University of Tennessee
station WUOT, where you were employed at the time (may have been some
other domestic outlets for the program back then - don't remember). 
WUOT was within fringerange of Corbin, KY, where I was "worrking" at 
the time. Another program you did on WUOT was the enjoyable
"Unbridled". Have some recordings of that program along with WORs of
that time in my (unfortunately uncatalogued) tape collection. As I
recall, WOR was on WUOT at noon (local) Saturdays - same time I now
hear it on WRN. (yes, I heard WOR in hi-fi BEFORE it was on WRN via
sat). W'd try to pull in WUOT when I was weekending in Lexington, but
rarely heard much.

The first SW outlet for WOR was provided when WRNO came on the air, 
being heard, as I recall, on Sunday afternoons (4 pm local) on 15420.
Believe this occurred while you were still in Knoxville. Recorded many
WORs over the years, tho hadn't been doing so for a while, but will
certainly preserve 1000 via videotape. Is there an extant recording of
WOR #1? W'd be interesting to hear some of it.

Thank you, g h, for providing me and your other listeners more than
500 hours (counting the 'extras') of the most interesting and 
informative programing of its type to be heard. (I like K.A. Elliott
on VOA, but gave up on J. Marks long ago - just don't like the style
of "MN".) le votre / (Loren Cox, Jr., KY, Aug 8)

Hi Glenn -- In case I don't write again later in the week, 
congratulations on World of Radio 1000! 73 (Jay Novello, Wake Forest, 

Congratulations on the occasion of the 1000th regular edition of
WOR. I hope WOR continues for many more years to come. 73, (Jim Moats)


SUNDAY, AUGUST 22, 1999, 10:30 AM E.D.T. (1430 UTC)

Marking the airing of the 1000th edition of Glenn
Hauser's World of Radio programme on radio later this
week, we are pleased to announce that Mr. Glenn Hauser
will be appearing, via telephone, live on the
International Radio Report, Sunday morning at 10:30 AM
Eastern Time (1430 UTC), August 22, 1999, on CKUT
Radio McGill, 90.3 MHz. FM in Montreal.

We are very pleased to be able to present this special
edition of the International Radio Report, marking the
remarkable achievement of Glenn's 1000th broadcast of
World of Radio. Join with us in celebrating the
occasion. (Sheldon Harvey, International Radio Report)

Adventist World Radio North American Report -- August 1, 1999

Hello DXers. Welcome to this month's review of news on the broadcast 
scene from North America. Wed like to take this opportunity to note a 
forthcoming milestone in current broadcast history. Glenn Hauser, well-
known North American radio personality, will soon reach the 1,000 
edition of his popular DX program, "World of Radio". That's exemplary 
performance in promoting the DX hobby and we hail Glenn for reaching 
the significant milestone. In a note from him, he advises that the 
1000th edition of World of Radio should air either starting the week of 
August 18th or August 25th. We hope youll join with us in tuning-in 
this special program release.

The question as to which week will be selected for the 1,000 edition to 
air occurs because Glenn is quite involved in providing DX information 
to listeners. Some of you may be aware that he also compiles and 
produces other hobby programs, "Continent of Media" which may be heard 
on Radio for Peace International from Santa Ana, Costa Rica; a Spanish 
language program "Radio Enlace" heard on Radio Netherlands Spanish 
Service; "Mundo Radial" which is heard on WWCR, Radio for Peace 
International, and Radio Netherlands; and written material of interest 
to the serious hobby enthusiast. Over the years, his written effort 
includes the respected Review of International Broadcasting, which is 
now available in a test phase in electronic form for distribution by 
e-mail; the `DX Listening Digest', and an electronic release prepared 
for DX Editors called simply `Glenn Hauser's Shortwave/DX Report'. 
Perhaps more remarkably, his web site contains summaries of current 
"World of Radio" releases and detailed DX information prepared in 
Spanish for the convenience of Spanish speaking DXers. Incidentally, 
Glenn's web site address is: /ok/worldofradio.

Such support to the DX hobby is appreciated -- in fact, you'll 
frequently hear references to the information provided, here on 
Wavescan and on other DX programs from other stations. Some time ago, 
you had the pleasure of hearing a special segment here on Wavescan 
prepared by Glenn Hauser and more recently, he was selected by the 
Voice of America as a substitute host for VOA Communications World.

World of Radio provides a wealth of information and opinion week after 
week. We hope you'll have an opportunity to tune in to the special 
1,000 edition of the program, which, again, will airing in the week 
starting August 18th or 25th. The program has been heard over the years 
on any number of stations, so to assure you'll know when to tune in, 
here the current schedule... 

Once again, congratulations to Glenn Hauser of the United States for 
his 1,000th release of World of Radio. Now, back to our studios in 
London. (Bill Matthews)

I'd like to offer my congratulations on the upcoming 1000th edition of
"World of Radio".  It must take a good deal of effort to put the show
together, plus all your regular publications of course. But then, being 
a true "radio enthusiast" I am sure it must be a labour of love!

I'll continue to supply you with info whenever I have anything 
newsworthy to report. All the very best, Alan

(Alan F. Holder, Cowes, Isle of Wight)

I'd like to say congratulations in advance of the 1000th edition of
your radio program. As I have said before, I don't get much of a chance 
to listen to much anymore, however, I hope that next year I'll get out 
of this apartment and get back to some decent listening again.

Thank you for your SIGNIFICANT contributions to the radio listening
hobby. Sincerely, (Steven R. Lare, Holland, MI, Aug 13)

Best wishes for the future of WoR with edition 1000 coming up next week 
- your WoR is among the best sources available on the radio. I hope you 
can and will continue for another k issues! Thanks a lot and best 
wishes (Andre Schmidt, Lautert/Germany)

P.S.: I listen exclusively to your WRN1 feed.

Cheerie hi and happy 1000th from from Pittston, Maine. I really enjoy 
your updates on all aspects of radio, Glen. Your ability to keep up 
with technology is commendable. Who would have thought in the beginning 
that the columns in magazines such as MT would evolve through on the 
air and to an email service... Keep up the good work 73 (Rod Scribner, 

Quiero aprovechar la ocasion para hacerme presente en la edicion 
numero mil del programa World of Radio que ha sido y sigue siendo una 
referencia obligada para mi a la hora de informarme sobre el acontecer 
radial en el mundo.

No creo que haya muchas personas tan capaces y conocedoras del DXismo
como Glenn Hauser y es por eso que quiero agradecerle el servicio tan
abnegado, tan admirable y tan puntual que nos presta semana a semana a 
la comunidad DXista.

La verdad es que hace unos cuantos an~os, cuando tuve la ocasion de
verme con el en la ciudad de Miami, nunca pense que an~os mas tarde lo 
escucharia por RealAudio a traves de Internet y a la hora de mi 

Muchas felicitaciones, Glenn, y que siga adelante.

Desde Suecia les hablo Henrik Klemetz.