CONTINENT OF MEDIA 99-04, produced June 13, 1999 by Glenn Hauser

*COM continues on under new management of 
 Universal Radio; check the site and their own:
*COM exclusively on SW from Radio for Peace International: Tue 2000,
 Fri 1900, Sat 1730 UT plus 8 and sometimes 16 hours later; on 6975,
 15049 and/or 21460-USB
*Check our website for latest schedules of COM and World of Radio,
 publication info:
*CBC demands taxpayers make up any cuts in advertising revenue
*What was heard on 940 when CBM Montreal closed down
*CFRX Toronto was open carrier for a week, and why; also see
*WSUI's antenna replacement plans in Iowa City; for all AM patterns 
*Will RealAudio kill the radio star?
*Early recorded sounds and wax cylinders website:
*Save NBC's "Homicide: Life on the Street" -
*Mexican TV DX:
*Florida Keys UHF translator network closed down
*R. Marti management under investigation:
*A brief history of Colombian network CARACOL (in Spanish 21:49-27:01)
*CARACOL has had to cut back; times when local IDs appear
*Jacor buys Phoenix airport radio for megabucks; Weatheradio next
*You've been listening to COM 9904; I'm Glenn Hauser              ###