Q. Why don't you dress up your website with some graphics?

A. The website is secondary, intended to support my primary
means of expression, the WORLD OF RADIO spoken-word broadcast,
with info which can be expressed solely in text. Actually, I
love graphic art, and if and when I have the time to learn
more about HTML or get someone to help me, something might


A. I haven't decided to stop publishing, tho the time between
issues seems to be getting longer and longer. Subscriptions
are for a certain number of issues, not months, so everybody
will either get the issues paid for eventually, or refunds if
I make a final decision to stop. I'm keeping the funds
available, and unlike a number of defunct DX clubs, will NOT
keep the money and run, or, more politely go out of business
due to lack of cash flow. The greater obstacle would be the
physical task of figuring and writing all those refund checks to 
the entire mailing list.

Q. What kind of SW receiver do you use? 

A. I procrastinate too in buying high-end super-sets, one reason
being the high noise level where I presently reside. I am 
getting along primarily with a Yachtboy 400 and an ATS 909,
neither of which I had to pay for. Also have a DX-400 which
stays mainly on FM, and two old FRG-7s. Do not take this as a
recommendation or endorsement.

Q. How many SWBC countries have you DXed? 

A. I honestly don't know; there are certainly some rare ones I
have never heard. Before I was heavily into SWBC, I was an FM
and TV DXer and kept meticulous records, even edited a statistics
column. This rather burned me out on keeping track, combined with
moving around a lot, which would complicate record-keeping
immensely--different log for each different QTH?

Q. What do you do for a living?

A. I am sort of semi-retired, having quit my full-time job at a
public radio station in 1984, so all my time would be my own.

Q. Why don't you go jump in a lake [or the like], you filthy 
commie fag?

A. I am occasionally 'accused' of being gay by anonymous asses
on newsgroups who obviously have no life of their own, and have 
no conceivable way of knowing anything about my sexual preference,
which, anyway would be totally irrelevant to SW and DX. Such 
action would not be appropriate, since I am not gay (tho there's
nothing wrong with that). And not communist (which would be
stupid). I cannot be hurt by being called gay, since it is not
true, and since if I were, I would not be ashamed of it! So they
may as well not bother.

Q. Why don't you keep your opinions to yourself and just give us
the news?

A. In any other media field there are critics, and people expect
them to criticise, express their opinions. If I had another
persona I would separate opinion from news more strictly, but
lacking that, my opinions are going to come out as part of my
self-expression. You don't have to like them. You should be able
to tell what is news and what is opinion, if you have half a