CONTINENT OF MEDIA 00-10, produced Dec 7, 2000 by Glenn Hauser

*RFPI has new frequency 7480, and soon 15065 ex-15049; and new repeat
 times for COM, 6, 12, 18 hours after Fri 1900, Sat 1730, Tue 2000
*COM also available at, thanks to support of Universal Radio
*WNOP, jazz station on 740 in Newport KY, Cincinnati market, being
 sold to Catholics from Jan 1 [added Dec 26: see!]
*WCBS Newsradio 88 moved from Black Rock to another NYC building;
 Bob Foxworth recollects his years there
*Historical aircheck: the Sept 21, 1939 broadcast day recorded from
 WJSV, cassettes for sale. Info at
*KNX won`t stream live, but oldtime radio shows may be downloaded
 after broadcast at
*NRC AM Mapbook of US & Canadian MW stations, keyed by number with
 coordinates and instructions on figuring distances. US$17.95 in US
 & Canada (NY + sales tax), US$23.50 to Europe, from National Radio
 Club, Publications Center, Box 164, Dept W, Mannsville, NY 13661-
 0164 USA
*AFRTS intercepted with far-right talkshow
*WKY-TV tried to prevent any other TV station in Oklahoma
*Dallas: jingle capital of the world
*COM 00-10, or P O Box 1684, Enid OK 73702 USA;
*Strife at Rice University between students and administration who
 locked them out from KTRU 91.7; relaying WRN in interim
 [later: dispute was settled Dec. 8]
*WNIB, Chicago classical, sold for $169 million; comparing it to
 competitor WFMT
*President signs bill authorizing local agencies to enforce laws
 against interference from CB, lacking FCC; hams exempted
*Colombian broadcast station heard in Canada on 254.1 MHz,
 accidental military satellite relay?
*Jay Novello`s eastern Cuban bandscan from Exuma, including audio
*Guatemala`s FM band overcrowded; Mayas get no stations
*The revolutionary donut antenna                     ###