CONTINENT OF MEDIA 99-06, recorded Aug 24, 1999 by Glenn Hauser

*COM brings you stories not necessarily about shortwave, from the
 Western Hemipshere
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 1730, most repeated 8 and 16 hours later
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*Barry Goldwater's ham station K7UGA to become museum exhibit in Tempe
*Wyoming's Wind River Reservation has new Indian station KWRR
*Tijuana has squeezed in a new channel 3 TV; San Diegans cry foul; how
 US channel spacing rules differ from Mexico and Canada
*Tijuana's XEUT 1630 back on
*X-band website:
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*"Perfect Paul" NWS synthesized voice given early retirement in
 Oxnard, California
*Enid's NWS with "Perfect Paul" (recording)
*How Digital TV tuning will work, old channel labeling maintained;
 vertical and horzontal scrolling; interference between DTV stations
 and analog stations; blue screen decides what you see, defeats DX
*Canada getting first DTV in October; but not in such a hurry as US
*Dear listeners, you have heard more than half of this month's COM 
*Tip for Rational Living: Extremists boycott fast food over sporks
*Randi Steel's March statement on hate radio
*New York Philharmonic dates for live broadcasts 1999-2000; full info
*St. Louis has a Neighborhood Crime Fighting Radio Station
*Oklahoma City has new Spanish TV station
*When Cuban TV stations have local programming
*Discourse about the marimba, heard on Guatemalan stations
*Venezuela en la Onda, DX convention Oct. 22-23; info from Jose 
 Andueza, P O Box 141, Puerto Cabello, Carabobo, Venezuela
*Diexismo en Venezuela:
*St. Vincent issues stamp honoring Mike Wallace and other oldies
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