CONTINENT OF MEDIA 99-08, Nov 1999, produced Oct 23, 1999
        by Glenn Hauser

*COM 9908 equals November 1999, produced monthly now, thanks to
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 Radio has to offer
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*More commercials, less programming on some US TV networks
*Digital TV likely to fail unless system changed
*Stations do not follow regulations -- not even notifying FAA that
 tower lights are not working
*Seedy side of the FCC: Harold Furchtgott-Roth accuses other
 commissioners of running protection racket, shakedowns, extortion
*William Safire op-ed against media mergers in telecommunications
*Greed is an evil thing: American radio reduced to a dozen automation
 systems playing from one room in Dallas?
*National Public Radio caves to pressure, blacklists guest on Islamic
 fundamentalist terrorism
*In the midst of COM, November
*Dissent within Voice of America over news; downsizing; unfair labor
 practices; union steward speaks; perception that language services
 are second-class, first to be cut; not really independent of State
 Department which still handles salaries, correspondents, mail
 forwarding thru consulates and embassies
*TV Marti has not really broadcast to Cuba for more than a year; OCB
 administrators could not be reached to authorize bringing down
 aerostat to protect it from hurricane
*NWS radio lost in Palm Beach County during Hurricane Irene; who is
 to blame?
*Congress considering legislation to ban NWS from providing any
 service that can be done by commercial companies
*Jacor Sarasota radio station sued over pie-in-the-face injuries
*WCCO's present corporate management disallows 75th anniversary
*The late Jean Shepherd's fictitious book promotion, "I, Libertine,"
*The Right Perspective on WBCQ -- a parody?
*Venezuelan calls upon R. Nacional external service to use 19m in
 daytime, 60m at night
*Bolivian children's group The Earthgardens fights fires;
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*Glenn Hauser, concluding the November COM, 99-08             ###