CONTINENT OF MEDIA 00-04, produced May 20, 2000
        by Glenn Hauser

*Continent of Media 00-04, for exclusive SW broadcast on Radio for
 Peace International, and webacast on sponsored
 by Universal Radio
*Aboriginal Radio applies for 740 kHz in Toronto; decision soon
*CBC hires American-owned Toronto agency to create new TV, net image
*WLIO-TV Lima, Ohio, may experiment with World Radio Network
 subcarrier programming on 26410 kHz low-power transmitter
*John Vodenik, VOA Bethany advocate, decries VOA moving away from SW
*Stephen Tomsu, losing his job at VOA Czech, open letter to VOA; read
 this, follow-up at
*WHYY Philadelphia spent $24 mega on renovations but full of glitches
*WABC-TV`s mike flags are cheapo, keep falling off; Disney cutting
*WYUR, AM classical format gives up in Detroit market
*All but a few St. Louis market AM stations transmit from Illinois
*1190 in Dallas has different sites for day and night, 12 tower array
*The fourth COM for 2000y; or P O Box 1684, Enid
 OK 73702 USA; your input always welcome. Our website, click on COM,
*Ramah Navajo station in western New Mexico, KTDB 89.7 (recording)
*Analyzing the top 50 US markets, least and most saturated with AM
 and FM commercial stations
*R. France International rebroadcast in Chinese and Persian in LA
*Sedaye Iran reaches several American cities via FM subcarriers, but
 which station and subcarrier has it in Los Angeles?
*Vietnamese emigres angry over new Vietnam TV broadcasts to America
*New book gives Japanese frequencies in Pearl Harbor attack:
 ``Day of Deceit`` by Robert B. Stinnett, also claims FDR knew
*CBS radio policy against webcast prevented us from hearing Larry
 Glick special; same with KRLD tornado coverage. No affiliate in
 Atlanta, but some do webcast: KXL, KQV; WTOP and WTOP-2
*Argentina and Uruguay agree to resolve FM and AM border conflicts
*Directory of some Spanish-language webcasters:
*That`s COM 00-04; Glenn Hauser inviting you to be on the lookout for
 No. 5, and every week a new World of Radio                ###