DX LISTENING DIGEST 0-104, August 27, 2000
	edited by Glenn Hauser, wghauser@hotmail.com

{Items from DXLD may be reproduced and re-reproduced only providing 
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THIS WEEK ON WORLD OF RADIO EXTRA 35: See topic summary at

WOR on WWCR: For the past two weeks, the Sunday evening broadcast has 
been at 0000 UT Monday on 9475. If this time sticks, from Sept the 
frequency shifts to 3215.

COM on RFPI: Additional time is Monday 2200, repeated Tuesday 0600, 
1400, as well as UT Thursday 0130.

** ARGENTINA. 15820.L Radio Diez, Buenos Aires; 0955-1004 fair on 
26/AUG/2000. At 1000 news flash and meteorological report. Canned ID 
was given as "Radio Diez, la radio más potente de Argentina." 
(Takayuki Inoue Nózaki, Tokyo, Japan, Relámpago DX Logging via DXLD)

** BELARUS. This morning I heard Radio B.A. (Radyjo B.A.) from 
Belorussia on 4795.5 kHz (DSB) from tune in at 0430 until 0450 sign 
off. Language: Russian. GOOD DX, (Karel Honzík, the Czech Republic, 
August 25, hard-core-dx via DXLD) 

** BOSNIA-HERCEGOVINA. [SEE ALSO SERBIA] R. ``Yugoslavia`` has left 
11870 for English to NAm at 0000 and 0430. I started noticing them 
getting QRMd by 11870 Havana in Spanish on UT August 15 (there was no 
RY UT Sundays at 0000 [in English], but daily at 0430). No show 
August 20 either (Bob Thomas, CT, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BOSNIA-HERCEGOVINA. Hello Glenn, Just a few words (but you 
probably know it) to say that Radio Yugoslavia has stopped its 
programme on SW. There's an official statement on the web site of the 
station http://www.radioyu.org/ Best regards (Jean-Michel AUBIER, 

** BOSNIA-HERCEGOVINA. Hello, find enclosed an excerpt from the Media 
Network Newsdesk http://www.rnw.nl/realradio/html/medianews.html The 
mentioned Stubline site in Serbia is indeed off air since it was 
smashed into pieces on May 30th 1999, see also story in WRTH 2000 on 
page 56. I guess the way they are looking for could be an audio path 
to Moscow... (Kai Ludwig, Germany, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Yugoslavia/Bosnia 23 August 2000: Radio Yugoslavia has been silent 
since 20 August, when an official of the Republika Srpska in Bosnia 
handed over an ultimatum to staff at the shortwave transmitting 
station in Bjeljina, which is on Bosnian territory. The ultimatum 
gave them 48 hours to suspend transmissions and leave the station. A 
statement on Radio Yugoslavia`s Web site says that its staff at 
Bjeljina had been threatened on several occasions. It adds that "we 
will find ways to broadcast the truth to the world", suggesting that 
its former shortwave site at Stubline in Serbia is no longer 
operational. (Media Network via Kai Ludwig)

DX Information from the British DX Club (BDXC-UK). Doubt very much 
that officials of Republika Srpska - who are sympathetic to Belgrade 
- would close Radio Yugoslavia's SW transmitter site at Bjeljina;- 
more likely that the NATO-led Sfor [Stabilsation force] in Bosnia has 
taken this action. The Stubline SW transmitter near Belgrade 
(formerly used on 7200 kHz) was of course a target of NATO's bombing 
of Serbia. Perhaps R Yugoslavia could hire airtime from Deutsche 
Telkom or Merlin !!. The above information may only be reproduced if 
full credit is given to the original contributor AND to the British 
DX Club (BDXC-UK). (Dave Kenny, BDXC-UK via DXLD)

Find enclosed a statement on http://www.radioyu.org/news.html which 
is evidently the original and so far only source for the Bijeljina 
story. The mentioned sites Mt Ovcar and Makis should be relays of the 
microwave link from Beograd to Bijeljina; as well known this circuit 
was disrupted during the war, resulting in emergency programmes fed 
to Bijeljina through poor phone connections. The mentioned aid for 
the Bosnian Serbs should refer to their broadcasts, which were 
transmitted via Bijeljina a few years ago. (Kai Ludwig, Germany) 


The editorial panel of Radio Yugoslavia has announced that an envoy 
in uniform of the commander of Republika Srpska Wolfgang Peritsch has 
handed over an ultimatum to the employees in the transmission center 
of Radio Yugoslavia in Bjeljina to leave the center within 48 hours 
and suspend the broadcasting of the programme of this country's 
state-run radio. The ultimatum was signed by Milorad Dodik, the head 
of the puppet government of Republika Srpska and the authorized 
person of the occupational administration - the OHR for Bijeljina. 
This illegal, immoral and violent act followed a series of threats to 
the employees in Radio Yugoslavia's transmission center in Bijeljina, 
who have been exposed to constant pressures ever since the 
installation of Dodik's puppet government. The violent act reflects 
the attitude of the NATO countries' towards the media which are not 
run by the NATO authorities. In the course of the aggression against 
this country, Radio Yugoslavia's transmitters on Mt Ovcar, in Makis 
and Stubline were bombed. 

Following the bombing campaign, the aggression against Yugoslavia 
continued, but by different means. Radio Yugoslavia is a state-run 
radio station and we have never lied nor will we lie under such 
threats. We will find ways to broadcast the truth to the world and we 
call on our colleagues, naturally those who have not sided with the 
enemies of this country, to support us. On this occasion, we remind 
our brothers across the Drina river that Radio Yugoslavia aided their 
fight for the creation of Republika Srpska in equipment and funds 
with more than 200 thousand DM, and what FR Yugoslavia, whose name 
our radio bears, suffered for the creation of Republika Srpska, is 
best known by the citizens of Republika Srpska, both those living 
here and those who are in Republika Srpska, said the statement from 
the editorial panel of Radio Yugoslavia, signed by the director and 
editor-in-chief Ivan Markovic. Radio Jugoslavija, Hilandarska 2/IV, 
11000 Beograd (via Kai Ludwig, Germany, August 23, DX LISTENING 

Radio Yugoslavia protests order to close bureau 

Radio Yugoslavia said on 18th August that it had been ordered to 
close its office in the northeastern Bosnian town of Bijeljina by an 
envoy sent by the international representative. 

"The editorial board of Radio Yugoslavia stated that a uniformed 
envoy of the Serb Republic`s commander Wolfgang Petritsch had 
delivered an ultimatum to the employees of Radio Yugoslavia`s 
broadcasting studio in Bijeljina, requesting them to leave the studio 
within 24 hours or they would be forced to do so, and thus cease the 
broadcasting of our country`s state radio," Serbian radio reported, 
quoting a statement by Radio Yugoslavia editorial board director Ivan 

He said the order showed NATO`s attitude to the media not under its 
control, adding that a number of Radio Yugoslavia staff had been 
threatened recently. 

"We have never lied, nor will we lie even under such threats. We will 
find a way of broadcasting the truth into the world, and we appeal to 
our colleagues to stand by our side, which, of course, applies to 
those who have not already sided with the enemies of this country," 
the statement said. 

Source: Radio Belgrade, in Serbo-Croat 18 Aug 00 (via BBC Monitoring 
via DXLD)

Bosnia-Hercegovina: Radio Yugoslavia staff leave studio, return to 
Serbia | Excerpt from report by Bosnian Serb news agency SRNA 

Bijeljina, 19th: Employees of the shortwave transmission centre of 
Radio Yugoslavia in Hase near Bijeljina suspended their transmissions 
and left the studio last night, after they received a demand to 
evacuate the premises. Members of the MUP [Ministry of Internal 
Affairs] of the [Bosnian] Serb Republic in charge of the security for 
the building confirmed for SRNA that all employees had left for 
Serbia, where they normally live... Source: SRNA news agency, 
Bijeljina, in Serbo-Croat 1030 gmt 19 Aug 00 (via BBCM via DXLD)

Bosnia/Yugoslavia: Radio Yugoslavia broadcasting illegally from 
Bosnian Serb Republic - IMC Text of report in English by Croatian 
news agency HINA 

Sarajevo, 20th August: The radio transmitter system belonging to 
Radio Yugoslavia, located near Bijeljina in northern Bosnia-
Hercegovina, has been disconnected after the Independent Media 
Commission (IMC) in Bosnia requested that its legal status be 
defined, IMC spokeswoman Zinaida Babovic told HINA in Sarajevo on 
Sunday [20th August]. She confirmed that the broadcasting of Radio 
Yugoslavia programmes on shortwave had been discontinued on Saturday 
following the disconnection of the transmitter system near Bijeljina. 
Babovic said that during a regular check-up of programmes of the 
Bosnia-Hercegovina electronic media IMC experts had established that 
Radio Yugoslavia programmes were being illegally broadcast from a 
location south of Bijeljina. 

"We sent a request that the status of these transmitters and the 
programmes that were broadcast via these transmitters be explained. 
The request was forwarded with the mediation of the Office of the 
High Representative and all we know is that the personnel who 
maintained the transmitters decided to disconnect them after that," 
Babovic said. Serbian Radio-TV reported that the transmitters were 
allegedly disconnected in a raid by armed persons wearing uniforms 
but the information has not been confirmed by any independent source. 
The shortwave transmitters of Radio Yugoslavia were constructed 16 
years ago in the village of Jabanusa, three kilometres from 
Bijeljina. The transmitters were reportedly used for broadcasting 
programmes from a Belgrade studio for North and South Americas, 
Africa, Asia and Australia. The transmitters had been operating all 
the time since the signing of the Dayton peace agreement. Source: 
HINA news agency, Zagreb, in English 1323 gmt 20 Aug 00 (via BBCM via 

Bosnia/Yugoslavia: Closure of Radio Yugoslavia "rampant Nazism" - 
minister Text of report by Yugoslav state news agency Tanjug 

Belgrade, 19th August: Yugoslav Information Minister Goran Matic has 
said that he was not surprised by the ultimatum of the international 
community's high representative to Radio Yugoslavia, in which he 
ordered the station to stop transmitting its programme from the 
Bijeljina transmission centre "since Petritsch said in a statement to 
`Vienna Kurier' that his dog was of Serbian nationality". "Wolfgang 
Petritsch is a classic Nazi in every respect and he is implementing 
an anti-Serb policy to a much greater degree that even Washington is 
asking from him. His role in Rambouillet and during his term as 
Austrian ambassador to our country is well-known," Matic stressed in 
a statement to Radio Yugoslavia. "This is nothing but a joint game by 
Petritsch, [Bosnian Serb Republic Prime Minister Milorad] Dodik, and 
other well-known individuals entrenched in anti-Yugoslav and anti-
Serb positions. 

That is why it is perhaps surprising that they have waited so long, 
because there have been many other events which they could have used 
to form their aggressor policy towards our country," Matic said. "I 
expect Radio Yugoslavia to find in record time an alternative 
solution to transmit its programmes on a shortwave frequency. I also 
expect that the actions of Petritsch, Dodik and their mentors will be 
defined as an attempt to smother the media and the truth, and as an 
attempt to hide from the international public the truth about our 
country and the aggressors activities and crimes," Minister Matic 
stressed. He said that the moves were of limited influence and that 
they appropriately demonstrated that these were undemocratic 
activities and rampant nazism. "The Dayton Agreement is being 
systematically violated. It is precisely [former High Representative 
Carlos] Westendorp and Petritsch who removed the legally-elected Serb 
Republic president [Nikola Poplasen]," Matic added. 

"The Dayton Agreement and the Serb Republic's statehood are being 
violated by a series of activities. They are primarily being violated 
because the authorities of the Serb Republic are not only 
illegitimate, they are also illegal, and thus make these violations 
possible. Milorad Dodik is a hero in this respect. Dodik, together 
with [former Bosnian Serb Republic President Biljana] Plavsic and 
similar individuals, is conducting a policy that is not only against 
the interests of the Serb people, but all of the Serb Republic's 
citizens, and against all international standards and agreements 
signed in Dayton and Paris," Minister Matic concluded. Source: Tanjug 
news agency, Belgrade, in Serbo-Croat 1429 gmt 19 Aug 00 (via BBCM 
via DXLD)

Bosnia/Yugoslavia: Radio Yugoslavia demands compensation from "NATO" 
media | Excerpts from report by Yugoslav state news agency Tanjug 

Belgrade, 19th August: In response to the ultimatum by the occupying 
and puppet authorities of the [Bosnian] Serb Republic, who demanded a 
stop to Radio Yugoslavia broadcasts from the transmission centre in 
Bijeljina [northeastern Bosnia] under the threat of force by the 
international stabilization forces in Bosnia-Hercegovina (Sfor [NATO-
led Stabilization Force]), Radio Yugoslavia's Director and Editor in 
Chief Ivan Markovic has told Tanjug: "The chief of the so-called 
independent commission for the freedom of the media in the Serb 
Republic is Ambassador Ralph Johnson. He is directly responsible for 
exercising these rights and he ordered [Bosnian Serb Prime Minister] 
Milorad Dodik to close down Radio Yugoslavia's transmission centre in 
Bijeljina. Dodik, of course, had no qualms about being the first to 
sign the ultimatum together with Johnson, [High Representative] 
Wolfgang Petritsch, and the UK and US ambassadors to Bosnia-

In addition to these 'officials', Helena Mandic, head of the 
commission's legal department, also signed, probably to guarantee 
that everything is legal. "But force and occupation can never be law 
and legality. The betrayers of the Serb people and their bosses in 
the Serb Republic at 1600 [1400 gmt] yesterday established an 
incredible and widely-known fact, namely, that Radio Yugoslavia was 
broadcasting its programme from a location six kilometres from 
Bijeljina. They also said that their initial position was that the 
broadcasts were illegal because Radio Yugoslavia's editorial offices 
were in Belgrade and because the editorial policy was not defined by 
NATO. That is why this Johnson-Petritsch commission ordered Dodik to 
close down our transmitter. 

Although they contacted us, they say that they do not know who owns 
the transmitter. "Ladies and gentlemen good-for-nothings, you know as 
well as we that since 24th November 1988, this location has been used 
to transmit, in 14 languages, the programmes of the Yugoslav state 
radio. It is also true that our editorial offices have been in 
Belgrade since the liberation of Yugoslavia in 1945. Moreover, it is 
true that we do not take orders from NATO. The transmitter is the 
property of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. The Radio Yugoslavia 
Federal Public Institution also owns the land on which the 
transmitter is located, and Radio Yugoslavia got its frequency 
licence from relevant bodies in the Serb Republic. True, that was 
before Milorad Dodik betrayed the Serb Republic, Serbia and 
Yugoslavia, but does that mean anything at all to you who kill, 
destroy and plunder?... "We resolutely demand that the relevant state 
bodies ensure that we are given compensation according to the 
reciprocity principle, namely, from the media funded or owned by the 
United States, Great Britain or other NATO administrations, including 
Dodik's, that are located on our territory." Source: Tanjug news 
agency, Belgrade, in Serbo-Croat 1652 gmt 19 Aug 00 (via BBCM via 

Following news item was posted on the Radio Yugoslavia website. 
"Extress" is a typo and must read "Express"; these satellites are the 
successors of the Gorizont birds. Considering the usage of this 
Russian satellite it appears indeed as an educated guess that Radio 
Yugoslavia is working on shortwave transmissions via Russian sites.
(Kai Ludwig, Germany, Aug 26, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
Serbian Radio and Television on Friday started to broadcast its 
satellite programme for Europe.

The programme is aired via Extress 3A satellite. The reinforced and 
expanded satellite programme can now be viewed in all European 
countries, in North Africa and the Middle East as well as in parts of 
Russia towards Europe. (via Ludwig, DXLD) see also SERBIA!

** CANADA. RCI will soon present some pre-recorded programs, not only 
because of the summer season, but due to some days designated by 
management as for reflection upon future autumn programming. The 
station is studying the possibility of lengthening all 30-minute 
broadcasts to one hour. Reaction from personnel has been positive so 
far; for a long time, listeners have been asking for longer 
broadcasts. But could quality be maintained? This question has not 
been answered so far. Listener input may be the deciding factor. RCI 
wants to maintain a certain ``sound``, so that whether morning or 
evening, listeners feel they are in the same ``radiophonic universe`` 
(RCI August 13 in French, via Informations de Jean-Michel Aubier 
translated by gh for DXLD)

** CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC. Subject:  [BDXC-UK] Radio Ndeke Luka. DX 
Information from the British DX Club (BDXC-UK). I found this on 
http://www.hirondelle.org Has anyone actually heard this station 
(presumably on shortwave)? (Tony Vaughan)

A radio for development and peace in Central Africa

Radio MINURCA had started transmitting its programs in Bangui 
(Central African Republic) in July 1998. It went off the air on 
February 1, 2000, when the United Nations finished its mission in 
CAR. In 19 months, Radio MINURCA had become the most listened to and 
the most credible radio in CAR and a great instrument to communicate 
with the populations of the region (the two Congos, Sudan and Chad). 

Aiming the survival of the radio, the United Nations approached the
Hirondelle Foundation. Radio NDEKE LUKA ("bird of luck" in Sango and 
in Lingala) replaced Radio MINURCA on March 27, 2000.

Radio NDEKE LUKA will continue to act as a link between the UN, NGOs 
and the population. Its aim is to transmit impartial, rigorous and 
professional information on subjects like economical and social 
development, security, good governance, peace and Human Rights. Its 
programs will be mostly in French and Sango. Radio NDEKE LUCA will 
also become a training centre for local journalists. 

CAR is going through a political and economical crisis. It has 
accepted thousands of refugees, for it is surrounded by countries at 
war. Bangui has recently been the theatre of violent rioting. 

Radio Ndeke Luka, c/o PNUD, Av. de l'Indépendance, BP 872, Bangui 
The above information may only be reproduced if full credit is given 
to the original contributor AND to the British DX Club (BDXC-UK).
(via Tony Vaughan, August 24, BDXC-UK via DXLD)

** CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC. The Hirondelle foundation tells Cumbre 
DX that a shortwave transmitter is en route to their latest station 
in Bangui, Radio Ndeke Luka. It is planned to operate it on Radio 
MINURCA's old frequencies of 5900 and 9900. As for the equipment used 
by Radio MINURCA, it was shipped by the UN to Sierra Leone some
months ago [No word from the UN yet on how it is being used-Johnson] 
(via Johnson Cumbre DX Aug 22 via DXLD)

** CHINA [non]. Falun Dafa Radio: 12150 kHz 2220-till c/down 2304 
utc, August 22. Mentioning Falun Gong and Falun Dafa lots of times, 
with soft Chinese music in the background. SINPO-35333 (Silvain 
Domen, Belgium, August 23, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Same frequency where Que Huong Radio tested briefly, from Tajikistan? 
And a new time for FDR, besides 1400-1500 (gh)

** COLOMBIA. Bandscan of SW frequencies here by Yimber Gaviria from 
Cali or Popayán:

 4885 Ondas del Meta, Villavicencio, after many checks, no signals 
here, only Brasil heard.
 4895 Colombia Stereo, Melgar site?, No signals from them lately, but 
heard on FM 95.1 in Popayán August 6
 4975 Aug 11 Ondas del Orteguaza, Florencia, +2300-0000*, SIO 454, 
ballads in Spanish
 5020 Aug 11 Ecos del Atrato, Quibdo, 0210- 343, religious program, 
also at 2330 SIO 342, best on LSB, ending program La Botánica y su 
Salud, ID. Ecos del Atrato is another affiliate of R@adionet [sic] 
which broadcasts news 24 hours, heard at 2332 relaying Bogotá 850, 
//Cali 700, Medellín 590 mixed with Panamá
 5955 Aug 16 La Voz de los Centauros, Villavicencio, 1120- 555!, 
Panorama de Caracol (programa de noticias)
 5975 Radio Macarena, Villavicencio, no signals from them
 6035 Aug 10 La Voz del Guaviare, SJ del Guaviare, 2158- 242, ID+TC, 
also Aug 11 at 0215 343 with boleros; Aug 16 at 1125 relaying RCN 
news from Bogotá 770
 6115 Aug 10 La Voz del Llano, Villavicencio, 2201- 343, local news
 9635 Aug 10 Radiodifusora Nacional de Colombia, Bogotá, 2208-2210, 
343, nonstop Colombian music, still here!
 6261 Aug 14 Voz de la Resistencia - Bloque Oriental, 1132- 433, with 
Noti Enfoque Voz de la Resistencia (Yimber Gaviria, Cali, Colombia, 
translated by gh for DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CONGO DR. Radio Kahuzi: HCJB tells Cumbre DX that while the 1 kW
transmitter going to this station is capable of tropical bands 
operation, the station will mostly like use its old frequency 
[reported as both 6120 and 6210-Johnson] as fixed-tuned radios have 
previously been distributed in the area. Kahuzi's old shortwave 
transmitter as 100 watts and built in the USA (DIRECT via Johnson
Copyright Cumbre DX Aug 17 via DXLD)

** COSTA RICA. Radio Fides launches its web page, will begin SW 
transmissions. (CRU) TIAC, Radio Fides, the oldest Catholic station 
in CR and one of the oldest in the New World, has opened a website at 
http://www.radiofides.co.cr and seems to be ready to start broadcasts 
on SW. Visitors may learn the history of the station, read its 
schedule and see photos of the station and its personnel. Its 
programs may be heard via Real Audio. Radio Fides says it covers 85 
percent of the nation from its FM transmitter on Irazú volcano, with 
repeaters on Cerro la Muerte in the south, Santa Elena in the 
Guanacaste area, Palmira, and in Zarcero in the San Carlos area.
It ranks sixth among all CR stations in listenership; it is supported 
by advertising. TIAC broadcasts on AM and FM. The website mentions 
TIAC International on 9955 kHz, which would be new since it has not 
been on SW for many decades. An inquiry about this to the station has 
not been answered; E-mail is available thru the website. Director is 
Fr. William Lizano Arias. TIAC Radio Fides 1040 AM (10,000 watts) and 
93.1 FM. Address: Curia Metropolitana, 2o piso, or Apartado 5097, San 
José (Radio Católica al Dia # 74 via Michael Dorner, adapted by 
Nicolás Eramo via radioescutas Aug 26 translated by gh for DXLD)

Yes, found on the above website, but what about all the Cuban 
jamming, and incidentally, WRMI? or does it have a deal with WRMI?:
``Radio Fides tiene sus siglas Internacionales TIAC, 9955 KC``
(gh, DXLD)

Glenn -- No deal with Radio Fides. They're obviously crazy to choose 
9955, unless they were assigned that freq by the government or 
something. That would be a clear conflict. I'll see what I can find 
out about it (Jeff White, WRMI, August 26, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** COSTA RICA. Dear Friends and Listeners,

As you may know, RFPI's "Progressive News Network" has been produced
entirely by a dedicated team of volunteers and interns.  We have
successfully been able to maintain these broadcasts, nearly without
interruption, since June 1999 largely due to a steady flow of these
indispensable assistants.

However, beginning next week, our remaining volunteers are scheduled 
to depart leaving us without the resources necessary to continue 
producing the newscast. Therefore, we have taken the decision to 
suspend PNN until a new pool of volunteers is found.

If you would like to join us in Costa Rica as a volunteer for a 3 
month period or more, please contact us via e-mail: info@rpfi.org for 

RFPI is deeply committed to bringing you some of the best in 
alternative news from around the world and will do so again as soon 
as humanly possible.

In the meantime, we are pleased to announce that RFPI will be 
broadcasting "Freespeech Radio News" weekly on Friday, 2200 UTC 
(repeats UTC Saturday, 0130 and 0600.) This half-hour newscast is 
produced by Pacifica Reporters Against Censorship, a team of over 40 
freelance reporters in 14 U.S. states and four continents who are 
boycotting the Pacifica Network News for censoring legitimate news 
stories. These reporters are risking their livelihoods and need your 
support. For more information, please visit their web page: 

We have been very moved by your thoughtful and positive comments 
about PNN over the past year while making it clear that such a 
service fills a great need.  We'll make very effort to continue this 
service as soon as possible. Yours in Peace, The Team at RFPI

Radio For Peace International, P.O. Box 88-6150, Santa Ana, Costa 
Rica, Central America

PH: +506/249-1821 Fax: +506/249-1095 e-mail: info@rfpi.org

* WWW: http://www.rfpi.org
* ON-DEMAND REAL AUDIO: http://www.rfpi.org/webcast.html
* LIVE STREAMING IN MP3: http://www.boinklabs.com/ifpi.html
* Join our mailing list for weekly program previews and more:
(RFPI August 17 via DXLD)

** COSTA RICA. Had not checked DGS spurs for a sesquiweek or so, but 
STILL there, as bad as ever, UT Sun Aug 27 around 0235 but 
frequencies have shifted slightly, worst at 11170-11186, 8265-8277 
and also audible around 6805, 12635. These are all related to 9725 as 
previously reported. The Adventists must be chortling upon having 
unloaded this pile of crap upon the Doctor (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX 

** CUBA. To mark an anniversary, Radio Rebelde announced it was 
launching a new edition of its web site http://www3.cuba.cu/RRebelde/
with a more attractive format, offering breaking national, sports, 
cultural and recreational news and editorials. Source: Radio Rebelde, 
Havana, in Spanish 1000 gmt 22 Aug 00 (BBC Monitoring via DXLD)

** CUBA. An unfortunate E-mail from RHC received August 17 indicates 
the station cannot broadcast in Creole for the time being. These 
broadcasts have been replaced by French, now totaling eight 
broadcasts per day (Informations, Jean-Michel Aubier, via DXLD)

** EQUATORIAL GUINEA. R. Nacional, Malabo, 6249.35, August 19 2220-
2302* Spanish and vernacular talk, ID, local Af folk music, s/off 
with NA. Good. Down slightly from 6250 and on air one hour later than 
scheduled 2200*. Looking for LAm clandestines but only found this 
(Brian Alexander, PA, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ETHIOPIA. Radio Ethiopia has made its presence in the net, with 
help of some firm called Jonathan DeFabritis Publishing & Consulting, 
at: https://www.angelfire.com/biz/radioethiopia/ 73 de PUL (Pentti 
Lintujärvi, Helsinki, Finland, hard-core-dx via DXLD)
Includes some audio files like month-old English news from TV, not 
radio (gh)

** GUYANA. GBC reactivated on 3289.74, August 20 at 0230-0345+, 
English DJ chatter, local pops, some US pops by *Nsync and others. ID 
as V. of Guyana, mentions of GBC Radio; fair. Also heard at 0650 
check (Brian Alexander, PA, back from the Drum & Bugle Corps circuit, 

** GUYANA. Voice of Guyana was heard this Sunday morning on 3290 kHz 
(drifting to 3289.8 kHz) from 0850 UTC to 0945 UTC in English with 
sports reports (cricket) and a variety of mostly male vocal EZL music 
and country western with a male announcer briefly between songs; 
weather report; clear ID as ``This is the Voice of Guyana`` at 0930 
and into Indian sub-continental music. A strong signal at times, but 
poor modulation and noisy. Nothing heard on listed parallel frequency 
of 5950 kHz (Roger Chambers, Utica, New York, ODXA Aug 20 via DXLD)
** HONDURAS. 4960 HRET: Per Larry Basinger of WJCR USA, who just
returned from a trip to Honduras. This station is off the air due to 
lack of funds. There is simply not enough money to pay both a staff 
and keep their generator running. A solar project put in last year 
does not provide enough power to run the station. Funding comes
through donations collected in the United States, but these donations 
have been much less than expected. Ironically, the station has two 
working transmitters, a 1 kW and 500 watts back-up, both fed into a 
dipole strung over the studio building (via Johnson Cumbre DX Aug 23 
via DXLD)

** INTERNATIONAL WATERS [and non]. Hi Glenn, I thought others would 
like to know about Bill Snyder's new site now that things are heating 
up with Debby lurking off of the East Coast.
(Joe Olig, S C [Sauk City?] WI, DXLD)

Re: Hurricane List. Hi, Joe. My apology for the delay in contacting 
you. Recently, my ISP folded, and forwarding is not occurring as 
planned. Until it gets its own domain name and hosting server, you 
may access the Hurricane Frequencies page at 
http://aa6kc.home.mindspring.com/ Thanks! (Bill Snyder, AA6KC, Aug 
21, via Joe Olig; also noted by John Norfolk, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** IRELAND [non]. Hello. In DXLD 0-103, August 17, 2000:
"The live commentaries will also be available on RTE's website at
http://www.rte/gaa " wrong link ? (J. A. Salvado, Portugal, August 
19, DX LISTENING DIGEST) or not yet working? (gh)

It's not working for me just now either. I'll try to get another way 
in to that Gaelic Athletic Association [GAA, hence "gaa"] site... 
I actually tried it at a time when there was live Gaelic Football 
commentary going out on RTE's domestic radio and TV services. That 
particular URL came to me in hard-copy by p-mail from RTE, and I
took it to mean that it would be active on the two dates of the
All-Ireland Gaelic Hurling & Football SW relays. For sure, it is not
working today while a Semi-Final of one of those particular
competitions is being aired.

Anyway, the URL looks a bit truncated, and so I would recommend that
anyone who wants live Internet coverage would be well advised to try
these routes instead:

1. http://www.rte.ie/sport/gaa/radiofinals.html
-click on the link "RTE Radio 1 Live Listen Here" at the appropriate
times on the appointed dates, else it should be carrying Radio 1 
stream round the clock.

2. http://www.rte.ie/sport/gaa/index.html
-click on the button "Radio: All-Irelands"

3. http://www.rte.ie
-the RTE homepage, where there are links to streaming of all RTE`s
radio channels. The appropriate one for the particular sports
commentaries in question will be "Radio 1". Hope this helps, (Finbarr 
O'Driscoll.....Ireland, Aug 27, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** IRELAND [non]. Wolfgang Büschel speculates on sites for September 
sports specials as in DXLD 0-103, based on previous years:

NoAM 13720 [Sackville-CAN 250 kW 277 kW ?] [also co-channel RL 
Persian 1400-1500 via Lampertheim 100 kW 92 degrs] 
AF 17810 [ASC 250 085 degrs ?] 
AUS/AS 15360 [Kranji-SNG 125/250 kW 135 degrs ?] 
Ce&So AM 15240 [Sackville ? / Antigua ? / Bonaire ?] {WSHB? gh}
SoEaAS 15270 [Kranji-SNG 125/250 kW 13 degrs ?] (BC-DX via DXLD)

** ISRAËl. In a few weeks, the http://www.israelradio.org website 
should be getting 0400 UTC (midnight Eastern) and 1900 UTC (3 PM 
Eastern) English broadcasts on the web- which would make all the 
English Israel Radio broadcasts available on the web, some on demand 
and some live.... (Doni Rosenzweig, Aug 21, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

As of Sept 3, 2000, the Kol Israel English 1400 UTC broadcast will be 
moved to 1600 UTC (that's noon ET instead of 10 AM) both locally in 
Israel on Reshet Alef, and via shortwave. The frequencies should be 
available soon. 

While am at it - from the Jerusalem Post "Radio Damascus Invades 
Airwaves" - Since Reshet Dalet Arabic programming isn't on 738 - 
Radio Damascus Arabic programming decided to take the opportunity to 
take its place... 
(Daniel Rosenzweig, August 24, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ISRAËL. High-power Arabic transmitter still off the air 

Israel Radio`s Arabic channel - Network D - has been unheard on its 
main mediumwave 738 kHz frequency since the closure of the Zoran 
transmitter on 17th August over radiation fears. The Arabic service 
continues to be observed on shortwave frequencies 9815 and 12140 kHz 
as well as on its lower-powered 50-kW mediumwave outlet on 1026 kHz. 

The Israeli newspaper ``Ha`aretz`` reported on 21st August that 
agreement had been reached to resume transmissions from the Zoran 
station for a three month period with one seventh of the station`s 
usual output power of 1,200 kW. (Source: BBC Monitoring research in 
English 21 Aug 00 via DXLD)

** ITALY. DX Information from the British DX Club (BDXC-UK). RAI Roma 
again off 846 and 1332 since August 14. RAI Notturno Italiano is 
again broadcast on Milan 900, Rome SW 6060, Naples 657 and Montecarlo 
702. The above information may only be reproduced if full credit is 
given to the original contributor AND to the British DX Club (BDXC-
UK). Good listening, (Stefano Valianti, Aug 17, BDXC-UK via DXLD)

** ITALY. See http://www.awr.org/argenta/argenta-news.html


Adventist World Radio is working toward setting up a broadcast 
station in Argenta, Italy. Negotiations are currently underway to 
obtain a permit to build the station.

The groups which will be reached from the new station are those 
located in the 10/40 window that are not being reached from Guam nor 
from leased facilities. These areas include the Middle East, north 
Africa, and central and Indo-Asia.

Don Jacobsen announced the Permit Approval at the GC Session 2000 in
Toronto, Canada, on July 8, 2000.

Here are some of the realities that make the Italy station compulsory 
- and urgent - for the Advent Movement... (from the website) There 
are sixty-two countries either in or touched by the 10/40 window. Of
the six billion people on earth, four billion of them live in those

Ninety seven percent of the unevangelized peoples of the world live 
in the 10/40 window. Half of them live on less than $1.40 per day.

Of the world's 50 largest unevangelized megacities on earth, all 50 
are in the 10/40 window.

Every major non-Christian religion was founded within the 10/40 
window and is headquartered there. Hundreds of millions of people 
living there have never heard the name of Jesus - not even once.

There are 500,000 villages in India without a single Christian. Of 
the 100 most widely-spoken languages in the world, 18 are spoken in 

For the first time in history God has given to this generation the 
ability to present Christ to this part of the world.

The groups which will be reached from the new station are those 
located in the 10/40 window that are not being reached from Guam nor 
from leased facilities. These areas include the Middle East, north 
Africa, and central and Indo-Asia. (Guam is able to broadcast to 
approximately 2/5 of that area. The Italian facility will broadcast 
to the other three fifths.)

The languages we will be adding are: Azeri, Bhojpuri, Bundeli, 
Berber, Chattisgarhi, Dar, Fulani, Gujarati, Ibo, Kurdish, Kashmiri, 
Pashtu, Sindhi, and Tibetan. (This is besides the ones which we 
currently broadcast into that area: Arabic, Armenian, Farsi, French, 
Dyula, Hindi, Mandarin, Georgian, Haussa, Nepali, Uighir, Yoruba, 
Punjabi, Urdu, and English.)

In addition, it provides us the security that we will be able to 
choose to broadcast to areas during prime time, at our discretion and 
we will not have to work around the schedules of those leased 
transmitter sites on which we are buying air time. We will also be 
able to continue to broadcast to areas where leased facilities no 
longer provide service. Radio is the only way the gospel can be taken 
to most of the countries within reach of the Italian station. (via 

A Tibetan who has been converted to Seventh Day Adventism (if any) is 
no longer a real Tibetan, etc., etc. Just what they need -- more
cultural genocide (gh)

** KURDISTAN. DX Information from the British DX Club (BDXC-UK). Both 
"Voice of Iraqi Kurdistan" and "Voice of the People of Kurdistan" 
were heard well on SW on 21st August. "Voice of Iraqi Kurdistan" was 
heard at tune-in 1803 on 4085 kHz with songs and talk in Arabic. ID 
heard as "Huna sawt kurdistan al-iraqi". News in Kurdish at 1830. 
Fair signal, peaking nicely around 1830-1900. Also heard with good 
reception on // 7135 from 1825 tune-in, although blocked by Voice of 
Russia at 1900. 4085 heard through till sign-off at 1932. 

"Voice of the People of Kurdistan" heard with a strong signal on 6995 
from tune-in 1850, initially in Kurdish, then news in Arabic at 1900. 
ID as "sawt sha'b kurdistan". Also heard on // 4060 but much weaker. 
Receiver: AOR AR7030+/longwire The above information may only be 
reproduced if full credit is given to the original contributor AND to 
the British DX Club (BDXC-UK). (Tony Rogers - Birmingham, UK, BDXC-UK 
via DXLD)

** LATVIA [and non]. Radio Caroline was transmitted today on 1296 
[UK] until sudden audio cut-off inmidst song at 1800, so the 
announced broadcast time of 0500-1900 was neither UTC nor CET but 
actually BST instead... There was some hype about this channel but 
prior to 1700 the transmitter delivered just a faint carrier into 
eastern Germany instead of serving whole Europe as claimed in 
advance; of course that's exactly what was to expect, not to discuss 
that the border of Europe is not marked by the Oder and Neiße rivers 
but the Ural mountains instead.

Regarding 5935 from Latvia it seems the sign on and off times were 
0900 and 1900, respectively. Frequency announcements did not mention 
the shortwave channel at all; it seems there was a lack in internal 
communication. There were frequent transmission breaks and all checks 
between 1500 and 1800 showed negative results at all; in addition the 
signal appeared as rather weak also considering the daytime 
suppression, suggesting an output of clearly less than 100 kW. It is 
evident that the guys at the Riga-Ulbroka site had rather severe 
problems with their transmitter, the very limited usage of this unit 
since Radio Latvia closed its foreign service was certainly not 
helpful for keeping it in a stable shape. But at least the Latvian 
shortwave is not dead like the Estonian one (Kai Ludwig, Germany, 

** MÉXICO. R. Mil, 6010, printed SW program schedule effective 1 June 
2000 shows: Encuentro DX at following times and days strictly 
converted to UT: Fri 2330, Sat 0500, 1330, 2200, Sun 1400, 2230, Mon 
0400. Only the Sat 0500 broadcast of this is shown as simulcast on 
XEOY 1000 kHz. A few other programs noted: M-F 1100-1400 Noticiario 
Enfoque, 1800-1900 second edition of same. UT Wed 0100-0200 Grandeza 
Mexicana. UT Fri 0100-0200 Diálogos al Desnudo; Sat 1500-1510 
Pláticas del Presidente Zedillo. UT Mon 0300-0400 La Hora Nacional 
[When DST goes off at Octoberend, these UTs shift one hour later] 
(via Takeshi Sejimo, Radio Nuevo Mundo Aug 6 via DXLD)

** OMAN - Radio Oman in Arabic noted on August 21:
0200-0400 on odd 15364.0, instead of registered 15355
0400-0600 on odd 17599.0, instead of registered 17590
(Observer, Bulgaria via DXLD)

** OMAN/THAILAND/et al. Thomcast awarded transmitter contract for BBC 
relay | Excerpts from report by press release by Thomcast on 5th 

Paris, 5th August: Thomcast today announced that it has been selected 
by Merlin Communications International Ltd, a leading provider of 
global telecommunications systems, as the AM radio transmitter 
supplier for the new BBC World Service Al Ashkharah station in Oman. 
Thomcast will supply two mediumwave S7 HP transmitters series of 
800kW nominal carrier power each, three shortwave TSW 2250 
transmitters of 250kW nominal carrier power each and one rotatable 
Alliss shortwave antenna to Merlin Communications International Ltd. 
Thomcast will also provide services such as testing, on-site 
installation, commissioning, and on-site training. The future Al 
Ashkharah station, which is owned by the BBC World Service, is and 
will be totally integrated by Merlin Communications International 
Ltd. This station, located in the desert, is a replacement for the 
Masirah relay station in Oman, which will be closed by 2002. 

The Merlin Communications International Ltd contract also includes 
the installation of one TSW 2250 shortwave transmitter of 250kW 
nominal carrier power at the existing BBC relay station in Nakhon 
Sawan, Thailand, as an extension to the four Thomcast transmitters 
already installed and in operation since 1996... 

Guided by our participation in the Digitale Radio Mondiale [DRM] 
consortium, Thomcast radio products are designed for easy migration 
from analogue to digital. The BBC transmitter will be the tenth 
superpower S7HP transmitter installed in two years following 
installations in France, Germany, Monte Carlo, Poland, Cyprus, Sri 
Lanka, Korea and China. With this order, the total installed 
transmitting power in the world with Thomcast most recent full solid 
state families will be over 16,000 kilowatts... Contact: Thomcast 
S.A. Caroline Godard Marketing & Communications Manager phone: +33 1 
34 90 36 87 Fax: +33 1 34 90 32 27 E-Mail: 
caroline.godard@thomcast.thomson-csf.com Source: Thomcast press 
release, Paris, in English 5 Aug 00 (via BBC Monitoring via DXLD)

** PAKISTAN/INDIA. Radio news channel to counter Indian "propaganda" 
Text of report by Pakistani newspaper `Ausaf` on 17th August 

Islamabad: The director-general of the Pakistan Broadcasting 
Corporation (PBC), Syed Anwar Mehmood, has stated that Radio Pakistan 
will very soon start a separate channel for news. This news channel 
will be dedicated to countering Indian propaganda. The station will 
present news, current affairs and sports programmes. This channel 
will start functioning in November and will also be heard on the 
Internet. It will have a separate transmitter, and will be broadcast 
on shortwave and mediumwave. 

In a special interview with `Ausaf`, the PBC director-general said 
that Radio Pakistan is responding to Indian propaganda in a very 
effective way. In order to counter India propaganda, it has launched 
services in five different Indian languages, including Nepalese, 
Singhalese and Asamese. It has also increased the duration of PBC`s 
Bengali and Hindi services. 

The director-general further said that Radio Pakistan is very 
aggressive in countering the enemy`s propaganda. In fact, Radio 
Pakistan has put new life into the freedom movement in Indian-
occupied Kashmir. "We know that our position on Kashmir is right and 
we talk about the right things. Therefore, we have special sentiments 
when we do our programmes. The enemy may have innumerable resources, 
but its cause is wrong. We are presenting the position of Pakistan 
before the world in a very effective way." He also told `Ausaf` that 
Radio Pakistan has programmes in 16 foreign languages. 

The people are returning to the programmes of Radio Pakistan although 
it has not made any particular changes to its traditional programmes. 
The number of people who listen to Radio Pakistan is 10 million. He 
said that Radio Pakistan has attracted youth by starting FM 101. 

Source: `Ausaf`, Islamabad, in Urdu 17 Aug 00 (via BBCM via DXLD)

** PAPUA NEW GUINEA. This a.m. from 09-10 a full hour program 
broadcast on 9675 and not on 4890 with nx of a national magazine to 
be published to promote Papua New Guinea. Interview by female ann. of 
PNG Prime Minister which was a bit difficult to hear as he is a soft 
spoken gentlemen. Talks of how they would promote the magazine for 
the silver jubilee as they call it. That would be independence day 
which falls the same day the Olympics is to start 15 Sept which is 
interesting... The mag will be called from what I could tell, "City 
Soon" to promote Port Moresby. I reviewed my recording a number of 
times and that is the best I can figure. There is to be televised 
weekly program as well. The gal doing the interview mentioned that 
the next issue out in Dec will feature the Silver Jubilee 
celebration. A list of subscribers will be listed in the magazine 
plus a number of local businesses. I have attached a sound file and 
maybe you can get the name of the mag (Bob Montgomery, August 26, DX 

Also sounded to me like City Soon, tho that does not make much sense. 
Maybe you can find some reference to it in print on the web? BTW, 
everyone, please don`t send me huge audio or visual files without 
asking first. Tnx (gh)

** PAPUA NEW GUINEA. Sept 16th is the Silver Jubilee Celebration for 
Papua New Guinea as it is their Independence Day. I have been 
following this for some time and they have a line of events starting 
on the 15th of Sept. Lately, 9675 has been used more or at least has 
been readable here in the N.E. part of the US. This might be worth 
checking during this period of time. (Bob Montgomery, PA, hard-core-
dx August 26 via DXLD) 

** PERÚ. NEW FREQ. r4880.5 R. Comas, Comas, Lima, August 19, 0130, 
Spanish 73 (Rogildo Fontenelle Aragão, Cochabamba, Bolivia, Sony 
2001D - LW 30m, hard core dx via DXLD)

** PERÚ. 4881.2 Radio Comas, Comas, 0329 -0455* Aug 21, Spanish, 
Musical Program Cumbias and Salsa Music, ID "Radio Comas" "Radio 
Comas 1300 kiloherz Amplitud Modula 4880 nueva señal en Onda Corta a 
todos los oyentes del interior que nos escriban informándonos cómo 
nos reciben escríbanos a Av. Estados Unidos 327, Urbanización... 
...recibirán un recuerdo de la emisora ..." The s/off of Radio Comas 
Television was at 0455 with announce of address and then National 
Anthem; SIO 333 (Nicolás Eramo, Argentina, Aug 21, Cumbre DX Special 
via DXLD)

** PERÚ. Radio Comas has a web site at 
http://homepages.go.com/homepages/r/a/d/radio_cantogrande/ eMail: 
rtcomas@protelsa.com.pe Probably been there for a long time, but I 
just like to draw your attention to it, as the station has recently 
been logged on the 60 meter band. No mention of the new fqy on the 
web site, though (Pentti Lintujärvi, Helsinki, Finland, August 27, 
hard-core-dx via DXLD)

** PORTUGAL. RDP International, Radio Portugal in Portuguese to No Am
from August 12: 1200-2000 Sat & Sun on NF 15180 strong co-ch BBC in 
Arabic til 1800 and BBC in French 1800-1830, ex 15610 (Observer, 
Bulgaria via DXLD)

** ROMANIA - Radio Romania International in English noted on August 
21: 0400-0456 on NF 15100.0 (35443), instead of registered 15105.0 
(Observer, Bulgaria via DXLD)

** RUSSIA. Mari Republic radio station frequencies 
Text of "DX Club" report via Voice of Russia web site on 21st August 

Russia, Mari Republic, Yoshkar-Ola: Local programmes of Radio Mari 
can be heard from 1410 gmt to 1500 gmt on new frequencies - 6125 kHz 
and also on 7200 kHz. There is a news bulletin on the hour. The radio 
broadcasts on the new frequency probably using a transmitter in 
Samara. Source: Voice of Russia web site, Moscow, in Russian 21 Aug 
00 (via BBCM via DXLD)

** SERBIA. Radio Yugoslavia to launch special Internet programme 
Text of report by Yugoslav state news agency Tanjug 

Belgrade, 20th August: As of Monday, 21st August, Radio Yugoslavia 
will start broadcasting a special programme on the Internet, the 
radio station said today. The programme will be broadcast in all 14 
languages in which the regular Radio Yugoslavia programmes are 
broadcast. Radio Yugoslavia`s Internet address is: 
http://www.radioyu.org  The statement adds that with the help of the 
Yugoslav government, the radio`s programme will again be available 
worldwide as of 1st September. Source: Tanjug news agency, Belgrade, 
in Serbo-Croat 1722 gmt 20 Aug 00 (via BBCM via DXLD) SEE ALSO BOSNIA

** SOMALIA. DX Information from the British DX Club (BDXC-UK). Radio 
Mogadishu, Voice of the People of the Somali Republic heard at 1740 
on 6750 usb on 18th August with typical Horn of Africa-type music, 
announcement in Somali, Qur`an at 1745, talk, further music and songs 
interspersed with announcements, "Raadiyo Muqdisho" ID heard. Fair 
reception through to 1850 but then blocked by utility QRM (scheduled 
sign-off 1900).. Receiver: AOR AR7030+/longwire The above information 
may only be reproduced if full credit is given to the original 
contributor AND to the British DX Club (BDXC-UK) (Tony Rogers - 
Birmingham, UK, BDXC-UK via DXLD)

** SOMALIA. Radio Galkayo is now up to 300 watts and has settled on 
the following schedule:  7120 1000-1200 Somali, 1200-1215 English.  
6990 1600-1700 Somali, 1700-1715 English. Both new freqs, ex 7012. 
The station is moving into its own building [it was in the police 
station] and is erecting new towers and antennas (DIRECT via Johnson 
Copyright Cumbre DX Aug 16 via DXLD) but see below
    6805 Radio Mogadishu [Aideed] now here, heard at 1100 tune in 
till 1145* in Somali. Also heard again at *1500 (Sam Voron, Somalia, 
Aug 14, Cumbre DX via DXLD) but see below
    7530 Radio Hargeisa easily heard here in Galkayo [No times
given] (Sam Voron, Somalia, Aug 14, Cumbre DX via DXLD) see below

** SOMALIA. Sam Voron checks in with another excellent report from 
    6750 Radio Mogadishu [Aideed] is back here, ex 6805. The station 
is heard at 0400-0500, 0900-1100, and 1500-1900. All programming is 
in Somali; there is no longer any foreign language service. This is 
the strongest of the Radio Mogadishu stations. News in Somali at 
1850, Qur`an at 1857, anthem at 1859. Full ID as Radio Mogadishu, 
Voice of the People and the Somali Republic. Note Aideed is 
considered president of the Somali Republic by his own faction,
hence the ID mentioning 'Somali Republic'. This station is not on the
air every day. No one can tell us the exact reason. Communications
between clans is not trusted and if you enquire you arouse 
    6790 Radio Mogadishu, Voice of the People, heard at *1500, but
difficult to hear due to some echo effect on the audio [Sam reports 
this as Musa Said Yalahow's station. This station was reported in the 
Somali press via BBCM/Hauser DXLD as operating in the 25 mb band and
known as the The People's Voice. I wonder if Sam is referring to 
Uthman Ali Ato's Radio Mogadishu, which has been operating in this 
range as of late. Clarification as soon as we have it -Johnson]
    6985 Radio Galkayo has now settled here for all its 
transmissions, ex 7012 [sic], 6990. The station has erected a new 
inverted V antenna. Power is still 300 watts as the parts ordered by 
Cumbre haven't yet arrived. The English program is going well and the 
training and enthusiasm for this service will ensure it continues 
when I leave. *1000-1215* and *1600-1715*, English at 1200 and 1700.
    7020 Radio Banaadir now here, ex 7214. Heard at 1040 till 1100*  
on Aug 18 and 19. Also trying in the local evening, but the frequency 
is blocked by jamming.
    7530 Radio Hargeisa is heard here at 1800* on Aug 18 and 0400* 
Aug 19 using USB + carrier. The modulation is very low, however.  
(Sam Voron, Somalia, via Johnson Cumbre DX Aug 19 via DXLD)

** TINIAN. In addition to the delays due to satellite routing, there 
are other sources of delay within a transmitting station. The new 
facility on Tinian, for instance, has some digital audio delay units 
that delay the audio for some transmitters, so that if multiple 
transmitters are running the same programming, the audio (modulation) 
peaks do not occur on the transmitters at the same time. At least in 
theory, that is the way it works. This is the same thing done at 
Bonaire, where two parallel frequencies may be a second or two apart, 
too long to be confused with satellite delays (gh, DX LISTENING 

** TURKEY. Hi Glenn, This is the latest from Voice of Turkey.  Best 
regards (George Poppin, August 24, SF CA, DX LISTENING DIGEST)


Letterbox Program, August 22, via George Poppin, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Hunting around for this audio link, which turned out to be off the 
page to the right, I learnt that ABD is the abbr. for USA in Turkish: 
Amerika Birlesik Devletleri. Unfortunately, the internet feed often 
dropped out for congestion or went to noise for several seconds. And 
the NOW language displayed English at 1330 UT, when Bulgarian was 
actually to be heard. The accompanying time schedule is one hour off, 
still showing winter UT timings! How long will it take them to notice 
this? Far too many SW stations just don`t get DST. But it`s nice to 
have VOT webcasting too! (Glenn Hauser, OK, August 26, DX LISTENING 


UNITED NATIONS - ON THE AIR AGAIN. After a 15-year pause, the United 
Nations is reviving daily radio newscasts in the organisation`s six 
official languages. A pilot project authorised by the General 
Assembly this year provides 15 minutes a day of news and current 
affairs. The project is far from the high point of UN Radio in the 
1950s and 1960s, when it broadcast up to six hours daily in 33 
languages. But if the pilot programs proves popular among UN member 
states, it could lead to a return of more comprehensive daily 
programming. UN Radio is currently discussing rebroadcast agreements 
with radio executives in several former Soviet states. In most of 
Africa, it plans to transmit programs via shortwave. Elsewhere, it 
will make its programs available via satellite, FTP or the UN Radio 
web site. Fifteen years after the UN suspended newscasts, the world 
has experienced a telecommunications revolution. But radio is still 
considered the best way to reach the broadest number of people 
worldwide. http://www.un.org/av/radio (via Robin L. Harwood, 
Newstead, Tasmania, August 25, swl@qth.net and swprograms via DXLD) 

I could not find the above text hunting around the above site August 
26, and I wonder if it is really a new announcement, as UN Radio had 
such a plan a couple of years ago and nothing has come of it (gh)

** U S A. Dear DX Friends, I noted KBLI-1620 in Blackfoot, ID very 
strong with a talk show and ID at 2300 EDT last night 8/23. On the 
hour the announcer IDed for affiliates KICN and KECN only, then SRN 
News. I suspect it might have been running 10 kW. 73, (Larry Godwin, 
Missoula, MT, NRC-AM via DXLD) 

** U S A. 1620 kHz - KBLI - ID, Blackfoot, now on the air with talk, 
IDs for 690-KECN-Blackfoot/Pacatello & 1260-KICN-Idaho Falls/Rexburg. 
Generally on top w/Eastern Beverage at 0200-0300 EDT 8/25. Thanks to 
Larry for the tip. (Patrick Martin, Seaside OR, hcdx etc via DXLD)


1700 KHZ            SAN FRANCISCO, CA (via Fred Vobbe)

To conduct IBOC AM DEMO during NAB Radio Convention on 1700 kHz.
The NAB Radio Show will be held September 20-23 in San Francisco.
I would think the station will be testing shortly before then, and
for sure during those days (Larry Godwin, MT, IRCA DX Monitor via 

** U S A. I happened to be listening to Fine Arts Radio 
International, http://www.kxms.org Thursday August 17 at 2101 UT when 
the Joplin-originated classical music hour played the Indonesian 
national anthem in honor of that country`s national day. Perhaps this 
is a daily or regular NA feature spot? It was performed by the Band 
of the Coldstream Guards, a recording I recall encountering before. 
The trouble with the few NA albums is that they all start to sound 
alike, played by the same instrumentation, with same arranger? I had 
not realized the Indo NA starts off almost like Boomer Sooner, 
instantly recognizable to any Oklahomanite, even a denouncer of 
stupid ballgames. The KXMS announcer was determined to say ``Yava`` 
and ``Yakarta``, overcompensating. If the Dutch had to spell these 
with DJ, it should be pretty clear that the Indonesian J is like the 
English J (not to be confused with another city, Yogyakarta, which 
really is spelt and pronounced in Indo with the Y sound, and which 
the Dutch spelled just with a J in each spot, Jogjakarta). Strangely 
enough, for an international broadcaster, KXMS gives times in UT 
minus 5! (Glenn Hauser, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A. Dear Glenn, Just a note to remind you that "The Scream of 
the Butterfly" will begin its second year on WRMI, 7385 kHz, this 
Labor Day weekend. (Sunday, 9/3/00, 0400 UTC). While this still puts 
me approximately 1000 shows behind your Hank Aaron-esque pace, I'm 
very pleased that we've been able to continue the program. Universal 
Radio continues its sponsorship, and I am very grateful to Fred 
Osterman for that. Jeff White of WRMI has also been most supportive 
and helpful. My modest success shows there is room on shortwave for 
alternative programming, and I believe that is encouraging news for 
the future of the medium. Thanks to you, also, for your previous 
mentions of The Scream on your fine program. I really appreciate it.
73s, (JohnnyRockin' The Scream of the Butterfly, August 24, DX 

[Please note the dates of the following items concerning AFN on SW as 
we catch up on this quickly changing story]

** U S A. Glenn, The AFN schedule information provided is incomplete 
or misleading or both. The day/eve column is perplexing as to where 
is it day or evening, target location, transmitter, or who knows. The 
columns present the day/eve frequencies as mutually exclusive and 
that is not the case for 6458.5 and 12689.5. And then there is 4278.5 
which still can be heard but does not appear in any part of the 

When I monitored 10940.5, 16847.5 was not heard. When 16847.5
was heard 10940.5 was not heard. Could that be an experiment or
a fubar event? Links for background: http://afneurope.army.mil/
(Pete Costello, Aug 17-18, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

Diego Garcia -presumed- 12579U, AFN/AFRTS, 21 Aug, 2314, Rock and 
Roll songs in the background with very heavy utility QRM in the 
foreground. Program content was parallel to 12689.5 USB. The 4993U, 
10940.5U and 16847.5U AFN frequencies reported to be Sigonella, 
Sicily were not heard at my New Jersey, USA listening post at this 
time (Pete Costello, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [non]. Hi Glen, I can't confirm the correctness of the AFRTS 
frequency schedule in DXLD 0-103 you took from my report to A-DX. I 
took the informations from NPR`s homepage. After I made a reception 
report about their tx on 6458,5 kHz I missed an address to send it to 
and I visited AFRTS's homepage under http://www.afrts.osd.mil But 
their frequency schedule differs from NPR`s schedule. I don't know 
which schedule is correct but both schedules are out-of-date and do 
not reflect the actual situation. I heard Sigonella, Italy day AND 
night on 10940,5 kHz but I haven't ever heard anything on 4993,0 kHz. 
6458,5 kHz has also been heard on Aug 17 at around 0400 with S=9 but 
heavy QRM from a RTTY-station on 6458,0 kHz not in // with 10940,5 
kHz. According to the "Spezial Frequenzliste 2000/01" (Special 
Frequency List 2000/01) Marine Toulon is using 6458 kHz in RTTY-mode. 
AFRTS lists 6458,5 kHz to be used from Puerto Rico day and night. 
Acc. to AFRTS 12689,5 kHz should be used by Key West day and night 
but hasn't been heard so far. Ciao, 73 (Manfred Reiff, Germany, 

** U S A [and non]. Glenn, re the various comments in DXLD 0-103 
about current AFRTS/NPR SW USB transmissions: this morning, Sat 19 
Aug at 0650 UT, there were three signals audible at my location in 
the Irish South-West. They were 10940.5 // 6458.5 and also 12689.5 
kHz with different programming.

10940.5 was by far the strongest, as it has been for some time this
side of the Atlantic, helping one to believe that it is indeed coming
from Sicily as published heretofore. Now, if I were to go by info 
that I saw two weeks ago on the AFRTS website, or indeed NPR`s 
website at this time of writing, and bending the parameters about 
day/night a bit, I would be unable to say for sure whether the 6458.5 
was coming from Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico or from Key West, 
Florida. However, the AFRTS website has altered details lately, and 
now one is to believe that 6458.5 is exclusively RR, Puerto Rico, day 
and night. Key West, FL is assigned the frequency of 12689.5 USB day 
and night. Definitely, none of that would contradict what I heard 
this morning.

Also, Glenn, you mentioned two frequencies that you had heard in use,
and which do not appear in either the AFRTS or NPR websites, namely
6847.5 and 16847.5 USB. I will tentatively suggest that those
transmissions came from Maine, as it is the last remaining proposed 
US Naval HF location which has not yet been associated with any 
frequency. Time will tell.

By the way, the AFRTS website makes no mention of frequencies for 
Guam or Iceland, whereas the NPR website is not so shy. You have 
already published those details. Also NPR says "10940" for Sicily, 
which we know is careless. It should of course read "10940.5".

Finally, URLs for reference:
AFRTS: http://www.afrts.osd.mil/afnonradio/html/satnet.htm
NPR: http://www.npr.org/worldwide/shortwave.html
[Finbarr O'Driscoll.....Ireland, August 20, DX LISTENING DIGEST]

** U S A [non?]. Glenn, on checking, AFRTS was very strong and clear 
into Ireland, Sunday 20 Aug 2230 UT, on one of those unpublished 
frequencies that you mentioned in recent DXLD: 6847.5 kHz USB. At 
2235 -"This is Air Force Radio News" and at 2300 -"CNN News". A note 
from me to NPR elicited no info about source of 6847.5... I await 
with bated breath a reply from AFRTS itself, rather than the more 
prompt but yet proxy NPR. However the discrepancy between NPR and 
AFRTS websites` SW info was acknowledged by NPR with a promise of 
update in a few days. NPR says that the info published was supplied 
by "AFRTS HQ in California". [Finbarr O'Driscoll.....Ireland, Aug 22, 

** U S A [and non]. Glenn, here is the latest extraction [this mail 
24 Aug] from NPR's web page re AFRTS sites and frequencies. NPR has 
made some corrections, as I predicted. There are interesting 
additions, but the whole story is not revealed yet:
Location / Band / Daytime / Evening

Key West, FL / USB / 12689.5 / 12689.5 kHz
RR, Puerto Rico / USB / 6458.5 / 6458.5 kHz
Sigonella, Sicily / USB / 4993 / 10940 kHz
Guam (Barrigada) / USB / 13362.0 / 5765.0 kHz
Diego García / USB / 12579.0 / 4319.0 kHz
Keflavík, Iceland / USB / 10320.0 / 6350.0 kHz
Pearl Harbor, HA (Lualualei) USB 6350 kHz 10320 kHz
Again, 10940 USB appears for Sicily, whereas 10940.5 kHz USB has been
confirmable by monitoring; and 6847.5 kHz USB gets no mention, though
it also is confirmable here in Ireland. I am not forgetting that
16847.5 USB kHz, mentioned earlier by yourself, is also unlisted as
yet. I haven't heard the latter myself, nor many more on the listing.
Other SWLs in far flung places will help put the jigsaw-puzzle 
together no doubt [Finbarr O'Driscoll.....Ireland, DX LISTENING 

** U S A [non]. Glenn:  Heard your WOR broadcast last weekend & 
appreciated the headsup about the new AFN broadcasts. On 21 Aug UTC I 
heard 6847.5 at 0130, 10320 at 0300 and 6350 at 0600. I've heard 
10320 most frequently here after local sunset.

Noted yesterday that NPR made additions to the frequency information 
on their website. They've added Pearl Harbor, HI with 6350 during 
"daytime" & 10320 during "evening."  They have not indicated where 
6847.5 and 16847.5 are broadcast from. 73s (Bill Wilkins, 
Springfield, MO, August 25, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** U S A [and non]. A summary of logs reported from around the world 
follows: (read in fixed width font)

FREQ    tx?  NoAM       ME/AF      EUROPE               AUS/NZL

4278.5  FL   0440                                       0710
4319    DG   0000-0200  1200-1230  1630-1800 0030-0100  2020-2130
4993    IT              0300       1900-0000
5765.0  GM   1200                  1700-2045 fade-out   1930
6350    HA   1008-1220                                  0600-1230
6350    IC   sce rather via Hawaii.
6458.5  PR   0440       0300       0535 0640            0710
6847.5  IT   0200-0300             0600-0800 1500-2300
10320   IC   sce rather via Hawaii.
10320   HA   0200 0440             0200-0400            0400-0600
10940.5 IT   1900-0500  0300       0400-1300, 1800      0716, 
                                   2000-2130 2354
12579   DG   1245  2137            0200-1200 2000
12689.5 FL   0440 1051             0400 0640            0715
13362.5 GM                         1330                 0530
14000   IT (irregl)                1045-1320
16847.5 IT   0100 0500             1625-2200

DG = Diego Garcia
FL = Saddlebunch Keys, Naval Computer and Telecommunications Area
     Master Station, Key West, Florida
GM = Guam Barrigada
HA = Pearl Harbor Lualualei, HA
IC = Keflavik, Iceland
IT = Sigonella, Sicily, Italy
PR = Naval Computer and Telecommunications Station, Roosevelt Roads,
     Puerto Rico.

Now if someone with propagation theory wants to tie this to the 
sites (Richard Jary, Australia, Aug 19; updated by ed. Wolfgang 
Büschel, BC DX August 25 via DXLD)

** U S A [and non]. In addition to my Navy friend who has been 
passing along info on the Navy AFN HF program to ye ole chief, a 
public source with even more station/frequency information has 
stepped forward - National Public Radio. Here is the latest station 
and frequency information from that source at URL:


All transmission in the USB mode and all frequencies in kHz.
Location                Daytime    Evening
Key West, FL            12689.5    12689.5
RR, Puerto Rico          6458.5    6458.5
Sigonella, Sicily        4993.0    10940.0 [sic]
Barrigada, Guam         13362.0    5765.0
Diego Garcia            12579.0    4319.0
Keflavik, Iceland       10320.0    6350.0
Lualualei [sic], HI      6350.0    10320.0

[We checked the NPR SW website again August 27 and found the above 
listing still posted, having straightened out the KW/RR usage, 
dropping the .5 from 10940.5 and showing Pearl Harbor instead of 
Lualualei -gh]

NPR has an email address and telephone number if you have any 
questions about these broadcasts, at worldwide@npr.org or call + 1 
202 414 2026.

The Hawaii transmitters come as a mild surprise as Navy Telecom 
officials I talked to gave no indication that this site would be
used. There are still several other frequencies being heard that have
not been tied to sites at this point. Not sure if this is testing of
new freqs for the existing network or some new sites will show up.

Again as a reminder according to Navy officials radio buffs can 
submit a short wave reception report and request a QSL verification 
card by sending your request directly to Navy Uplink Reception at 
email address QSL@mediacen.navy.mil

73 all and good hunting from the staff of Monitoring Times magazine.

(Larry Van Horn, MT Assistant Editor-Fed File/Milcom/Scan 
Logs/Service Search Columnist, Monitoring Times Magazine August 24 
via DXLD)

** U S A [and non]. Attached is URL for my amazon.com review of the 
AFRTS book 'Brass Button Broadcasters'. A highly recommended book for 
anyone who's ever listened to AFRTS anywhere in the world. 73s (David 
Ricquish, NZ via Paul Ormandy, hard-core-dx via DXLD) 

Brass Button Broadcasters, August 11, 2000 
Reviewer: David Ricquish from Wellington, New Zealand

American Forces Radio is as well known to non-US military listeners 
as it is to the folks who serve, whether they're tuned to FEN Tokyo, 
AFN Frankfurt or WASA McMurdo, Antarctica. For many years I've 
searched for weak signals in the middle of the night from radio 
stations in Saigon, Kunsan, Naha and other outposts of the AFRTS 
network. As a DXer, just hearing these rare signals as far away as 
New Zealand has been a real thrill. Sometimes I've received cards and 
letters from the stations, and I've wanted to know more about them, 
and the audiences they serve. This is the only book I know which 
tells the human side of the 60 year old story of military radio with 
music. Tracing the emergence from Alaska to the Pacific's Mosquito 
Network of WWII to Europe and Operation Desert Shield, and with some 
132 countries where broadcasts have taken place, this book is a must 
for the collection of any Shortwave Radio fan. Great photos of 
people, towers, transmitter sites and studios, including WVTX Iwo 
Jima, this book fills in a lot of knowledge gaps and provides useful 
history written in an entertaining style. Nothing boring here if you 
like radio, and the story of how radio reaches the serving men and 
women and keeps them in touch with home, even in these days of the 
Internet and streaming audio (David Ricquish, amazon.com via DXLD)

** VIRGIN ISLANDS US. Hi - I sent a reception report to WSTA, P.O. 
Box 1340, St, Thomas, VI 00804, by post with a S.A.S.E. This was for 
their webcast, the URL is http://www.wsta.vi/ but they do not list 
any E-mail! 43 days later received in the S.A.S.E. a full-data 
"Certificate of Reception", decal and baseball schedule. Signer is 
Peter E. (O'Malley?), Prgm. Dir. Only QSL from U.S. Virgin Islands 
other than hams. Webcast #4 QSLd (Bill Flynn, OR, August 26, DX 

of the People: The address for VOP is P.O. Box CY 3093, Causeway, 
Harare, Zimbabwe (Marks RNMN via Johnson, Cumbre DX via DXLD) ###