NOTE: As of Oct. 31, RIBOLD is on hiatus for re-evaluation. New
subscriptions are not being accepted at this time. For your info,
however, we still present the previous solicitation::


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``Firstly, let me tell you how glad I am I subscribed to RIBOLD. 
It's definitely worth the money.  Never did I expect to receive such a
sheer bulk of information, and it's certainly much more than one could 
ever publish in a monthly magazine. Actually, it's more than I have time
to handle, but it's a problem I can deal with.'' (Keith Simon)

Due to its frequent publication (sometimes even twice a day), any
single issue cannot be considered typical. Here are the major
subsections which appear over the course of several issues.

MAIN SECTION. International broadcasting news in country order.
Emphasis on programming, schedules, previews and reviews. Also any
news of frequency changes, station developments, very selective DX
news, especially when "hot" or original. 

WORLD OF RADIO... News about our programs, anomalies in airing, etc.

DOMESTIC RADIO. News of US non-shortwave broadcasting.

OKLAHOMA BROADCASTING NEWS. Occasional section when we have some
information pertaining to our origination location, but hopefully of
broader interest.

FORUM. Discussion of topics not otherwise categorizable.

CYBERIA. News related to internet, websites, etc. Those which can
be categorized under a certain country are usually in Main Section.

CYBERSOUND. News and links to websites with audio.

TELEVISION. Very selected program info and news about TV, domestic
and international.

SATELLITE BROADCASTING. News and program info specifically available
by satellite.

CALENDAR. A date-and-time specific time order listing of upcoming
programs and events, referenced to detailed info about them.

RADIO EQUIPMENT FORUM. Anything relating to equipment, technology.

WHAT'S THE FREQUENCY, KENNETH? John Norfolk's compilation of news
with a ham-radio angle or source.

PROPAGATION. Reviews and previews of SW and sometimes other bands'
propagation happenings, from a variety of sources.

Other subsections are created as needed.

Occasionally published are extensive listings of ham nets; DX programs.

RIBOLD is now available at a subscription rate of US$25 for 6000K
starting as of July 7, 1999. RIBOLD is published in Issues consisting 
of 1 to 7 parts, a part having a maximum size of 30K. At the rate we 
have been publishing, 6000K should take 3 to 4 months, but due to the 
flexibility we require, a specific time period cannot be predicted.

This amounts to 25 cents per 2-part 60K issue, a bargain!

The same rate, US$25, applies everywhere, but from abroad, remittances
must be in US$ and on a US bank with standard US magnetic banking
code imprints, or by US$ postal money order.

Those subscribing later than July 7 may get a pro-rated reduction
below $25; we need all subscriptions to expire at the same time. 
Inquire about the specific rate as of your start date.


As of Sept 10, 1999, 61.3% of the 6000K had been published, using up
$15.33 of the $25 for those subscribing at the outset. Thus,
subscriptions at this point cost only about $10 for the remaining
2322K and will slowly and steadily decrease.

When this experimental period is about to conclude, we will 
evaluate this subscription system, and probably call for renewals.

No anonymous subscriptions will be accepted. Full name and postal
address must be provided along with your E-mail address. Gift
subscriptions require full identification and postal address both for 
giver and givee.

It is the responsibility of the subscriber to make sure we have current
valid E-mail address. Subscriptions will be suspended after a few
bounces, and we will not try to contact you by P-mail or any other means.

PRINT and P-Mail to Glenn Hauser, Box 1684-RB, Enid, OK 73702 USA:


I wish to subscribe to the next 2300K [or less] of RIBOLD starting 
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