CONTINENT OF MEDIA #0007, produced Sept. 3, 2000 by Glenn Hauser

*COM 0007, SW broadcast exclusively by Radio for Peace International,
 including new temporary time of Monday 2200 UT, repeated Tuesday 0600
 and 1400
*Webcast exclusively when you want it from - and
 please show your appreciation to RFPI and Universal Radio
*WGN`s Extension 720, intellectual content on a commercial station,
 has added more archives of recent programs. See
*Native America Calling, public network talkshow from KUNM. See and
*National Public Radio considering selling off its website
*New list to discuss public radio programs set up by 16-year-old girl: 
*KSJO in San Jose running contest on website; see
*Back to the good stuff: transmitter site photos, including WMLK,
* mentioned last time already closed down
*William Hepburn`s modest proposal to re-allocate the LW, MW and FM
 bands in North America
*100,000 ``Talking House`` transmitters sold for lowpower on MW
*Can`t vote for Ralph Nader in OK or elsewhere? Yes, you can by write-
 in with VP Winona LaDuke; see
*Al Gore affirms ``absolute respect for Atheists`` (recording)
*Modulation levels used by IBB/VOA transmitters
*Debate over SW versus newer delivery methods at IBB/VOA; see or specifically, and
 [credit to Randy Stewart, not Randy Smith as I said!]
*Restaurants using radio-coaster pagers for waiting customers,
 Olive Garden and TGI Fridays, interfering with MW reception nearby
*New York about to get all-news Spanish AM station, Mega`s WNNY
*Tijuana`s new classical `XNLC1` reduces LA`s KPFK coverage area
*Citizen brings CBC Radio 2 to Swift Current; plans for more in BC
*Canadian Communications Foundation presents broadcasting history,
*BBC news and internet available on cell phones in Venezuela from
*Concluding COM 0007; also listen to World of Radio weekly  ###