CONTINENT OF MEDIA 00-02, produced Feb. 25, 2000 by Glenn Hauser

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 Continent of Media
*RF interference from CATV; and from water and other utility meters
*Mobiltrak senses car radio frequencies for ratings;
*DaimlerChrysler offering 100-channel digital Sirius satellite radio
 in cars and trucks next year; also Ford, BMW
*Carolina radio alerts when a child is abducted
*WV jails ban radios as potential weapons, inmates go on hunger strike
*Compu-jocks take over radio in Louisville and everywhere:
*Louisville's public radio stations move into new home April 1
*Sarasota AM transmits nothing but white noise for a sesquimonth;
 why relay NOAA?
*COM 00-02, a monthly to sesquimonthly program supplementing World
 of Radio
*Barbados FM QSLs trans-equatorial DX in southern Brazil (Portuguese)
*Wacky WAQI, Radio Mambi's Cuba-bashing
*Another Miami station runs laugh track for 48 hours in format change
*Monday evening, March 20 at 10 pm ET, WPTF-680, Raleigh NC has Open
 Line hour on shortwave listening two-monthly, 3rd Monday, odd months
*Live Oak, Florida's mom-and-pop radio station, WLVO-FM; and others
*Ultra-quiet dishwasher radio ad causes havoc on the air in Canada
*Tijuana's new classical FM added to webcast
*Timer says that's it for this COM 00-02; I'm Glenn Hauser    ####