CONTINENT OF MEDIA 00-06, produced July 29, 2000
        by Glenn Hauser

*COM 00-06, exclusively on SW via RFPI; web ondemand from, sponsored by Universal Radio
*New website displays channels 2-6 US and Canadian TV logos as aid
 to identification, links,
*TV News Music Museum:
*KNTV San Jose beefing up news, to become Bay Area NBC in sesquiyear
*Digital TV, how it interacts with standard NTSC TV signals, "snow";
 list of more-or-less active DTV stations at
*KSBN-TV in Arkansas, [NOT .com as I said]
 and schedule at
*Another new UHF in Arkansas clashes with Oklahoma City
*WLIO-TV`s use of SAP for separate audio service explained at
*Wireless Medical Telemetry Service authorized on ch 37 and two
 other bands
*Table of broadcast and cable TV channel frequencies:
*Yellowstone curbing amateur wildlife tracking by collar telemetry
*Directory of college radio stations:
*New AM Stations Search Page helps find unIDs, calculate distances:
*Arbitron also provides search showing programs, slogans, DJs at each
*Tulsa has some promising lowpower FM applications; complete OK list
 and link to others at FCC via Oklahoma Broadcasting News at our site 
*XM Satellite Radio building impressive new all-digital facility in
 Washington, DC
*NPR planning new morning drive show via Sirius satellite radio, and
 taking applications
*CBC sells its historic first HQ on Jarvis Street in Toronto for $1
*No more Listen To The News site, but Jonathan Prince now provides:
*Standard disclaimer
*Nader not on the ballot in OK, so I may have to vote for Gore
*That`s COM 00-06; Glenn Hauser, inviting you to listen to my weekly
 program World of Radio                               ###