WORLD OF RADIO #1000, produced Aug 24, 1999 by Glenn Hauser

*More E-mail and P-mail comments have come in than tapes, forcing me
 to read them myself, even tho they say nice things about me
*Will Martin
*Anne Fanelli
*Jennifer G. Ellis
*Alan Knapp (recording, hereafter (R))
*Dave Jeffery (R)
*William Hassig (R)
*Jim Taylor
*Rod Scribner
*Andre Schmidt
*Allen Graham, HCJB DX Partyline (R)
*Bill Matthews, AWR Wavescan, aired this week on WRMI 7465?
*Kim Elliott, VOA Communications World (R)
*Jack Widner (R)
*Shortwave Pandemonium featured gh (R)
*Andy Sennitt
*RFPI: Debra Latham, Joe Bernard, Willy Barrantes, James Latham (R)
*I'm to be interviewed on RFPI Mailbag week of August 27
*Ivan Grishin
*Pete Costello
*Mike Barraclough
*Mike Dukin (R)
*Anonymous: criticism of gh and WOR
*My response to above: re the former WOR prologue; WOR has always been
 invited by the stations carrying it; applaud them
*A lot of criticism behind my back, e.g. at Winter SWL Fest
*Loren Cox
*Li Dan's infamous R. Beijing commentary after Tiananmen massacre (R)
*Henrik Klemetz (R - Spanish)
*Canadian International DX Club: Mickey Delmage, Don Moman, Klaus,
 Dr. John Barnard, Bob VE6TE [who died afterwards], Nigel Pimblett (R)
*Joe Hanlon (R)
*Many other greetings but out of time; all text will be posted at the
 testimonial section of
*Thanks to every single listener; and let's all thank all the stations
 and networks past and present, which have brought you World of Radio
*Closing theme, with verse from Pete Bentley                     ###