CONTINENT OF MEDIA 00-09, produced November 7, 2000
        by Glenn Hauser

*COM 00-09, broadcast on SW by RFPI; webcast by
*FCC reportedly got mathematical model backwards in allocating DTV
 channels, causing rather than preventing interference with existing
 NTSC channels
*Site discussing DTV and other issues:
*Discussion of the digital TV boondoggle by WTFDA list members:
 William Hepburn; Peter Q. George; Ryan Grabow; Tom Bryant; Dave
 Pomeroy; Eric Voytko; Doug Smith
*Deutsche Welle TV affiliate in S. Florida first to become digital
 only; trying to get on cable systems
*In the midst of COM 00-09,
*Standard disclaimer
*Tips for Rational Living: You didn`t really know Steve Allen;
 see for celebrity agnostics, atheists
 [atheistS with an S on the end, not as I spoke without it]
*US Government offices far behind in internet technology
*Clandestine ``beacon of hate`` with ominous messages on 30 meters:
*Listeners` forum on classical radio at KVOD Denver removed; to
 reappear elsewhere: check
*Kansas City ex-classical FM station becomes webcast:
*Public TV station in Kansas City may put classical on digital and/
 or buy an FM station for this
*WCLV, classical FM in Cleveland, to replace WHK-1420 on AM, pushing
 digital, and weaker FM frequency, within one year
*WCCC, weak AM station in Connecticut, picks up Beethoven network
*Le Show, Harry Shearer`s satirical weekly hour, has webcast schedule
 [UT -8] in
*WMTW-TV, atop Mount Washington NH, moving to new site closer to
 Portland, leaving two FM stations on the mountain without power
*Dave Zantow`s excellent SW Receiver Page moved to:
*Concluding COM 00-09 for November; input welcome to P O Box 1684,
 Enid, OK 73702 USA
*Listen also to our other program, a new edition every week, World
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