CONTINENT OF MEDIA 00-03, produced April 11, 2000
        by Glenn Hauser

*COM is at innumerable times on Radio for Peace International
*And whenever you like at -- also check
 everything that Universal Radio has to offer
*Peruvian database lists some as yet unheard shortwave stations
 including Feminist Radio Collective; see
*Colombia setting up internet tele-centres in hamlets; and 61
 community radio stations
*Chihuahua station heard in German; San Quintin Indian station
 expands schedule
*Application for Pride TV in Ontario, 24-hour gay and lesbian
*Toronto already has Queer TV program on CITY; also via
*Why so few female hosts on American radio?
*TalkAmerica radio networks, mainly in small markets, 60 hosts:
*WGKA Decatur GA loses quirky arts format to Christian
*The midpoint of COM 00-03; your input always welcome to or P O Box 1684, Enid, OK 73702 USA
*Also listen to our other program weekly, World of Radio
*Full schedules for both at
*WTMI, Miami's classical station being sold, converted to rock
*KVOD, Denver's AM classical, sold to Spanish-format group;
 listen and read at and
*Highest rated FM station in San Francisco is classical KDFC! But
 ``too mainstream``
*More traditional classical and opera on daytimer KMZT, Marin County
*Oddities on 1700 kHz: (recording) City of Westland Information
 Station (Michigan) WGJ618; chipping and compost season is on!
*And heard on 1700 near Chicago: US Special Operations Command
*NudeNet, ham radio for naturists, weekly net; and see
*Tech Tuesday on WAMU Washington:
*American Council of the Blind audio on web:
*High Definition TV: patent 6,031,576 to consolidate transmitter sites 
*Engineers predict HDTV will lead to elimination of all broadcast TV
*WLIO-TV tower infested with ``tower lice``
*More and more local TV stations on Echostar 12 GHz satellite
*St. Louis Post-Dispatch editorial on 550 megadollar sex
 discrimination settlement at VOA
*SW Radio Listening Resources for the beginner:
*Jim Bohannon on merging Clear Channel and CBS
*COM 0003 with the comps of me, Glenn Hauser               ###